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All are busy gossiping. Light music is playing in background.

Youngsters group is standing near a pillar. Gossiping.

Shivaay “Yaar, what’s the surprise somu? I mean you said you’re going to arrange something special?” he asked literally whining like a little child, Anika giggled seeing him.

Somu “Bade bhaiya, i told you that surprise will be revealed after reception party and then in our party!” she replied all the while smiling.

Anika “I think i know about it.” she arched an eyebrow and stared somu and gauri.

Gauri “Bho..Bhojai. You know… You should know” she winked and anika smiled

Shivaay “What the hell…” he literally shouted but his voice didn’t reached wide audience as music was playing.

Anika “Shivaay… What happened?” she rubbed his shoulder as he was fuming

Om “I know…” he smiled looking at the main door

Shivaay “Why you’re smiling om, don’t you know rana’s are our rivals. What they’re doing here” he angrily spoke while all smiled

Rudy “Rana’s were our rivals” he smiled

Shivaay “Don’t tell me rudra, you did friendship while, you were handling business” he angrily asked and all sighed

Anika “Nothing like that shivaay. There’s a long story. We’ll tell you later. But, remember, you don’t have to hate them anymore. So behave nicely, Just like bade papa.” she pointed and he widened his eyes…

Tej is hugging vikram rana while jhanvi is hugging mrs. Vikram rana.
But the biggest shock came when he saw mallika and siddharth coming hands in hands with mallika wearing Vermilion and MS.

Shivaay “she’s my ex” he pointed in shock

Somu “And you’re the one who helped her.” she patted shivaay’s shoulder and he sighed

Shivaay “Ain’t there anyway to get my memory back? I’m hell irritated now.” he saddened and anika side hugged him

Anika “Don’t be sad shivaay, we are here. We’ll help you in telling you everything of your past. Just ask and point. We’ll tell all.” she kissed his shoulder and he smiled but weakly.

Mallika “Hey anika.” she waved and the whole group walked toward rana’s.

Vikram “Hey shivaay. We’re happy  to hear about you, fine now” he pulled him in a hug and he hesitantly hugged back.

Anika “Sorry uncle, don’t mind. You know na” she looked at him and he parted from hug.

Vikram “Of course beta we know he doesn’t remember anything.” he smiled and side hugged anika.

Soon everyone met them goodly and led them to the seatings…

Media was busy clicking their pictures and surrounded them…

Media person “What we are seeing? Is it for real? You both are no more rivals?” he asked in shocking tone and they all smiled

Vikram “We’re not rivals anymore, in fact business partners. The thing rudra is going to open is the dream of rudy and mallika, my daughter in law. Our first partnership.” he proudly announced while shivaay widened his eyes and media went numb.

No-one knew about it. Not even pinky. Shivaay wasn’t in state to know so all preferred to hide it from him. They (Rana’s and Oberoi’s) never disclosed any of their relation before anyone.
It’s a really long story. it all happened after shivaay’s  accident. No one had even a single idea that his accident will clear many hatred between two families. The family of friends. The friends will get along again. Chaddi buddies.

Tej and vikram.!



India, Mumbai

Oberoi Mansion


Morning, 9 Am.


Ten days passed, it’s been ten days since shivaay is on bed. Ten days of his accident. Nothing was normal like before. All changed.

Rudra, who used to go out on parties in pubs and hang out with his friends in his ripped jeans and sleeveless Tees changed, Changed into formals. Wearing three piece suit, usually of blue and black colors, started going to office. Office in oberoi Empire.

Omkara, who used to sway his hair and enjoy making sculptures in his art gallery, stopped going there. He used to spend most of time in home. With shivaay and family and then usually handles most of business from home. Attending most of conference calls wearing formals with a tied up bun.

