I adjusted my eyes to find Anika still sleeping over me. Her face was buried on the crook of my neck intervening her fingers with mine. I felt her stir as she yawned sleepily cuddling closer.
“Good Morning” I greeted.
“Good Morning” she mumbled.
“Slept well” I asked.
“Still sleeping” Came her lazy reply.
“So when are you planning on letting me go” I humored.
“Never” She giggled.
“I Love You” I confessed.

“I love me too”
“Oh I Love You too billu”She smiled back.

“Di..” Saahil hugged me eying Shivaay who was eating his breakfast.
“What is S.S.O doing here?” He suspiciously whispered.
“I’ll explain later” I kissed his cheek.
“Good Morning S.S.O…” Sahil stopped slapping himself and continued “I mean Shivaay bhai” Sahil tried to play it cool.
“Good Morning champ” Shivaay ruffled Sahil’s hair.

“Why do you look creepily happy today” Sahil interrogated.
“Love” Came Shivaays one word reply.
“Oh… I understand you know in first standard I met Anita my first love but unfortunately it was one sided turned out she was booked but when ever I thought of her I used to smile like this.” Sahil stated making Shivaay choke in shock.
“Wow” Shivaay feebly commented.
“Ya but now I have only one set aim in life now..” Sahil professionally declared.
“And that is..” Shivaay gestured to continue.
“To get Garima roll number 21 to fall for me and understand my love to her” Sahil got serious.
“You what??… How old are you?” Shivaay eyed a dreamy Sahil.
“There is no age for falling in love, it happens to anyone and anytime.” Sahil dramatically sighed.
“Ahem” I fake coughed.

“Did you forget that your sister is listening to all this?” I pulled his ear.
“Di stop it your so violent. Shivaay bhai do you know once a man stole didis purse and she ran behind him throwing her Chamelis to stop him and finally when he did she threatened to run him over with Champa. The guy was so terrified” Sahil laughed and Shivaay joined in.
“No way, your di is brutal huh?” Shivaay smirked looking at me.
I scrowled and he laughed it away.
“Di I’m going to freshen up” Sahil left.

“Aren’t you forgetting something”
“I don’t think so”
“Try to remember”
I freigned innocence though I knew what he wanted.
“I don’t know” I continued lying.
“Really” he got closer and my eyes widened.

“Billu ji what are you doing”
“Trying to make you remember”
“Sahil is at home”
“Don’t get closer”
“You mean like this” he pulled me onto him his hands around my waist.
“Shiv..” Before I spoke this incorrigible obnoxious guy crashed his blo*dy addicting lips on mine.
“Are you mad or are you born so. What if Sahil saw?” I hit him.
“Bye gotta go” Shivaay ignored my scolding and ran out kissing my nose.
“Bye” I waved slightly angry.

I waved a final goodbye to a smiling Anika looking as cute as hell. Her baggy T-shirt, messed up hair and cute pout while trying to explain something to Sahil made my day.
My phone rang flashing am unknown number.
“Hello” I picked it.
“Oh if it isn’t the Great Shivaay Singh Obroi?” I heard a snicker.
“Who are you?” I barked.

“Lower your voice Shivaay Singh Obroi, I just called to tell you that today I got a great idea I was thinking about harming your little Angel Anika” He threatened.
“Don’t you dare touch her I’m warning you” I growled.
“What if I say that I’ve already got her” He laughed disconnecting the line.
“Driver, take me back to Anikas place now” I barked.

That’s it guys.
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I felt like discontinuing this story but yet gave this chapter a shot.

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