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Shot: 4
Continuation of past
Rudra’s Room

Soumaya “Thank-you so much rudra for the favor you did on me in hall…” she smiled and turned to go

Rudra “soumaya…that wasn’t any favor but something I should’ve said a long ago” he held her hand

Soumaya “Yeah…but it’s too late to say” she didn’t turn and tried freeing her hand

Rudra “don’t say like that! I know I’ve been rude and arrogant toward you but now I’m changed I’m sorry” he back hugged her

Soumaya “Too late to be changed and admit anything rudra” she pushed him

Rudra “No, soumaya it’s not that late…I’m realizing what I did was wrong and now want to correct it…please Give me a chance” he held her hands

Soumaya “yeah…not that late but why you realized it after months? i know why! You were busy with bhavya, rudra you’re not serious this time too…how can I believe on whatever you’re saying? Why should i?” she looked at him in his eyes

Rudra “I don’t know what you know about me and bhavya…I don’t know why you think I’m not serious…I don’t know how I can make it up to you so you believe…but I know one answer that is of ‘why should i?’…soumaya only you can do this…I’m ready to give a fair chance to our relationship and your answer as a yes is needed…” he looked in her eyes

Soumaya “I’ve all the answers rudra…You and bhavya were friends…you and bhavya were announced to be a couple in media…though it was fake you both had shared room for months…you fell for her…you were after her, you had put yourself in danger for her…you loved her…” she paused “I know you’re not serious because that’s not in your blood…you were crazy for her a day ago or actually few hours ago you called me bhavya not soumaya her fever is on you still. You cannot make it up to me never ever…I’m not gonna believe you…I’m broken and you are the one who broke me…I can never be mend rudra not like this…You’re a play boy rudra…Bitter but Truth” she jerked off his hands and wiped her tears…

Rudra “I loved her I guess…soumaya i thought she’s my perfect match I was serious about her…first time…Rudra Singh Oberoi…known as flirty boy was serious for something…I never thought I could love someone…but…” he paused and held her hands “ I fell for you for the first time it was you a chubby girl whom I wasn’t ready to call my friend but the love was killed before it could grow up…Our Marriage which happened accidently…made me go away from you…I wanted to know you more before anything like marriage my stupid thinking’s were still there which were needed to be braked before getting in relation with you and this marriage spoiled everything…I hated marriage at that time and it was with you never expected in my wild dreams even. But after that I started staying away from you…soon the day arrived when O refused to accept the proposal which papa brought for him…I jumped in that to save the respect of my family…I had idea of what you must be going through but I was more into saving respect of family…and then leakage of video I pointed at you…and so on and finally you went to Australia…I know whatever you said on the day of flight was fake we can never be friends…you loved me truly and I just broke your heart… I never respected love and that too from my wife…then met bhavya…I found her perfect for me…she cheated me and this time I was in love the love was true…though we never talked soumaya but I never forgot you…the day she married manav leaving me I felt the pain…the pain of yours…the pain you’d have felt when I broke your heart and left you…I realized Love Is Precious and Lover is more…she changed me I changed myself for her…but she moved on with an excuse of Age…I’m changed soumaya…no more a play boy…not a kid…just rudra…I’m sorry…I need you soumaya…” he fell on his knees pouring out his heart’s Feelings crying…he was already hurt a lot with 3 sudden shocks of his life’s in 2 day’s bhaiya lost memory…bhaiya is paralyzed and he was cheated in love…

Soumaya “That’s the problem rudra…you need not to change yourself…the rudra for whom I fell in love was the one happy rudra he never cared what others think of his antics he just sticked to what he is…the one who lived for others and never felt anything wrong in joking…in playing pranks…in pulling legs in teasing everyone…the Baby Boy Rudy…the baby brother of bhaiya and bade baal wale bhaiya…the cry baby of mine…I’m failing to see that in you…I don’t love this rudra the one who’s on his knees in-front of me…but I love the rudy boy my duffer…my cry baby…I Love him” she sat on her knees and looked at him

Rudra “But kids aren’t liked by world. Only grown up kids are liked…” he innocently looked at her

Soumaya “who cares about world? Not rudy…not even we all…we love you the way you were and want you to be like that only…this new rudra is needed in serious matters only like Life-Death matters…You’re the charm of this family and stay like that only…you need not to change yourself for any Cheater and liar… you need to be serious and responsible but not by changing yourself into a person you can never be…” she cupped his face wiping his tears…

