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Shot: 6
Shivaay “Yes annika. I love you…I don’t know what you’ll be feeling right now or what you’ll be thinking… I know these kind of thoughts would be coming in your mind that “Maybe he’s acting as why he suddenly fell in love with me” but, no annika it’s not sudden it took one year complete one year to love you…I don’t know how and when I started feeling for you but yeah I’m sure of one thing I’m having feelings for you and that are of love…I love you…I don’t know what love is… but I was in pain seeing you crying in this one year…an unknown pain was always there not of anything related to my health or someone’s behavior but something other whenever I used to see you crying I used to feel the pain…I was helpless at that time…

you used to cry when sleeping…you used to cry sitting near pool you used to cry everywhere and I was helpless to even console you…I wanted to walk to you and say that everything will get fine just the way you used to tell me but I was helpless because you never cried in-front of me…you never showed me your pain directly and I even didn’t know the reason of your pain…I had an idea that mom’s behavior could be the reason but I wasn’t even sure and I was sure that it’s not because of my state as you was my only courage then why will you cry because of it…annika but today I’m here standing in-front of you because of you only…and I promise you from here I will not let any tears come in your eyes and it’s my shivaay singh oberoi’s promise! I love you and I mean it annika” he cupped her face “ANNIKA! Please say something” he looked into her eyes with desperation and hope she just hugged him and started crying “I love you too shivaay” she said in between her sobs and shivaay embracing her smiled dropping few tears “I just said I can’t see tears in your eyes and here you’re crying again” he brushed her hair with his fingers and she tightened the hug…

Om “Let her cry shivaay…let her get relaxed again after a year she’s crying to let go of her pain so just let her cry” he patted on his shoulder and he nodded while annika didn’t bothered to anything and just was holding onto him

Rudra “Bhaiya do one thing take bhabhi to room and talk there…she will surely tell you more and you both will be more comfortable” he smiled “Waah you’re getting smart” om patted on his shoulder and he raised his collar with pride “Okay…” shivaay nodded and withdrew himself from her and looked at her who was still not leaving him and her face was downward and head touching his shoulder “Annika let’s go in” he started moving toward room holding her when pinky started walking behind them only to bump into the great wall of OMRU! And looking up she fumed “Are you blind? Can’t you see I was going to this way!” she shouted at them when rudra covered her mouth “Sshh choti maa, Ops! Sorry Mrs. oberoi” he placed one finger on his lips of other hand “Can’t you see? That’s shivaay’s and bhabhi’s room not yours…Go to your room” om pointed to other direction “What the hell” she yelled at rudra jerking off his hand “Chote papa” om looked at him and he moved toward them and covered her mouth “Your bad days starts from now own. Now don’t disturb my son and daughter by yelling standing here” he dragged her to their room and closed the room…

Dadi “I don’t know she’s made up of which soil…still not understanding what’s good and what’s wrong” she shooked her head in disbelief and walked toward her room with prianku

Jhanvi “Finally, some relief…first time I’m feeling relaxed as if I was working since 1 year” she leaned against Tej’s shoulder who smiled “Yeah…I had decided to tell shivaay truth if he wouldn’t have walked to our daughter” he cupped her face from side and walked to his room with her

Gauri “It’s time to party!” she jumped in happiness as only youngsters were standing there “O my Bareilly ki chiraya don’t jump much” om eyes her holding her “Ops sorry” she smiled leaning on his chest in his arm “I mean like you can go to your room for romance guys!” rudy rolled his eyes while rest chuckled “Btw bhabi you should rest now…you know na how much rest is needed in this situation” she walked to her and held her hand “Yeah I know but still party will happen” she rolled her eyes with a smile “Yeah, sure Chulbul bhabhi we’ll complete your this wish reaching India, After two days of rest we will throw a party and our all friends will be invited there…” he smiled “That’s great…” she smiled “Okay enough of talks…let’s rest for some time and then we have to come for dinner” om said and walked to his room holding gauri’s hand while rumaya left to theirs…
Shivika’s room
Shivaay sat on bed with annika and she leaned her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her “Annika! Now stop crying otherwise you’ll get headache” he rubbed off her tears “I know” she sniffed “Than stop crying…” he looked at her “I’m not crying these are the tears of happiness” she clutched on to his shirt “Whatever it is don’t cry I had enough of your crying I want to see you happy” he looked at her parting “Hmm…” she hugged him back “Seriously annika? Am I that precious that you’re not leaving me” he joked and she withdrew “Yeah you’re precious! Don’t you know this? You’re much more precious than you can even think” she gazed him “Okay…now Give me a hug without any tears” he opened his arms and she hugged him