Tej, who always insisted his children’s to go and handle the business. Who always wanted to raise his children higher than shivaay. Who never stayed away from office. Changed! He realized he was always wrong. He never uttered even a single right thing in his whole life. He wanted to travel back to time and undo his mistakes. He wanted to stop the accident of shivaay so everything gets fine.
He realized they (Omru) aren’t meant to handle oberoi’s business. They’ve their own talents and they’re good with that.  They’re not useless. They’re real gems just like shivaay. He regretted each and every second when he forced them to join the business. But better late than never. He changed for good. He cared, genuinely. He distant himself from business and stayed home. With shivaay, om, anika, gauri, somu and his wife and maa. He realized the real meaning of word ‘FAMILY’ he never left anyone alone and stayed near them for any help. His changing behavior made om melt little, that’s the reason, om called him ‘Dad’ 30 times, in these ten days.

Shakti, regretted. He had nothing else to do. He changed too but it was late. He changed too late. He never behaved like a good father in all these years he always stayed busy in doing pooja’s but now, He’s changed. He tries spending most of his time with shivaay, his son. Limiting the time to pray in front of GOD. he started giving more time to his family. He stayed with his maa all the time to serve her… He also changed for a good.

Jhanvi, a modern women who never realized, that her alcoholic behavior ruined her children’s life. But then she also changed a long ago, but still not completely. She always drank hiding, as her sorrow forced her. Only tej wasn’t her reason of sorrows. But, om calling his dad mr.Oberoi was Another sorrow. She always told herself  ‘ Shivaay sambhal lega omru ko’ and drank!. But after the day of accident. She completely changed. She cared for herself and her family too. Her family never included just priomru, maa and devar (shakti) and tej, but also shivika. She cared for all. Except pinky. She quit drinking completely. started taking hold of kitchen slowly, fulfilling her ‘Daughter in law ‘ duties.

Anika, she changed the most. The chatterbox turned silent and cry baby! She cried all the time. No one had faced the things in family which she faced. Staying silent most of the time and smiling completely  only in front of shivaay. She changed the most and not for something, good!
She always tried doing works for all and to fulfill her duty. But no one let her. They wanted her to not work more. She already had much… All cared for her, which made her cry more…

Gauri, dependent on her bhojai turned independent, after anika was banned from doing any extra work. Gauri took that duty on her shoulders. From caring to serving. All work was done by her. It wasn’t like there were no servants or maybe servants were kicked out because all wanted her to be the servant. No! Even anika did that, she wasn’t a servant!
But this time there was slight difference, servant’s were removed after few staff members found cheating family. For the safety of family they were removed by gauri. She decided it and no one can decline it. She made that place, reached that position. It was her decision that all the work will be done by family members except pinky. It wasn’t easy for her to stand at the position of her Bhojai, elder bahu of oberoi. but only this wasn’t in her control, it was stand or see family breaking. Breaking, Not in the sense of all getting away. But, all being the target of someone, and then lose them forever. She accepted it with heavy heart that, she has to do it. Changed too, bold. For good!

Soumaya, she never needed to change. Family allowed her to continue the study and they never asked and let her to any household choruses… But, she did. She helped her bhabhi’s, bhaiya’s and husband in all the possible ways. Be it helping anika for looking after shivaay and arranging medicines for him.
Be it helping gauri in making dinner or breakfast.
Be it helping her lamby baal wale bhaiya in understanding details to be said in video conference. Searching about certain things for him while he practiced on how to have that done.

Be it helping  rudra in learning business. Searching and reading for him. Making easier notes for him, short and easy way. Always helping him in making mostly all presentations. Helping him in practicing his presentation.

Be it helping dadi for her knee pains.

Be it helping  jhanvi run her NGO.

Be it helping tej giving his medicines on time…

Be it helping shakti in pooja’s and his diabetes.
She also changed a little. She never did so much in her entire life but now. She’s all in one.


It was as usual not so normal day when siddharth met rudra in a board meeting. He was shocked to the core to see rudra instead of shivaay. Oberoi’s hadn’t disclosed about shivaay’s accident and all changes yet, only business persons know that rudra is working instead of shivaay as he’s little ill. He gulped down the shock till meeting got over. Rudra was really nervous in meeting but he gave his best and it worked too. All couldn’t get to know his nervousness except siddharth. As soon as meeting got over and they all exited. Siddharth pulled rudra and took him to his car. He never discuss anything publicly and this matter seemed really sensitive. Rudra was shocked but he had an idea of why this is happening. Siddharth drove to his office which was near and took him to cabin. His employees were trustworthy and that’s the reason he took him there. Locking the cabin he offered rudra a seat, sitting in front of him, he breathed out.

