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Hey guys this is annie signing in with the next chapter of “Sound on the wind”????????? a horror IB FS!
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Chapter: 2
Morning: 8:00
It was the day of Enjoyment for the three jolly’s… they were going to have the bestest adventure of their life today, but they were late…As Usual…
A boy was laying on a round bed which was covered with the white smooth and silky bedcover…His head was hung half down from bed and legs were indicating toward the southeast state while his blanket was covering his face and his pants were down on floor all he was wearing was his boxers…
Another boy was seen laying in the mess of unwashed clothes on floor right by the side of his bed same like first one…His smooth waxed legs were shining as his shorts revealed them and his long hairs were covering his face while his shirt was hung on the above Fan which was obviously off due to winters…
A man was standing in washroom in-front of his favorite place ‘Big Mirror’ playing with his hair while setting them soon his gaze fell on the owl watch hung right above the mirror which was striking 8:00 and his eyes wend on widening…soon he ran out of washroom pulling up his boxers which was left loose in process of playing with hair…
Shivaay “damn guys how much you’ll sleep don’t you remember we need to go to silent hill’s?”
Om bringing out his head from dirty clothes looked at shivaay
Om “man look at yourself! You aren’t ready yet…”
Rudy peeped removing the blanket from his face
Rudy “I know why he isn’t ready yet… he was again playing with his hair”
Shivaay “shutup you both. Om look at yourself again you’re sleeping hugging our dirty clothes”
Om jumped up “hell with you rudy you again emptied the bucket why?”

Rudra scratched his head and sat up pricking his nose
Rudy “umm num I guess again that cat babies needed shelter”
Shivaay patted his shoulder “for your kind information they’re not cat babies’ idiot you’ve caught the wolf babies again”
Om “wow you will never get okay rudy one day we will die because of you…Stop being so human”
Rudy “I freaking hate this… why they all look alike?”
Om went near him and empties the jug of water on him
Shivaay “stop nonsense we’re late let’s just get ready first and then fight”
Om “shivaay, it’s 8:15 reaching there at night could be risky right rudy?” he waited for his reply but after not getting he turned to see him sleeping leaning on his leg “idiot do you agree?”
And he the sleepyhead nodded in ‘no’
Shivaay “see he is now ready don’t behave like girl sweetheart get ready and don’t take forever to set your hair”
Om “woah look whose saying”
Rudy “I Love kittens”
SHIVOM “Shutup you sleepyhead”
They all were ready with their bags and went out to get in their car…
Om rubbing his stomach: I guess we are forgetting something…
Rudy jumped: yeah you’re right O I forgot my Mobile my laptop and my Tab and my etc…
Shivaay smacked his head: idiot he is talking about Breakfast!
Rudy shrugged his shoulders: who cares about breakfast! Stay here I’ll bring my leftover stuff…
Om rolling his eyes: why are we even his friends?
Shivaay chuckled: GOD KNOWS!

Rudy jumped in car: I think you people missed me a lot that’s why so dull faces…
Shivaay shrugged his shoulders: Nothing like that…
Om: Hold your steering rudy we need to leave…
Rudy freaked out: hell no! I’m not gonna drive I’m feeling dizzy ahh I haven’t eaten anything since ages…
Shivaay laughed: idiot we are no less then who’ll fly?
Rudy staring om: he can!
Shivaay: hell no man! Last time he flied empty stomach and we were nearly dead…
Rudy: OMG! Mean only I’m your last hope? Okay! I’ll fly it but promise me you’ll buy me 10 choco lava cakes?
Om clapped: 20! Now fly!
Rudy cupped his mouth: really? Then Fasten your seat belts… and yeah please keep your hands near your steering’s…
Shivom: we know now start…
Soon the trio flew away…
{By now you guys would’ve known that why there are flying cars and weird things regarding cars as it is 2035 so now many things will be there of advanced century…}

~Pennsylvania, Silent Hill’s
Winget palace was twinkling like stars…it was looking as if it was built now only new one! The dusty board was shining and the carpets looked really new… candles were lit so were lanterns…Silver utensils were too twinkling and the music was echoing in the palace pool was filled with clean water and roses were floating in it along with candles whole the palace came to life leaving 3 rooms’ and another room in basement…
The sound of Cackling of three girls were hearable from the room which was shining before too…they were getting ready in beautiful dresses…

Om smacked rudy’s head: dumbo hurry up we need to leave
Shivaay: let it be om…let him buy who knows we will get any shops in our way to silent hill’s or not…
A passerby stopped hearing them and called them
Man: sorry for interruption but I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t heard you going to silent hill’s?
Rudy laughing: why wouldn’t you head it we are going there only man!
The expression of the man’s face changed and his face was covered with fear
Man breathing hardly: don’t go there I’m telling you… but before he could complete his sentence he fainted…soon he was taken away by the Robot shopkeepers…
Om biting his nails: isn’t it weird? He was so scared hearing the name only
Rudra shivering: I guess I’m not going…
Shivaay dragged both out of the store: listen it’s the last chance next month we have to fly to Maldives no matter what so we won’t ever get this chance…So shutup and make a move…
Rudy making puppy face: what if we never come back from there?
Om laughing: none can tolerate you idiot so there’s no chance of us not returning…
Shivaay: I don’t think we will ever see any ghost we will clear the rumors…
Rudy: yeah… the rumor that there were Some shivomru staying in Delaware…
Om pushed rudy in car: my grandma used to say “Shakal acchi na ho tou baat achi karleni chaheye” {if your face isn’t good you can at least talk good}
Rudy laughing: and my grandma used to tell me never ever visit silent hills…
Shivaay getting serious: well my grandma used to say same…
Om’s eyes widen as his hands turned ice-cold: isn’t it strange my grandma too said this…
Rudy acting: OHH No! our grandma’s were same mean we are illegtimate?
Shivom kicked him: shutup You sleepyhead!
Soon their boxes of things they bought were placed in their CAR and they flew off to Pennsylvania…

To Be Continued…

“Their Journey to the problems Begin”
This is it ishquies…Chapter 2 of this FS!
Hope you’ll enjoy it?
Do tell me what you think about it/your views in comment section below…
Thanks for reading…
~Annie Signing off~

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