“it feels weird that I’m behaving as an old lover as if we’re some old love birds” he whispered into her years hugging her “I know, because that’s the truth only…we were love birds” she smiled “Really…now I want to know more about our past…” “but you said you don’t want to” “Yeah, but at that time I really wasn’t in state to know I wasn’t able to understand” “Okay so…” “wait! After reaching India, with pictures you wanted to show before” “Okay” she smiled and he laid on bed still hugging her…and soon they went into a short slumber yet peaceful one…

Shinky Room
Pinky pushed shakti and stood fuming “Shakti ji you can’t force me like this” she glared him angrily “I can still force you and don’t forget that you were safe till now because of shivaay but now he himself is against you…don’t do anything which will lead to your landing in jail not Oberoi mansion…for sake of your so called love stay away from them pinky” he shouted at her “You cant stop me by shouting at me…I will not let them be one…I’ll not let annika take him away once again” she shouted back and turned to go “I’ll see how you’ll go an ruin their moment” he yelled and pulled her back and pushed on bed and tied her up with hand cuff “You yourself forced me to use it once again” he slipped the key into his pocket and walked to the couch

Dadi’s Room
Prianku “Dadi why you’re crying everything is fine na” she sat in her foots holding on to her knees “I know, but I don’t feel as if everything is fine” she caressed Priyanka’s face “What do you mean dadi?” she asked confused “Mean I’m still having that feeling of something wrong is going to happen” she sighed “Hmm. Choti maa will not sit quietly” she agreed with dadi “I’ll not let her harm them again” she smiled “But what if she do something different from past thing” she showed her worries to dadi who reciprocated with same expressions “That’s what bothering me a lot…” “well will see what’ll happen…for now you rest and I’ll arrange the dining table then will come to take you” she caressed her face and placing a kiss on her fore-head she walked out while dadi laid down resting…

Rikara Room
Gauri “Everything is going as we thought and prayed for” she smiled combing her hair
Om “Yeah, but you’re not resting as planned gauri” he looked at her with his raised eyebrows
Gauri “I’m not even working just combing up my hair” she shrugged her shoulders and om held them
Om “let me help you” he held the comb and starting combing her hair’s while she was just staring him through mirror
Om “If you’ll keep on staring me like this I’ll not be able to comb them perfectly” he smiled and she blushed
Gauri “Accha leave it. It’s done” she stood up rolling her hair and capturing them in the hair clip
Om “You look beautiful in open hair” he moved near her
Gauri “I know that but right now I’m hell irritated with them” she hoped over bed and om glared her
Om “Can’t you get one thing that you’re now not alone gauri” he said in anger “Hoping over bed’s is not good for you and the child” he held her hand calming himself down seeing her eyes welling up “I don’t want to lose my princess again” he shifted his hands on her face and cupping her face he looked into her eyes “Last time I handled but this time I won’t be able to” his voice cracked as few tears escaped from both of their eyes

Gauri “It wasn’t my mistake” she hitched a breath controlling her tears

Om “I know whose mistake this was…but please! Don’t be so careless gauri it’s about us” he pulled her toward himself and resting his on her head and her head on his chest he hugged her they both were trying their best to control their tears…

Gauri “Sorry Omkara ji…I’ll be more careful this time” she snuggled more into him and he tightened the hug

Om “I know…” he rubbed off his tears and stayed in that position for some-more time and then laid for some rest…
Rumaya’s Room

Rudra was jumping on bed and dancing and singing and what not while soumaya was sitting on the couch holding her head and glaring her husband’s childish personality…

Rudy “Why don’t you just join me?” he said with a broad smile and jumping
Somu “My head is hurting” she rolled her eyes relaxing head on a pillow she was holding and hearing it rudra jumped off the bed and all expressions turned into serious
Rudra “Are you fine? Is it hurting much? Should I just call doctor? Didn’t you take your medicines” he asked in one breath checking on to her head
Somu “Relax rudra…! I don’t think it is the pain of that hit” she held his hand
Rudra “Are you nuts? You’re asking me to relax about the thing because of which I almost lost you” he yelled at her and she held her in a manner of covering her ears and he calmed down immediately “I’m sorry” he held her hand and took her to bed and making her sit comfortably on it her poured some water in a glass and handed her that

Somu “Rudra…” she looked at him
Rudra “No! please take them now” he said rubbing off few tears from his eyes
Somu “Okay first stop crying” she held the tablet from his hand
Rudra “I’m not crying okay!” he looked at her
Somu “Yeah as if I’m blind” she narrowed her eyes after gulping down the medicine
Rudra “Maybe” he smiled
Somu “Idiot cry baby and see again you’re crying” she touched his tears
Rudra “no!”