Rudra “Did you forgive me?” he placed his hands on her

Soumaya “I love you rudra…is it enough?” she innocently said and moved near him

Rudra “Nah…Btw I love you too mrs. rudra singh oberoi” he pulled her toward him and embraced her in his arms

Soumaya “I love you my duffer” she tightly hugged him and started weeping… letting go of her long held pain and he tried his best to console her but failed and finally…

Rudra “Moti Somu…paratha khao gi?” he raised his eye-brows with a smirk plastered on his face

Soumaya “Cry baby ofcourse” she placed a kiss on his cheek and hugged him and he reciprocated…
*Okay this was how they came togather…now let’s move toward the next happenings…*

After sometime they all gathered in hall for breakfast…which was Aloo-Poori made by annika…

On dining table…

Everyone was busy eating their break-fast along with further things…

Om-gauri were smiling while talking and rudra-soumaya were discussing about her Australia stay…Jhanvi was busy in listening to Tej while he was telling her about business stock and shares…Dadi was quietly eating her break-fast…Shakti was praying while eating…shivaay was lost in his own world holding the bite and annika was busy staring him with her teary blurry gaze and Pinky was busy in thinking’s of How-to-separate-them…

Shivaay “Maa” he called her grabbing everyone’s attention as they were now not used to hear it from him

Pinky “Haan beta?” she asked smiling which was no less then pain for annika

Shivaay “Whenever I used to get hurt I mean ill…you used to feed me with your hands…please!” he forwarded the long held bite toward her and she being happy jumped off from her place and sat on the nearby chair and started feeding him…

Gauri “Bhabhi…why you’re not eating?” she pressed her hand

Annika “Gauri maan nahi hai mera… {I’m not feeling like eating}” she smiled but her voice was cracking and she dropped the bite and left the place

Om “Dadi…I’m done…” he left the place and his wife followed him while soon rumaya too came behind them

Annika was sitting in her room leaned on bed and was crying silently…

Om “Bhabhi…” he placed his hand on her shoulder and she wiping her tears looked at him managing a smile…

Rudra “Bhabhi no need to hide these tears from us…we know you’re hurt…” he sat beside her

Annika “What’s the use to know rudra? None can do anything of them…” she smiled through her tears…

Soumaya “Annika Di! Why you’re losing hope so soon…we’ll make everything fine…these tears will definitely vanish…they can never stay with you for forever…” she tried boosting her

Annika “Soumaya things which are written in my fate can never be changed…since childhood happiness never stayed in my life…be it of any kind…Or because of someone” she hitched for a breath

Gauri “You mean Choti Maa ji!” she said in low tone

Annika “Yes, who else it can be? First she played dirty game of illegtimate to separate us and now I’m sure she’s behind all this…” she looked at omru and then Riya…

Om “Bhabhi, do you have belief on us?” he sat in-front of her and held her hands

Annika nodded weeping

Rudra “Than trust us we’ll not leave the one who did this be it anyone…” he placed his hands on aniom’s “Yes…We promise you! we’ll not leave the culprit” om said and hugged her…

Gauri’s POV

“First time ever I’m seeing a Big brother in omkara ji… Elder brother of Annika bhabhi…I don’t know why God do this with us only? One after another problem is arriving…finally they got married after so much difficulties and tests still he put them into another test which seems the toughest test ever…Though we all are standing by her (Annika’s) side but still she’s all alone…she has to handle the different behavior of bhaiya all alone…there’s a lot more…God I beg you to give them happiness…please! Don’t test them more”

Pov Ends…

Soumaya “Bhabhi…how he behaved with you in room?” she held her hand

Annika “Innocently… he is confused and fighting with his thoughts…he was sad hearing that on marriage day he met with an accident that too right after marriage…” she weakly smiled “He is also in pain…just like me…he is also suffering…it isn’t easy to live with many un-known faces around you” she dropped few tears and stood up “It’s going to be the hardest test…I don’t know what’ll happen” she dropped her head and cried

Om “Yes, indeed it is going to be the hardest test but there are many supports with you this time…Stay confident” he lifted up her chin and she nodded like a child and they all shared a group hug

Shivaay “Is it Obro moment going on?” he said in a low but audible tone while entering the room rolling his wheel chair…they all looked at him shockingly and annika ran to him

Annika “You wanted to come in? why you didn’t inform me?” she held the handle but he didn’t reply and just ignored her which didn’t go un-noticed by anyone and hurt annika just smiled and rolled the chair