Siddharth “First of all I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have bring you here like this. But, as you didn’t asked anything and did anything, i believe, you know. You know why i did so…” he said in one breath and again breaths out

Rudra “Bhaiya. Don’t say sorry.” he sighed and looked at him, in his eyes.

Siddharth smiled happily as he addressed him as “Bhai”.
Getting normal he smiled.

Siddharth “i know there’s something definitely wrong. I just felt it. Where’s shivaay? And even tej.. I mean your dad is out of industry. Rudra tell me.” he softly asked

Rudra “I trust you, that’s why I’m telling you.” he again sighed and continues once siddharth gave an assurance smile. “siddharth Bhaiya, shivaay bhaiya is paralyzed for life.” he closed his  eyes and let out a sharp breath. A lump formed in his throat and eyes got heavy. “He lost his memory…” he finally dropped tears… Siddharth who was shocked with the revelation, rubbed his shoulder. Trying to pacify  him.

Siddharth “But there’s no news, why? How it happened rudra. What’s going on, in there?” his curiosity increased and he closed his fist. Why? He doesn’t know.

Rudra “It happened ten days ago. We just have no idea what to say to media bhaiya. They’ll ask if the culprit is arrested or not? What we’ll say? When the culprit is… His own mother.” he looked down and completed “Choti maa”

Earth slipped under his feet. Mother? How can a mother do this  with her child.?

Rudra “She tried killing him but he is safe and alive. But, she ruined his life. Not only his, but also… Bhabhi’s. Mine, O’s. In fact everyone’s, who live there. Everyone’s life was connected with shivaay bhaiya and she ruined it.” he cried more. Siddharth stood up and hugged him while rudra was sitting.

Rudy cried more, he was holding his emotions from past ten days. He himself decided it, in hospital. To not cry, and stay strong. But it was eating him up from inside. He was way too young to handle all this suddenly. But for his bhabhi, bhaiya and family he did it. But here in front of siddharth, he failed. And it’s kind of good thing. He’s relaxed now as siddharth supported him and did his best to comfort him. After good long 8 minutes session of crying rudra stopped. And siddharth gave him water.

Siddharth was feeling way more sad and hurt now. First time in his life, someone called him bhaiya and it did it’s magic. He forgot all the rivalry at that moment only and behaves all brotherly.

Siddharth “Where’s om?” he sat on his seat and asked

Rudra “O stays at home. He had also quit his gallery. He handles everything from home. Papa too left office. He’s also shocked and got sick. Family is suffering along with shivaay bhaiya. Except pinky oberoi. She is enjoying all this…” he said in low voice.

Siddharth “How you handle everything alone in office rudra? It must be difficult?” he asked in brotherly and caring tone

Rudra “Way more than difficult. I manage everything but still not properly.” he spoke all teary eyes…

Siddharth “I want to meet your family” he held his hand.

Rudy “But…” he got interrupted

Siddharth “We are rivals? No, we are no more rivals rudra. I won’t like losing a cute brother like you” he cupped his face and rudy smiled

“Sid. Open the door” mallika’s voice reached their ears. Wiping his tears sid opened the door and she widened her eyes seeing rudra. But soon hugged him and smiled

Mallika “Are you both friend’s?” she asked smiling but confused.

Rudra “No, we aren’t friends. He’s my elder brother” he smiled and looked at siddharth, who smiled back.

Mallika was made sit and siddharth explained her everything. She got sad and cried little hugging rudra.

Mallika “You all have helped me a lot. In fact only you people helped me. If anika and shivaay wouldn’t have helped me, us! Then things would’ve been different and worst maybe. I’m ready to talk with maa, and I’m sure. They’ll be proud of you sid.” she smiled wiping off her tears and hugged rudra once again.

