#ishqbaaaz FS “The sound on the wind” Chapter: 1 by annie

?Hey guys this is annie signing in with my 2nd work from the voting list
“Horror IB FS” ~ “The Sound on the Wind”??????
It’ll be not so long and will be of Ib couples let’s just move…and one more thing it isn’t serious completely so let’s move *Ignore Grammatical and spelling mistakes along with typos*
~Happy Reading~

In the dark night on the road of Northeastern US state Delaware beneath the street night were standing a group of is standing on the empty road by the side of car in which boy 1 and 2 were standing on the ground while another boy was sitting on the bonnet of car
Boy 1: I think what I suggested is the best idea. No idea could be much better than this?
Boy 2: not always you could be right dude…?
Boy 3: see you both are wrong I’m not gonna join you both.?
Boy 1: rudy you’re again running away?
Boy 3: Buddy I know, but I don’t want to die virgin by going there…?
Boy 2: {chuckling} are you sure you’re still virgin rudy? See shivaay he lies too?
Boy 1: I think he is talking about me om?

~so they’re Boy 1: shivaay, Boy 2: om, boy 3: rudra~

{Best friends}
Om: what the real f*ck? You and virgin don’t lie to me Shivaay baby!?
Rudy: oh. You both aren’t virgin…O you’re not virgin too!?
Om: as If you’re virgin.?
Rudra jumped down the bonnet
Rudra: there’s no doubt in it. I’m virgin?
Shivaay gulped down some whisky

Shivaay: don’t lie my boy, I myself dropped you and alia in room no 302.?
Rudra laughing: buddy you don’t know why she was with me I spent time not get intimate so I’m definitely a virgin unlike you both…?
Om smiled wickedly: well shivaay you’re not virgin and we have proofs too your and ragini’s One-night stand??

Shivaay smirking: in that case om I have your and ridzi night stand video too…?
Rudra giving ‘I told you look’: I’m only virgin here?
Shivaay and om exchanged smirks: in that case you’re and romi’s love making is also recorded boy?
And they exchanged Hi-Fi…✋✋
Rudra making face: okay leave it whatever it is…I still don’t want to die soon so I’m out
Om throwing away the can: see I don’t know about you going or not I’m in whatever the plan will be…

Shivaay walked toward the driving seat: it’s done we will be going to Pennsylvania, Silent Hill’s tomorrow evening only so get ready on time.
Rudra walking to the back seat: I think you’re forgetting we live in same hostel in same room.
Om laughing; you think too?

Shivaay laughed: rudy I know but you know we will not be in our senses by the time we will reach home…
Rudra rolling his eyes; I’ll be in my senses let’s leave now.
The trio got in the car and shivaay started the car and it started going up and they drove off/ flew off to their hostel…

~Pennsylvania, Silent Hill’s~
A dusty Palace, Under the black shadow of a big banyan tree…Not a single person is seen near that Palace, quietest Palace!
only the hooting of owl “who-o-o, who-o-o” was echoing the place along with the howl of wolfs!
A big dusty board was hung by the main door of palace on which “Winget Palace” was written…

~Inside Palace~
Was laying a red carpet from main door to the hall and then a big staircase was in-front with red carpet on it…and on the right was a big Dinning table with the silver utensil placed on it and were covered with dust… on the left curtains were flying behind which was a 2nd big hall with bar side and a dried empty pool filled with dust and dried leafs
Up the stairs were 4 rooms and another staircase… {will tell about 3 rooms later~
4th room was twinkling and it was filled with light three shadows were shown of girls

Girl 1: they’re coming
Girl 2: how can you be so sure about it?
Girl 3: maybe God informed her?
Girl 1: duffer how can God even inform me? I am not any Father/Priest
Girl 2: if only instead of scolding her you can tell me who are coming and how do you know?
Girl 3: no use angel she’s not going to tell as usual
Girl 1: pari

Girl 2: what pari? Siso she’s right you never tell us and we never feel anything like this…
Girl 3: Anyway if someone is coming to our house why don’t we just clean it?
Girl 1: Pari you are getting smarter
Girl 2: mean you’re not going to tell us anything? Okay! I’ll find it by my own
Girl 1: stop it angel! Don’t do something which hurts you otherwise I’ll close you in the room of Fire!

Girl 3 crying: stop it you both don’t dare to mention that fire!
Girl 1 and 2 hugged her and the shadows vanished!
This is it! Ishquies…Chapter:1 of This FS!
Do Comment about how much you liked it? Is it interesting or not?
Positive/Negative comments are welcomed as usual…
Annie Signing off~
Tc See you soon!


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is interesting dear


    Dear Annie
    Starting Is Interesting?????
    Keep It Up?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  3. Interesting

  4. Toooooo much interesting ?

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    Interesting…update soon

  7. Maryam_ishq

    Nice to see tht u have strted ur second fan fiction as well ?. The strt looks promising… i guess we are in for a treat ?.
    ShivOmRu are best friends and inseparable as well… nice to see this bond of theirs. Biggest joke of the year… Rudy boy is a vir*in ????… i laughed out loud when i read tht. Shivay sayin tht he’s talkin abt me and tht he’s a vir*in but om reminded him of “shivay baby” and the one night stand with nagini ?… thankfully it was a one night stand and not any relationship. Shivay reminding om abt his time with riddhima… and rudy givin tht i told u so look tht he’s the only virgin … but shivom reminded him abt romi ?… teeno ladkiyon ke naam R se hi shiroon hote hai. Shivay reminding the guys abt their plan and to be ready by then as they would all be intoxicated with alcohol and wouldn’t have any idea abt it later on.
    The girls talkin abt the visitors… and girl 2 tryin to figure out abt who’s comin and thn girl 3 cryin abt the fire… seems like they have a past connection with fire. So u have made the girls as the ghosts… nice idea.
    Though i don’t watch or read abt horror… but since u r the one writing the stry and tht too on my favourite couples… i can’t resist ?. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤.

  8. Banita

    Interesting…. Post ASAP….

  9. Awesome start …. Waiting for next… Please post ASAP…..

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