Om “Not Obro moment but Youngster oberoi’s Moment” he smiled and sat on bed

Shivaay “Ahan” he nodded

Rudra “Wese it’s good you came let’s have some youngster oberoi’s chit chat moment now” he smiled

Soumaya “Yeah it’s been long time I hadn’t talked with you all” she jumped on bed

Gauri “So let’s have it now only…” she too sat on bed

Now shivaay and annika were not on bed but rest were shivaay looked at all and then looking down smiled weakly

Shivaay “Yeah…Nice idea” he said in low tone
Annika “Yeah…let’s sit on bed” she bent down when he stopped her “it’s okay I’m fine here only…you go sit” he smiled annika nodded and taking a stool sat on it…

Om “So…what you’ve thought of doing now? Did you like bhabhi?” he smiled

Shivaay and annika looked at eachother (Oh jaana plays)

Shivaay “Seem to be nice…” he said “but she isn’t nice” he said in low tone which wasn’t audible to anyone else than him and annika
Hearing it annika was shocked and slowly turned her face to other side “I forgot dadi had given me some work I’ll be back after doing it…you guys enjoy” she smiled but her voice didn’t play along and cracked in between before someone could say anything she ran out of the room

Rudra “What did you said bhai?” he raised his eye-brows looking at shivaay

Shivaay “Truth…and please let’ s not talk about past… You both” he pointed toward Riya “Introduction?” he smiled

Soumaya “Soumaya is my name bade bhaiya…wife of your baby brother and a doctor to be…” she smiled

Gauri “Hum Bareilly ki chiraya Gauri Kumari Sharma…Omkara ji ki patni or ap ki choti bhen” she did her famous nose rub and smiled

Shivaay “Nice…” he nodded while smiling

Om “And this…” he picked the frame from side table and showed it to shivaay while pointing at annika’s pic “She’s annika…Sirf annika…shivaay’s annika…your first love…your wife…who…” he paused as shivaay stopped him “Okay…I need rest…I know she’s my wife om…I believe you people” he smiled weakly and omru helped him laying on bed and they left him alone in the room…
Oberoi Mansion
2:00 PM

Tej “Pinkyyyyy” he roared her name with his all strength standing in the center of hall hearing him not only pinky but dadi…shakti…and Jhanvi too gathered while annika rikara and rumaya were already with him, shivaay was sleeping taking medicines so he didn’t hear him

Jhanvi “What’s wrong with you tej? Why you’re roaring like this? I mean don’t you know shivaay is sleeping?” she held his arm

Tej “I very welly know, but I also know he’s sleeping taking medicines so he’ll not wake with this much voice” he looked at Jhanvi

Pinky “Omm! But it doesn’t mean you’ll shout my name with-out’s any reasons” she swayed her hands as she spoke

Om “Reason? Common mrs. Oberoi don’t you know the damn reason?” he said in taunting tone

Pinky “Omm mummy ji sees he is calling me mrs. Oberoi, jethani ji see” she did her dramatic talk

Soumaya “what else should bhaiya call you? criminal?” she said in sarcastic manner

Pinky shouted her name while raising her hand but rudra hold it “Hold on mrs. Oberoi…see b4 doing anything…you’ve no right to even touch my wife and see you’re going to commit crime by slapping her” he jerked off her hand…everything was no less than any shock for shakti Jhanvi and dadi…

Dadi “Ru…what is wrong with you? have you forgotten how to behave with elders?” she shooked him

Rudra “Dadi…I know very welly how to behave with elders but she’s not elder she has fallen so low that lost her respect…if she wants to stay here than she should get used to this behavior of ours” he moved back

Jhanvi “Will you people tell us what happened? Why you’re behaving in this way with her?” she looked at all

Gauri “Maa ji! Because she did crime by pushing bade bhaiya to death bed” she gazed pinky while pinky gulped widening her eyes

Shakti “What non-sense? Why would she do this and when she did anything like that?” he shouted at them

Tej “Stop shouting! And gauri said right. She was the one behind shivaay’s accident…because of her shivaay is in this state only because of her” he shouted back on shakti

Shakti “I don’t believe it! I know she had done bad with annika and shivaay and I’m not gonna forgive her for that but I know she’ll never do this to kill her own son” he nodded in negative

Om “But chote papa why we will lie?” he frowned

Rudra “Yes! We’ve no personal enmity with her chote papa” he moved near him

Soumaya “and how could you trust her so blindly” she looked at him

Gauri “We are saying truth only…” she too looked at him

Shakti “She’s my wife and I know my wife more than me! she can never stoop so low…and about trust soumaya? The way you trust your love your husband same way I trust my love my wife” he moved back from rudra and turned to go when a pair of soft hands held his hand

Annika “Papa! Ruk jaiye {stop}” she said in low tone

Shakti turned and looked at her “Han beta?”

