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My eyes fluttered open just to find Shivaay hold my hand and staring intensely at me.
“Shivaay why are you still here?” I groaned.
“Anika we need to talk!” His voice turned serious.
Talk. What does he possibly want to talk about.
“About what?” I asked innocently.
“The truth”
“Which truth”
“The truth about the day before you left the hospital”
“Nothing happened, because Sahil is alone at home I decided to get discharged early”
“Don’t you dare lie to me Anika”
“I’m not lying that’s the truth”
“Ok you want to know the truth I’ll tell you the truth your rich and high class fianc Tia Kapoor came to meet me at the hospital and she threatened me to harm my brother if I see you again or talk to you. She insulted me calling me a cheap, low class, poor woman that traps men for money but I held my tears back. She left but her words and your words kept haunting me. I tried to sleep I tried to block it all but invain every passing second I felt more disgusted…” I broke down I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Anika look at me” Shivaay tipped my chin.
I looked into his green eyes that always masked his emotions but looked raw and unmasked today. It was almost talking to my brown orbs (but my stupidity kept me away from understanding what they said).

“Why does everyone hate me?” I questioned in a small voice.
“Shhh… No one hates you Anika” Shivaay tried to soothe me but invain.
“You hate me, Tia hates me, my bua hates me, your mom kinda hates me…” Before I could continue I felt a pair of warm lips on mine. I gasped at the sudden kiss and pushed him away.
“This is wrong”
“You and me…whatever just happened!”
“You mean the kiss?”
“I mean everything, now that you’ve got what you want, please leave”
“What did I want?”
“To find out the ” Truth” your mind was obsessed about”
“Do you think that’s all I wanted”
“Didn’t the kiss mean anything to you”
“Then maybe we should try it again”
My eyes widened
“Are you mad Mr.Shivaay Singh Obroi? Do you just go kissing every single woman you lay your eyes on?”
“First I’m mad for you and secondly no I don’t go kissing everyone but your not everyone.”
My heart beat quickened. Was SSO possessed by the love ghost or was he just trying to feed his ego by enjoying how I give in to his kisses and romantic lines.
“Why are you doing this?” I questioned.
“Doing what?!”
“Faking words. Pretending to be floored over a cheap, classless woman with no surname”
“Please just forget that I never meant to insult you, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You were right I just tried to feed my ego not realizing each time I did that it emptied my heart. I’m sorry I truly am please forgive me” Shivaay begged falling on to the ground. My eyes watered and before I knew I was lying next to Shivaay in a pool tears.
“Please don’t cry” I wiped his tears.
“I don’t like it”

“Because when you cry it hurts here” I pointed at my heart.
“Can I hug you?” He abruptly asked. That was enough I just engulfed him in a huge warm hug trying to make him smile with my stupid jokes. He broke the hug and pulled me closer to him and placed my hand on his heart.
“Do you hear that, my heart beats chanting your name?” Shivaay questioned grinning. My cheeks turned into a deep hue of red.
“I love you Anika I truly do” He confessed all over again and this time it was me that placed my lips on his. As we broke apart I hid my face in his chest.
“You didn’t still tell it”
“That you love me”
“Mr. Baggad Blla I think I love you” I declared dramatically.
“You think” he arched am eyebrow proceeding to tickle me.
“OK OK I know that I love you” I said inbetween laughs.
“That’s more like it” he said ruffling my hair and pecking my nose.

My jaws hurt because of the uncontrollable smile I’ve been wearing since our confession. My phone rang flashing Tia’s name. I turned off the phone and walked towards Anika that was in the kitchen Tia could go to hell right now my eyes, heart and mind were only on Anika.
“What are you doing?” I asked hugging her from the back.
“I’m hungry so I’m trying to make something” She pouted.
“Step away and let the Great Shivaay Singh Obroi Cook for the pretty lady today” I said carrying and placing her on the counter. She just giggled kissing me on the cheek.
“So what are you planning on cooking today my love” Anika tries to act like an olden type movie actress.
“You’ll see” I winked “but before that we need some supplies so let me call up a guy” I continued dialling a number after explaining what he had to do I pulled Anika to the hall cuddling closer to her.
“You’re acting like a child” Anika laughed.
“Child reminds where is Sahil” I asked.
“He must have left to Chotus house. He told me that they are having a sleepover today” Anika answers placing her head on my chest.
“That’s cool so we can have a sleepover of our own” I wriggled my eyebrows.
“Very funny” She muttered.
Our moment together was interrupted by a familiar shrill cry that made my ears bleed
“Anika” Tia screamt looking horrified.

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