I ran inside the hospital like a maniac to be stopped by an amused Robin.
“Where is Anika” I held him by his collar.
“Awww look at the little shaken up Romeo” he laughed.
“I asked where is my Anika” I kicked him to bleed.
“Inside the room. Your little Juliette has forgotten it all” He stood up grinning like a psychopath.
“Doctor how is Anika” I rushed to the doctor that walked out of the room.
“She’s alright but I’m afraid due to the extreme loss of blood and trauma she was subjected to she’s lost her memories” The doctor revealed walking away.
“Looks like Anika won’t remember her Billu ji anymore huh?!” Robin smirked. I ignored the joker and walked inside the room to find a curious looking Anika turn her head to an fro trying to understand what was happening around her. Her soft voice snapped me from my thoughts.
“Excuse me do I know you?” She asked polietly.

“Yes” I sighed sitting next to her taking her hands into mine.
“What is your name?” She questioned.
“Shivaay Singh Obroi”
“How are we related billu ji” I chuckled at the familiarly of the name.
“We were in love. You used to be the only girl with enough guts to call me billu ji”
“And I guess I still am. I wish I could remember what my life was like until today. I swear I’m trying my best but every time I try it all turns black. I’m sorry I can’t remember” She cried hugging me. Her soft and warm hands snaked around my waist as I kissed her forehead to comfort her.
“Don’t worry we’ll get through this. No mattee what I’ll always have your back” I hugged her tight almost losing myself in her when I realized the situation.
“What happened” Anika questioned wiping her tears.
“I really love you Anika. I truly do and I don’t want to force this relationship on you. You have so much to learn and explore. But don’t worry I’ll wait for you until you feel the same with me, Until you actually fall in love with me.” I kissed the tip of her nose as a tear rolled down my eye.
“Don’t worry with all these warm kisses and hugs I don’t think it’d take long” She blurted out blushing. I chuckled at her mini confession as I stood to go out.
“Where are you going?” She asked holding my hand.
“To tell our brothers that you’re fine” I smiled.

A nurse came to check if I was alright as Shivaay left the room.
“He truly loves you huh? Even huge businessmen are scared to confront him” The nurse spoke.
“You know he was beating the crap out of the guy that did this to you. I’ve always heard of Shivaay Singh Obroi the ruthless businessman but wen he’s with you I see what he really is” She continued smiling.
Shivaay walked inside ordering someone through the phone almost barking. His forehead wrinkled up and voice frustrated.
“Is something wrong?” I asked wanting to help. He looked at me his stress marks gone as a boyish grin stretched across his face.
“No” He almost whispered.
The nurse was not lying when she said he was different with me. A part of me bubbled in joy as I realized how much I meant to him. A lone tear escaped my eye as I also realized how I’d never remember my past. I must’ve put him through so much of pain by forgetting our past.
“Anik darling why are you crying” he rushed go me so fast that I’m pretty sure that he moved faster than my tear.
“I’d never remember anything will I? Our first kiss? Our confession? I’ll never know about it” I looked down.
“I can always tell you about it angel. Please don’t cry” He hugged me. Why the hell isn’t this guy pouring me with those kisses of his. Khanji akhon wala baggad billa.
“What are you thinking?” He asked.
“Nothing” I lied. He just smiled kissing my eyes.
“No more crying OK” he ordered. Finally those heavenly kisses. This guy sure knew how to turn a girl on. Wait? What? What if girls eye him? Who dares eye My Shivaay? I let out an exasperated sigh. I could almost feel my jealous side surface.
“Pinku is quite worried”
“Who is Pinku” I questioned suspiciously.
“My sister your friend” He eyed me in a funny way.
“Oh” I let out a breath of relief.

“You’re acting quite weird are you alright?” He asked concerned.
“Yup” I smiled a huge smile.
“That’s my girl” He ruffled my hair. “My girl”his words I’m a goner. Control your gutter mind Anika before you pounce on to the guy and scare him away.
” Anika, tomorrow I’d recruite a few bodyguards for you. You can asked them anything you want OK. I’ll be going out to office from tomorrow but don’t worry I’d drive straight here after I’m done ” he assured.
“Ma’am your food” a Lady walked in giving a flirtrious look to Shivaay. How dare she?
“Thank you” I scowled.
“Anika manners” Shivaay glared at me.
“I’m sorry she’s been a lot through today” Shivaay explained that stupid monkey faced woman.
“I understand” she took his hands into hers. I fumed in anger. HOW FREAKIMG DARE SHE TOUCH HIM.
“Ouch” I pretended to hurt myself and Shivaay rushed to me and I smirked at the woman that scowled at me knowing very well I was pretending. She huffed and walked out.
“Let me feed you” Shivaay took the spoon away from me. I felt like a psychopath lover but I couldn’t help it.
“Thank you for being with me” I genuinely said as I hugged Shivaay to be engulfed into a beautiful dream as my eyes shut close.

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