Annika “papa look at me in my eyes…can’t you see my pain? Why you’re doing this? Don’t you even believe your daughter? Just say?” her voice was cracking…shakti looked into her eyes and lowered his head dropping few tears he looked up again and wiped off her tears and hugged her “I’m sorry beta. Because of my wife you’re suffering…I’m sorry” he cried little patting her shoulder and consoling her

Pinky “Omm! What you’re saying shakti ji? Because of me?” she said in dramatic manner of hers

Dadi “What’s the proof beta” she looked at all

Om “When shivaay’s accident happened he wasn’t alone there someone else was there too…not one but 2 persons were there who knew he’s coming out” he looked at pinky

Rudra “first person who called bhaiya to come-out” he stared pinky “second person because of whom the first person called bade bhaiya” soumaya completed turning to pinky

Gauri “Everything was pre-planned! Bhaiya came out on the saying of first person as he said he have some solid proofs against oberoi’s and that can destroy us!” she glared pinky

Tej “As you all know shivaay is so into saving family’s respect so he didn’t want anyone to harm his family and that’s what the second person used to call him out and first person did as 2nd one said” he gave disgusting look to pinky

Jhanvi “Who’s first person? And who is second person? And how do you know?” she looked at all

Om “because the first person is none other than the one who hit shivaay with his car and above that he’s with us mom” he turned toward door from where khanna brought a man in mansion

Dadi “How you found him?” she turned to tej

Tej “I did nothing…I mean I just helped them little…this all plan was of om…and” he stopped

Gauri “and omkara ji did it for his sister like bhabhi” she completed with pride face

Shakti “Annika! Tell me what she did” he looked at her and she looked at pinky coming out of her father’s embrace

Annika “Papa…you know she never liked me…from the day I entered this house as bahu…first also she separated us when shivaay was adamant to complete our marriage…because of her this couldn’t happen and then again last night she knew we are gonna complete our marriage…so she did his accident so we cannot complete our marriage…she gave money to this man to hit shivaay with his car and she herself was standing there seeing it all…” she hitched for a breath and shakti again took her in his embrace consoling her

Jhanvi “So Disgusting pinky! I knew you’ve no mind, but I never thought you’ll fall so low to separate them? You did his accident and saw all standing there…” she turned her face “Chi”

Dadi “How you know she was there?” she sat on couch with a thud

Soumaya “This man told us and CCTV camera which shivaay bhaiya just installed there had captured it…” she turned to TV side and played a CD 4 camera’s footage was shown

Rudra “See dadi in camera no.1 it’s shivaay bhaiya standing on road and at same time mrs. . oberoi is hiding behind the pillar on camera no.3”

Om “and you can see the car is coming from right side in camera no.2”

Gauri “And you can also see her clear face in camera no.4” she pointed and all looked at pinky who was sweating little bit by now…

Rudra “and here you go you can see in all camera’s shivaay bhaiya got hit by the car and mrs. Oberoi jumped in happiness and that smirk can’t be ignored no way!” he looked at pinky

Om “but…then see in camera no.1 shivaay is laying in pool of blood and is looking at pinky oberoi and you can see him calling maa for help” his voice cracked

Gauri “But she is standing there smirking at him enjoying his pain” she gazed her with tears and anger in her eyes

Soumaya “then un-expected this happened…2nd car hit bhaiya and she freaked out and ran shouting his name…that was real accident as bhaiya weren’t visible to that driver and she didn’t notice that car as she was busy in enjoying his pain she was busy in the fun of him suffering” she said taunting and turned off the Tv

“Thaddd” a sound of hand hitting someone’s cheek means someone getting slapped echoed in the hall and all turned to pinky who was standing holding her left cheek with few tears dropping and Jhanvi was standing in-front of her with red face and teary eyes and hand hung down after slapping pinky

Pinky “Jethani ji beha…” she was cut in mid as again hall echoed with slap on left cheek only with turned hand “Shut-up pinky! Just shut-up…you have no right to call me your jethani…not at all at least not with this dirty mouth” she yelled on her and everyone just looked on…

Everyone was looking at pinky while annika was just crying in the embrace of his father…not letting him leave her and he just sat quietly and kept on consoling her…