Rudra “I never thought, i would get this support” he hugged both and they smiled weakly…

They had never even thought about such thing. They were sad. And more importantly they couldn’t see his (Rudra) state. They both knows him, he isn’t a businessman type material and they know he’s suffering.

Siddharth “Rudy, you go home. Driver will drop you there at parking from where  i picked you. Tell your family and then I’ll call you  once i tell my family, just give me your number” he smiled broadly and took his number.

The trio left the office and went off to their own ways…


Rudra reached oberoi mansion and looked for all. As per routine they were all with shivaay. while  he was sleeping under effect of  sedatives.

Rudra “I want to have a talk with you all…” he said in audible voice.

Where all were used to take shivaay most seriously and rudra never taken serious. Now things changed. Rudra’s single voice and all are attentive, they listen to him carefully and always takes his words as serious matter.

Tej “Say…” he got an idea about something really serious!

Closing door he moved near the group sitting. Joining them he smiled faintly.

Rudra “Dad, mom. Siddharth bhaiya wants to do friendship.” he disclosed and sighed

All were in thoughts with no expression. Most of them has forgotten about expressions. They have covered themselves up as hidden themselves in a turtle shell. No one can now guess what’s going on in their mind and heart.

Tej “Siddharth rana?” he softly asked.

The  biggest change in tej is, his voice. He had stopped shouting on all, except pinky.

Rudra “Yes.” he looked at him and he smiled.

Om “Why? Tell us in detail” he started fidgeting his fingers.

Nervous Kara. He had become less confident man. Gets nervous easily! As said the thing you don’t know, will never be easy for you, as you have no desire to learn from heart. So when you know nothing then you’ve to be nervous, it’s a natural thing.

Rudra then explained everything and they sighed. They know he may have done wrong, by revealing it to rivals but then again they know maybe it’s meant to be…

Rudra’s cell rang and he happily picked up  the call…

Rudra “hello bhaiya?” he happily spoke.

Om was the happiest seeing ru happy.

“Sure… Soon” he dropped the call and sighed HAPPILY.

Tej “What was the call about?” curiosity increased.

Rudra “his parent’s want to meet you all… Except pinky oberoi.” he smiled

Tej “as?”

Rudra “Friends…” he side hugged tej and he smiled

Anika “Shivaay?” she asked and dadi caressed her face…

Dadi “Billu will go with us. But, he shouldn’t get to know it. Otherwise pinky will also get to know. Then media. It should stay secret.” she’s way more intelligent in these things then  all!

Soumaya “Bhaiya will not wake up for 4 hours. Today he was in more pain so i gave him little high dose.” she informed and all nodded.

It seemed like a mission planning is going on. They way they were sitting and then not loud talks…

Soon they head to their farm house. Not telling pinky and placing  guards so she doesn’t go out of mansion…

They reached farm house and took shivaay to a room. On other hand rana’s too reached there…

They were welcomed with  warm hugs and not much things said, they settled on sofas. Placing mobile near shivaay, anika too joined them on dadi’s insistence…

Mrs.Vikram “Maa…” she looked at dadi and smiled faintly

Dadi “Don’t feel sad. See we all are  happy, it was written and it happened” she tried to convince them all, with same lines. But she herself knows it wasn’t written.

Vikram “Don’t think that we’re doing friendship as you’re in  this situation…”
things should be clear… He’s good at it.
“We are discussing about it since, we went away taking mallika.” he Smiled. “it’s just a right moment.” he held tej’s hand

Tej “No need to explain vikram, i realized. I realized, that relationships should never be destroyed. I got to know the real meaning.” he smiled weakly.

Mrs. Vikram ” we should forget all the past tragedies, which destroyed our friendships.” she held jhanvi’s hand.

They all nodded with smile and hugged each other…

Vikram “I’m happy. I’m happy to get a family” he smiled as tears formed in his eyes.

Rana’s has no family left. Only Vikram, siddharth, mallika and mrs. Vikram. They were family.
No elders or youngers left.

Dadi “Even I’m happy to get another son, and grandson” she caressed vikram and sid’s face.

Siddharth “I’m lucky i got brothers”  he hugged omru.

