“Anika” Tia screamt horrified, her eyes met mine as she walked towards us.
“Shivaay baby”
“Don’t you dare baby me, Tia” I got up to face her.
“You” Tia pointed an accusive finger at Anika.
“You did this… You trapped Shivaay” Tia went to slap Anika but I pushed her away in time.
“Stay away from Anika, I’m warning you Tia” I growled.
“You sick woman why do you’ll always trap men that are already taken..” That’s it with Tia’s words I lost all control and slapped her hard.
“Shut up Tia” I barked.
You slapped me for that cheap woman”Tia screamt.
“Not a word more, Now just leave” I threw her out of the house.
“Sweetheart don’t worry about what she told” I pulled Anika to me.
“Now that you’re there for me nothing can hurt me” she smiled.

Its been half an hour since the supplies arrived and Shivaay was heavily busy in the kitchen.
“Food is ready” Shivaay tapped me.
“Smells yummy” I soaked in the smell.
“So what do we have here” I eyed the heavenly food.
“Fettuccine Alfredo” Shivaay declared.
“Let it be called anything, now if you excuse me I need to taste the food prepared by my love” I stated.
“Can I feed you ma’am”
“My Shivaay will break your bones even if you attempt to”
“Is he that strong”
“Yup,he’s a not short but strong”
“Hey, don’t insult my height”
“I will and what will you do if I say shorty,shorty,shorty…”
Shivaay placed his lips on mine shutting me up momentarily. He smirked thinking that I’d stop.
“Shorty,shorty…” I continued to chant as he hit his head.
“I’m hungry now” I finally said digging into the heavenly meal.

Its been 2 minutes and 59 seconds since he left and I’m missing him already. Urggg… I feel like a clingy girlfriend but my stupid heart keeps missing him more every passing second. The door bell rang and I lazily opened it.
“You” I looked in shock.
“Yes me” Shivaay walked passed me.
“You just left”
“I went to bring my spare PJs from the car”
“You what?”
“I’m going to sleep here, remember the sleepover?”
“Too late I’ve made up my mind”
This guy is going to drive me crazy. A felt a pair of hands snake around my waist.

“I need a pillow”
“So take it yourself”
“Ok then”
I felt air gush through as he picked me up into his arms and placed me on the bed and hugged me tight.
“What do you think you’re doing Mr.Shivaay Singh Obroi?”
“Didn’t you want a pillow”
“I got mine”
“You’re my fluffy pillow, buddhu”
“Very funny”
“I’m not joking”
“Stop trying to be over smart”
“I’m just stating the facts”
“You’re so annoying”
“What did I do?”
“Anika” he finally broke the silence.
“I love you” he sleepily muttered.
“And I love you too” I placed my head on his chest
“You’re too heavy Ani”
“Shut up shorty”
“I’m being honest”
“Then in that case you better bear my weight the whole night” I said sleeping over him.
He just laughed at my antics and placed a kiss on my forehead.
“You’re quite a comfortable pillow”
“And you’re a comfortable mattress yourself”
And I finally drifted to a deep sleep.

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