Dadi stood up all teary eyed and walked to pinky “What she did to you? what bad she did to your pinky?” she asked shooking her… “Just tell me it’s all drama…tell me you haven’t done it?” she dropped few tears shooking her “Oberoi family is breaking because of you…you’re breaking it…you are spoiling its name pinky” dadi shooked her again and now pinky jerked off her hands and dadi fell on Jhanvi who held her

Pinky “yeah I did it, I hired that person so that they can never get close to eachother…I hate her…I can’t see my son with her never” she shouted “and he is my son…I’ll do whatever it’ll need to make him stay away from this omened girl…you can ignore but I can’t ignore the fact that shivaay is suffering since the day she entered his life…bullet…Kidnapping…heart-attack…and ragini trap…everything she is the reason and above all she separated us…” she shouted

Tej “wow nice speech! If you’re forgetting, then let me remind you pinky that you were the one who kidnapped him by the help of kamini… and…” he paused

Rudra “Bhaiya got heart-attack as he couldn’t handle the pain of separation which was caused by you only…he couldn’t handle that annika bhabhi left him and the reason were you only!” he yelled

Om “Last but not least! Ragini started acting as the part of family because of you and annika bhabhi weren’t even in house at that time…all is done by you not anyone else!” he shouted

Gauri “How you’ll justify the act you did? Actually you can’t justify it never ever! It is not possible no explanation can justify it…whatever you did is a sin a crime and you’ve to bear the punishment too”

Soumaya “Inspector arrest her” she turned toward door and a team entered

Inspector walked to the pinky and forwarded the hand cuffs and before he could lock them

“Maaa” shivaay’s scream echoed in mansion and she smirked while rest rushed to the room shakti tried but he found annika un-conscious and started checking her…

Tej “Inspector wait here” he turned to annika and tapped on her cheeks omru were with shivaay who was sweating badly and pinky was standing by his side

Dadi was with shakti tej trying to wake annika while Jhanvi went to call the doctor and somu was checking annika while gauri went to shivaay’s room with a glass of water
Shivaay’s Room

Shivaay huffing held the glass of water from gauri and sipped some and then looked at om rudra brought a handkerchief and wiped off the sweat from his dear brother’s face

Om “What happened shivaay?” he held his hand

Shivaay “I saw a weird horror dream…though it wasn’t some super-natural type but I saw I got hit by a car and maa didn’t helped me I was shouting for help but she didn’t” he looked at pinky and hugged her sitting “But that was just a dream…” he sighed and omru breathed out while gauri ran out of the room

Pinky “Yes that was just a bad dream! I can never do this” she smirked looking at omru who controlled their anger by closing their fist, tightly “Hmm” shivaay just hummed dropping few tears

Om “Shivaay you rest I’ll come” he walked out patting his shoulder and rudra followed him

Shivaay “Maa! Can you just help me little to washroom?” he said in low tone lowering his head

Pinky freaked out and moved back “Uh…I’m sending servants wait here” she smiled confusingly and walked out while shivaay buried his head under the pillow crying silently…

Simultaneously, In hall
Soumaya “I think she again got panic attack and above it she hadn’t taken any meal since yesterday” she told everyone

Jhanvi “Doctor is coming…” she informed

Shakti “It’s all my fault…I should’ve throw pinky out before only…because of her both my son and daughter is suffering” he hit his fist on the corner of sofa/Couch

Tej “It’s okay shakti…better late than never, at least you realized it now” he patted his shoulder and he just nodded

Gauri “bade bhaiya is fine…” she wiped off her tears and sat near annika

Dadi “doctor has come move aside” she tried to be strong

Doctor gave her injection after checking her and omru arrived…

Om “What happened to bhabi?” he neared her

Doc “Panic attack…there’s something giving shock to her or hurting her and she’s thinking and blaming herself for something…soumaya told me it’s 2nd attack…so please bring her to clinic by night for full check-up” he patted and left

Inspector “So let’s go” he walked to pinky who just arrived

Rudra “Bhabhi is conscious”
All turned to her while she sat holding her head…
Om “Sorry inspector we don’t want you to arrest pinky oberoi” he folded his hands

Tej “Have you lost it om?” he turned him

Om “Dad please” he stopped realizing “I mean I’m doing it for shivaay…he doesn’t remember anything and is very sensitive toward his so called mother so please let it be” he wiped off his tears and turned “you can leave” he signed inspector and they left