Somu “You’re crying as if I’m dead” she rolled her eyes and he pulled her into a hug sobbing silently
Rudra “Shut-up. Don’t you dare to say this again somu…I’m already not able to over-come that incident…” he sobbed on her shoulder and she gently brushed his hair with her fingers
Somu “Okay baba! Sorry, I’ll not repeat that again…please stop crying…and let me rest for some time if your emotional ataychar is done” she said managing a smile and withdrawing herself from him

Rudra “You’re really weird never let me cry” he made faces
Somu “Because I hate tears in your eyes…they hurt me…and why should we cry the one who is behind everything should cry…” she caressed his face
Rudra “Now stop getting romantic I’m very tired let me rest” he jumped to other side laying widening his arms and legs and she smiling slid down and coming to his position hugged “I told ya not to get romantic” he looked at her from the corner of his eyes
Somu “You’re blind. I’m sleeping” she said closing her eyes and fake snoring
Rudra “Drama queen” he locked her in his arms and they laid there hugging eachother…

Tejvi Room
Tej “I’m thinking of telling shivaay the truth” he placed the glass on the table
Jhanvi “Tej, I know why you’re thinking like this but you know na your own children’s doesn’t want this to happen so why to oppose them” she held his hand sitting beside him
Tej “But Jhanvi they wanted me to stay quite at that time only but now shivaay too have an idea of how her mother is so I don’t think it’s going to do any harm to shivaay” he looked at her
Jhanvi “Yeah, but he still loves his mother…though he said she isn’t good but he never said he hates her…he will never believe us till he himself gets to know about it without our help” she smiled

Tej “Maybe you’re right…I’ll discuss this reaching India…” he rested his head on her shoulder and she caressed his hand she was holding
Randhawa Mansion
9:00 Pm
Prianku “Shivaay bhaiya annika bhabhi” she knocked on the door of their room and inside they opened their eyes yawning “Han prianku” annika spoke yawning in between “Bhabhi bhaiya dinner is ready come fast it’ll get cold” she informed and moved to next door

“Om bhaiya gauri bhabhi” she knocked the door and it opened as it wasn’t locked she moved near gauri and brushed her hair with her fingers “Bhabhi” she said in slow tone so she doesn’t get scared “Yeah” gauri opened her eyes and looked at prianku “Bhabhi dinner is ready” she smiled and moved to Om “Bhaiyaaaa” she shooked him and he sat up holding his heart side “Prianku why you scared me” he looked at her with wide opened eyes “Umm dinner is ready come fast otherwise it’ll get cold” she ruffled his hair and ran to the next room, “Rudy bhaiya soumaya bhabhi” she banged the door and rudy jumped off the bed and opened the door “Morning mummy” he saluted prianku with closed eyes “Bhaiya” she screamed in his ear and he opened his eyes with a jerk “What the hell prianku. They’re my ears not mic in which you’ll shout like this” he made angry faces and soumaya came from behind “Leave him prianku his acting will never stop tell me what happened?” she asked gaping leaning on rudra’s shoulder “Dinner is ready…come fast” she informed and walked to the hall to check everything again…

**Few Minutes later**
Everyone reached hall and sat on their places…except annika ranveer and pinky…
Pinky came and walked to the chair next to shivaay and was about to sit but shivaay stopped her “Mom! I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be rude but please can you just shift to some other seat! I mean annika is sitting here she just went to bring my medicines” he said not looking at her dropping few tears she walked to the place next to prianku but before she could sit ranveer sat on it talking to prianku not realizing pinky was going to sit on it she then looked up and only one seat was empty which was next to shakti so she silently walked to that place and sat with her head down…

Pinky “I know again she did some black magic on my son and is taking him away from me…the one who never asked me to move to other seat is asking me to leave the seat…I can see how he’s changing again…I’ve to do something big this time or not do but repeat! Yes! I got it what I need to do” she smirked thinking “But before that I need to make him realize he’s doing wrong…and my emotional weapon is enough for that” she smirked faking tears and look up at him and then down to bring more tears in her eyes