A little obstacle of ego ruined years of happiness from both sides. They were never rival’s since years but just few years when tejvi married.

{let’s give mrs. Vikram a name. (mansi…) i don’t remember the serial one and also I’m changing past stories little, you’ll get it what i changed.}

Jhanvi and tej loved each other while mansi and vikram loved each other. They all were best friends. Things turned bad when Jhanvi’s parents fixed her marriage with vikram. And mansi’s with tej. jhanvi and mansi tried but were sushed. Tej never spoke anything while vikram was no less…

On wedding day jhanvi ran away with tej and they married each other. This led to mansi and vikram’s marriage. They were happy  but due to lots of insults vikram got angry and hated tej for doing this… Mansi too. Walls built in between and things got ruined. Sudden turn of events made tej mad and hate jhanvi as on her insistence, he ran away. They used to fight but then still used to make out as tej turned himself into a money minded person. All that mattered to him was money. He wanted sons and that’s the reason of their three child with Hatred for each other… To keep himself away from jhanvi, whom he hated. He got attracted toward his secretary SVETLANA! Who turned out to be evil and (all you know). Jhanvi couldn’t bear this all and pushed  herself toward alcohol, and then shivaay handled their child’s…

Ego’s were now gone and once again they all were together… As a happy family friends…

Gossiping and discussing a lot things rana’s left while oberoi’s stayed there for a day.

Since then they used to meet there, always. Without anyone’s  knowledge. Rudra was supported by sid and mostly business ideas were given by him. Not caring about his business, siddharth always helped rudra grow.

Because now it didn’t mattered at all. Weather rana’s business grows or oberoi’s. Benefit will be of both. They were one now.

This way they were one… Since an year!


Oberoi mansion.



Media person “Would you tell us, how this happened?”

Tej “Of-course not. It’s just that our misunderstanding got clear and we are back. Rana’s and oberoi’s… Now, excuse us. And enjoy!” he smiled and media went away…

They all got seated and talking. Shivaay was trying to observe things and digest all.

Anika “Shivaay… I know you’re confused, but wait for sometime. We’ll tell you everything. Just have trust on us.” she squeezed his hand and he smiled

Vikram “I’m happy to know about shivaay’s decision. He took decision really wisely.” he patted his shoulder and shivaay smiled not knowing anything.

Shivaay “What did i do?” he finally asked with so much confusion.

Siddharth “Arry… That decision of not sending pinky oberoi to jail and making jail like life here only.” he spoke shocking shivaay…

Shivaay “You all even know this?” he asked in shock and they all smiled

Shakti “shivaay they’re FAMILY. They know each and everything. In fact siddharth…” he patted siddharth’s shoulder “is the one who helped us in keeping business stable and reach heights.” he smiled and side hugged sid.

Shivaay smiled weakly and looked down. He joined his hand and clutched them tightly… His eyes showed, how much hurt he was. he breathes out. He felt as someone pricked his heart. His heart beats faster.

Rudra “Bhaiya. We’ve to go to lonavala for last deal of our project” he spoke and shivaay looked up with a Smile

shivaay “Sure…” his words died in his throat only, as siddharth replied same and they smiled…

Shivaay “I’ll be back. Excuse me…” he excuses holding his breath and rushed away.

Shivaay’s behavior and his condition didn’t go unnoticed by anika and she too excusing rushed behind him. He entered his room and went toward pool side. Anika silently followed him till there locking the door.

Shivaay sat on the bench near pool. Staring at pool he remembered happenings of few minutes ago. Tears rolled down his eyes and before it falls down, she catches them.

He looked at her and smiled faintly. Controlling his tears and sobs.

Shivaay “What are you doing here?” he asked with his heavy voice. She smiled and sat beside him

Anika “You know, you need not to smile forcefully. You can even cry. And then you can even say me the thing had hurt you” she held his hand and he looked at her.

Throwing away the fake smile and dropping few more tears…

Shivaay “I’m useless!” he took back his hand and turned away his face…

She was shocked. His words and the tone, pricked her heart and then those tears salt on wound.

To Be Continued…

Precap: surprise for shivaay???

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