Annika and all just looked on while pinky smirked…

Pinky “Rajuuu…Rajuuu” she called out for a servant and he arrived “Yes mam?” “Go and helps shivaay he need help I mean washrooms so go and I’ll pay you extra for this” she handed him money and he dropped his head down while annika stood up “No way!” she snatched the money from Raju and threw it on pinky’s face “Till I’m alive shivaay can never depend on anyone…he doesn’t need anyone…” she walked to the room when pinky pulled her back “Who are you to say this? Shivaay is my son I’ll decide who’ll take his care” she twisted her hand
Annika “Who you are? Not a mother! But I’m a wife and it’s my responsibility + right! And I don’t need your permission…so do your work” she jerked off pinky’s hand and ran to the room…and rest all dispersed to their rooms while shakti dragged pinky to their room!

Shivika room
Shivaay was silently sobbing when annika entered wiping her tears and ran to him “Shivaay!” she whispered leaning down and he peeped from the side of pillow at her with his puffy kanji eye…and sniffing removed his pillow “Hmm?”
Annika “What hmm? Let’s go…you said you wanted to go to washroom na?” she removed his blanket and he just looked on and then she helped him to washroom and all…

After sometime…

Annika bring him out of washroom and started combing his hair while he was staring her through mirror though he could comb his hair himself but he didn’t and let her do it quietly…annika saw him staring and smiled little

Annika “What happened?” she sat down on floor near his feet’s holding a pair of socks
Shivaay “What are you going to do? Socks? It isn’t work time” he looked down as she shifted down

Annika “Yeah I know but you’re getting fever and will feel cold so that’s why” she started wearing him socks “I want to sit on couch” he said in audible low tone and she looked at him and smiled “And want to have espresso” she raised her eye-brows and he nodded widening his eyes
Soon she made him sit on couch and made his favorite “Saira Bano- I mean Americano” and sat beside him holding a cup for herself too…he looked at her with tears welling up in his eyes and eye’s twinkling while color of eyes started changing to blue from green…and he placed his mug on table and slowly placed his head on her shoulder “I don’t think you’re bad” he muttered under his breath and annika smiled little… “Can I just cry little if you don’t mind?” he said in low cracking but audible voice and she just shifted her hand on his cheek and then he slid down to her lap and placing his head in her lap he dropped few tears at first! But then continues tears started rolling down his cheek making her top all wet with his tears and she was just controlling her tears…but couldn’t and few tears again and again escaped from her eyes…but she didn’t let them fall on him and kept on stroking his hair and he kept on crying out his hurtful emotions…she couldn’t understand the reason of him being hurt but she was understanding the thing that he was badly hurt…
Shakti’s Room
Entering the room, he pushed pinky on bed and locked the door while she looked at him astonished

Pinky “What you’re doing?” she stood up and he turned and slapped her hard while she held her red cheek

Shakti “don’t even think that if police didn’t arrest you we will behave nice…no way…from now own…I’m breaking my all ties with you…You and me are over pinky…and it’ll be better if you understand it soon…from now own, I’ve nothing to do with you…NOTHING MEANS NOTHING! Pack your stuff and get out of my room” he threw a bag to her side and walked toward washroom “Be fast” and he entered washroom while she shedding crocodile tears started packing her stuff…
Shivika’s room
Youngster gang entered the room with food for them but seeing them sleeping they sat and started adoring them…
Sitting on bed in-front of them

Om “Awww so cute they look togather…just like us!”
Gauri “Nah…we look like them…they’re ideals for us…” she held his hand
Rudra “I guess for us too” he held somu’s hand
Somu “Ofcourse…just like they’re walking on the foot-steps of dada ji and dadi as told by dadi…we’re also walking on their foot-steps…we have a lot to learn from them…It’s True Love’s live Example”

Om “Yeah, she’s ‘right…see he doesn’t remember her but still sleeping in her lap pouring out his heart feelings in form of tears just in her lap…that’s true love nothing else…love can be removed from mind and memories sometime but not from heart and soul” he smiled

Rudra “how do you know bhaiya was crying…?” he raised eye-brows

Somu “Duffer look at his face whole tear stained” she hit on his head and smiled

Gauri “let them rest let’s leave…” she stood up and om stopped her holding her hand “You must be tired?” he smirked and carried her in his arms and walked out while rumaya smiled
Rudra “sorry I can’t” he winked and soumaya hit him on his shoulder…
Covering the lover duo with duvet they walked out…
————Past Over————