Annika came and sat next to shivaay ‘Dinner was served’
Shivaay “Annika, will you do me a favor?” he placed his hand on her
Annika “Tell na what I can do for you” she smiled
Shivaay “I’m so tired, please feed me “he looked at the plate and she smiled

Pinky “I can…” he stopped before completing looking at the angry glares she was getting from family
Shivaay “no mom. It’s okay now till when you’ll feed me whenever I’ll not feel like eating it by myself…let annika take this responsibility, after all she’s my wife” he smiled and looked at annika who nodded

Though shivaay’s intentions were clear to give annika the right which she deserves but pinky took it as her way ‘Snatching her right’

Dadi “You know beta when husband and wife feeds eachother love increases between them, why don’t you all feed your partners? Today is such a lucky day” she smiled and all looked overwhelmed
Shivaay “Now feed me…then I’ll feed you”
Annika “No it’s okay you’re tired”
Shivaay “Mean you don’t want that our love increases?” he raised his eye-brows
Annika “Hawww” she immediately leaned to his hand and held the bite which was in his hand between her teeth and giving two three chews she gulped it down and then forwarded the one to him she was holding and he too leaned a little and after taking the bite he lightly bit her finger and smiled looking at her while she blushed with the touch he gave and they both got lost in eachothers eyes…and were feeding eachother…
*Oh jaanaaaaaa plays in BG!

Gauri “Omkara ji first you” she forwarded the bite
Om “No first you” he cross forwarded the bit
Gauri “no! First you” she again forwarded the bite
Om “See for baby eat first” he forwarded the bite and everyone looked at him with teary eyes except youngsters…

Pinky “OMM! Omkara you’re forgetting your child died” she said in a mocking tone
Jhanvi “Shutup pinky. It isn’t necessary to remind him every time” she shouted at her
Pinky “But truth will never change that the child is dead and she can’t become mother again…so he should learn it there’s no baby” she again mocked but before anyone could say anything shivaay spoke up “Enough mom! Don’t you feel sad? Why you’re mocking at them for this? Why you’re hurting them? Stop hurting my brother I can’t see tears in their eyes” he walked to om and gauri and rubbed off the tears from om’s eyes “Om don’t think about mom’s words much…you know na she never thinks before speaking…and you know what we’ll definitely have our princess once again…doctors aren’t GOD!” he hugged him *Shivaay standing om sitting* “Yeah shivaay” om smiled and gauri too while pinky again fumed

Gauri “Now feed me” she smiled and opened her mouth and he gave her the bite and they started feeding eachother…
Soumaya “Last bite… Please” she forwarded a bite to rudra
Rudra “Soumaya I never ate this much in my whole life” he whined turning his head
Soumaya “Cry baby…Please” she touched the bite on his lips “See now only you can eat this as it touched on your lips” she smirked

Rudra “Mean you can’t eat the thing which was touched by my lips?” he asked in serious tone
Soumaya “I didn’t mean that…” she got serious
Rudra “Then why you said that…” he frowned
Soumaya “I love you rudra” she ate the bite with tears
Rudra “I’m sorry…my somu” he rubbed off the tears and placed a quick cheek kiss
Soumaya “Bite” she forwarded it
Rudra “Ofcourse” he smiling ate that bite…

Priyanka “Do you think we need increase of love?” she hid a smile
Ranveer “No! our love is already so much and that’s sleeping in their room” he chuckled feeding her
Priyanka “Unexpected overdose of love…” she giggled
Ranveer “But must say they are very lucky for us…” he smiled

Priyanka “Who? Riya? Riyank? Or Priya?” she chuckled
Ranveer “All! They all are lucky for us” he leaned on her shoulder

Priyanka “What’ll happen when I’ll expect my another child?” she caressed his face
Ranveer “Nothing…Just Triple luck will become Triple*3 luck” he giggled
Priyanka “Lol! You mean you’re again wanting triplets?” she widened her eyes
Ranveer “Ofcourse after all we just increased our love” he giggled and she smiled…

To Be Continued….

Precap: Back to India! Shock…Shock…Shock!
This is it ishquies…Shot:6 of this FS!
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There’s a lot more…Much more than you may have thought…I’m thinking of changing it’s name from FS to FF! should i? and much more you can guess about that with the unsaid things happened in this part…I’ve given a lot hints…Are you ready for the roller coaster ride of shocks and unfolding of track? What do you think is going to happen? Tell me in comment section…
+ there’s going to be some more evil drama of pinky to completely kick her out of their life’s…
Shivaay’s Progression and a lot more…

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