National Hospital
5:00 PM
In ward
All walked out of the ward so that doctors can check shivaay…youngster was standing near the door with annika in mid and in a way as if covering her…while dadi was sitting on the bench with Jhanvi by her side and shakti was on her other side praying folding his hands…while tej was busy in dealing with formalities and pinky right behind annika but annika was covered because rudy was standing behind her supporting her…
Shivaay got conscious and doctor came out “He’s conscious and want to come-out so please be patience while he come don’t jump on him let him walk slowly to the one he wants to as he said he will walk to the one he loves the most that’s why I’m not allowing any of you in now” he said and moved aside…

(Short POV’s of all)

Dadi – Billu is going to walk finally after a year…God please make him walk to annika first…I will not be able to bear it anymore…I have seen enough of her tears…please…

Jhanvi – Finally…day and time has come when pinky will fall on her face and will realize she can never separate shivaay and annika…made for eachother…I know by love he means annika only!

Shakti – Mata rani! Please it should be annika only whom shivaay addressed as I love most!… otherwise my belief will break today… I myself don’t know what I’ll do if she breakdown today too…please!

Tej (Who heard it) – I know it is annika only because he’ll never address his mother as his love…but if it’ll not be annika today! Then none can stop me from telling him the truth…I had enough of pinky torturing my daughter…Today they’ll see wrath of a father…if only he walks to pinky…otherwise I’ve full belief shivaay will walk to his love my daughter only!

Om – I trust my brother he’s sensible enough to choose wisely…high time, I know he too knows his mother isn’t really a mother…but his wife is everything…just hopes on god!

Rudra – today is the biggest day for us all…it’s going to be the best day of our life’s and bad of choti maa…I trust my bhaiya and my love angel…If she had said that bhaiya will walk to bhabhi then that’s the only truth no space for other useless thoughts…

Soumaya – I’ve full belief on God and horoscope of bhabhi…she’ll surely get her happiness today…positive thinking’s lead to positive happenings…I know bhaiya will walk to bhabhi only! *fingers crossed* yes! Bhaiya come and hug her!

Gauri – hey shankar ji…I know you will not let anything bad happen with bhabhi…but still I request you to make bhaiya walk to bhabhi only…then I need nothing else from you…please give me this happiness today!

Pinky – I know my son will come to me only after all he loves me much not annika he doesn’t even remember her

Annika – The moment had finally arrived when my shivaay will walk…I don’t know of whom he was talking with doctor and to whom he’ll walk…I just want him to walk properly and enjoy his life again…I’ve seen the pain in his eyes when he couldn’t walk…more than anything else his happiness matters to me…but, God please don’t separate us this time…don’t make him hate me…or leave me…I won’t be able to handle it this time…I’ll die…

(POV’s Ends)

Door of ward opens and shivaay was standing in-front on his own legs…everyone became teary eyed seeing him and a smile crept on everyone’s faces…as shivaay started moving pinky pushed om aside and stood by the side of annika all smiling broadly and opening her arms signing him to come “Come shivaay your mom is waiting” on which he nodded and slowly walked toward them and stopped in a distance and looked at all and then annika and pinky and took a step and turned to right everyone’s face turned dulled and expressions dejected…
This is it ishquies…Shot:4 of this Fs…
It’s kinda very late update…reason you all know…but finally a worth reading part I guess what says?
Do read and tell me did you like it…? And what you think to whom he should walk to?
Drop views in Comment Section…I’ll be waiting!
~Annie Signing off~
~See you Soon
~Stay Safe~

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    Anika goes to help shivay but his behaviour hurts her but she ignored tht and took him towards everyone and sat next to him… she was utterly hurt and shocked to knw the opinion shivay holds of her and ran of frm there before she goes weak infrnt of everyone. Shivay asks riya to introduce themselves and omkara introduced anika to him as well but shivay was in mood to listen abt her and made the excuse tht he was sleepy.
    All the youngsters along with tej storm into the house shouting for pinky…. everyone’s shocked seeing them so angry towards pinky… omru and riya taunt pinky and blame her for being the root cause of all the prblms in the house. They tell everyone tht pinky is responsible for shivay’s state as she was behind his accident and they show the cctv footages as proof and the man who did shivay’s accident on her saying. They blamed pinky for being such a bad mom tht she herself did her son’s accident and was smirking looking at it and didn’t even bother to go towards him and help when he called her for help…. she is a stain on motherhood and doesn’t deserve to be called a woman or a mom. They further tell abt the second car which was a real accident and caused shivay to become paralysed and which shocked pinky as well. Pinky accepted tht she did it and jhanvi slapped her for doing such a heinous crime towards her own son . Shakti still didn’t believe them and told tht pinky would never do such a thing and asks them to stop blaming her… anika goes towards him and asks him to see whether her eyes are lying and hugs him crying hard and reality struck him when he sees the tears and pain in his daughters eyes caz of pinky and felt guilty for always supporting pinky till date. pinky accepts all her crimes but she still blamed anika for all the happenings in the house and the mishaps in shivay’s life when infact she was the ultimate reason behind each of it and tej and omru showed her the mirror but she is so blind tht she cannot see anythin. Due to her words anika suffers anthr panick attack and goes unconscious. Just as pinky was gonna get arrested they heard shivay screaming her name… they all rushed towards him and were shocked seeing him sweating badly… he told them abt the bad dream he just had… who could tell him tht it wasnt a dream but the reality and his mother actually did tht… and pinky instead of consoling her son was smirking lookin at omru tht shivay has so much respect for her. Om drops the idea of getting pinky arrested as it would hurt shivay and his condition could worsen as it could affect his mental health. Shivay asks pinky to take him to the washroom but she freaked out and said she’ll send a servant… shivay felt hurt seeing his mother ignoring him and she was the one who makes him feel handicapped. Doctor advised them to keep anika away frm stress as it’s not good for a person to get panick attack now and again. Gauri felt bad seeing shivay’s state and his trust on his mom and anika’s health.
    Anika was shocked to knw tht pinky refused to help shivay and rushed towards his room when she knew he needed his help forgetting everything abt her health. Pinky herself couldn’t help her son and wont even allow others to help him… more thn servants he needs his family otherwise he wouldn’t get fine… it’s as if she doesn’t want shivay to get fine only. anika jerked off her hand and reprimanded her for making shivay feel handicapped and rushed towards his room and took him to the toilet and combed his hair and made him wear socks so tht his fever doesn’t rise up. Shivay was surprised to see her care so much for him and admired her and a soft corner developed for her in his heart… before he could ask for his americano…. anika already asked him and brought it for him. Shivay rested on her shoulder and said tht he feels tht she isn’t bad…. anika was so happy listening to tht. Shivay rested on her lap and cried his heart out…. the pain of not being able to walk and always relying on someone for support and moreover his mom running away frm helpin him. Anika cried silently along with him and consoled him and both of them fell asleep there. Rikara and Rumya adored their jodi…. even though shivay has lost his memory he gets inclined towards anika… the power of love…. Their cute nok jhok aftr tht.
    Everyone happy tht shivay would be able to walk and he would go to the person he loves the most. Everyone hoped and prayed tht shivay goes to anika and not pinky as anika has done a lot for him all this time whereas pinky didn’t even do a single duty and anika deserves his love. Anika was only praying tht shivay is able to walk prply as tht’s the biggest happiness for her… tht he would be able to stand on his feet and not feel lower thn anyone one….. whereas pinky was happy thinkin tht shivay would walk to her so tht she can boast to everyone tht shivay loves her the most and once again show anika her right place. Everyone’s thoughts were just so perfect ????…. it was sooo good and well delivered as well. Shivay strted walking and he came towards pinky which dejected everyone…. they all were disheartened tht anika’s efforts were all in vain… pinky smirked seeing him comin towards her.
    I am tired of sayin i love it…. every chp of urs is better thn the other one and am left in awe…. like really yaar every chp is just too good and mind blowing. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Barbieannie

      *smiles* and even i’m tired of thanking you no thank you is enough to thank u ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️your comments are always heart warming i never got so much appreciation in my whole life not even when i topped in 5th grade *chuckle* emotional episodes are part of me… like i tried writing an OS without any emotional i was going to make it full to happy but ended up adding emotional scenes *chuckle*
      Thank-You-So much❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
      You too Tc and love you loads

  23. Awesome ? and eagerly waiting for the next part. Did you post your ff on wattpad if you then tell me.

    1. Barbieannie

      nah i don’t post on wattpad. i’ve all my work in lappy and wattpad is in mobile and i don’t get time to upload there and there people are less in my id so i don’t post much there atleast not this one… maybe i’ll post this one after finishing it❣️❣️ Thanks❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  24. Barbieannie

    nah i don’t post on wattpad. i’ve all my work in lappy and wattpad is in mobile and i don’t get time to upload there and there people are less in my id so i don’t post much there atleast not this one… maybe i’ll post this one after finishing it❣️❣️ Thanks❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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