I felt water splash on my face as my eyes fluttered open. My eyes fixed on the masculine figure that held me in his arms.
“The patient is weak and it looks like she’s starved herself” another voice which I believed to be the doctor said.
“Anika… When di you eat at last” Shivaay arched an eyebrow.
“Before you came” I lied.
“Tell me the truth” he narrowed his eyes.
“OK I had lunch yesterday and that was it” I confessed.
“Are you born mad or was it something that was diagnosed after you got bigger. Doctor is there a way to treat her stupidity” He scolded.
“I’m not stupid but I have to ask doctor is there any way for you to cure his growing ego its quite dangerous” I retorted.

“Ouch” the doctor sarcastically remarked.
“Now if you two love birds…”
“We aren’t love birds” we cut through screaming in union.
“OK then angry birds are done fighting I have another patient to attend” the doctor stood up to leave.
“Can you also take him while leaving” I pointed at Shivaay.
“I’m not moving an inch from here” came the reply.
“You will”
“I will not”

“I will bite you”
“And you call me billu you’re the billi here”
“Shut up Billu Singh Obroi”
“Don’t call me that”
“I will Billu, Billu…”
“I hate you”
“I hate you too”
“Get out of my house”
“I can’t”

*3rd PERSON P.O.V*
The fight went on leaving behind a forgotten amused doctor that was quite funnily enjoying their fight.
“Doctor can I drop you, this fight will not stop anytime soon” Sahil asked in a friendly tone.
“God bless your ears then” The doctor chuckled.
“So how did they fall in love” The doctor was curious.
“Fall in hate you mean” Sahil corrected.
The doctor laughed unaware of the truth of the line.
“Aaahhh” Anshi screamt and the doctor rushed with Sahil to the room to find a hugging Anshi.
“What happened” The doctor asked concerned.

“Cockroach” the duo yelled.
The doctor assured the cockroach was no more and complimented them as to being cute couple and finally left.

“You guys look perfect together” the doctor stated walking away.
“Shivaay Singh Obroi get away from me” Anika commanded.
“What if I say I can’t” Shivaay smirked.
“I will tell Tia that her little baby isn’t letting me go” Anika humored.
I released her annoyed that she keeps taking Tia’s name from recently her name always annoyed me for reasons I couldn’t fathom.
“I’m going to the kitchen to make you soup” I declared leaving the room.

Which part of “Get Out” doesn’t he understand. Is there any other way to be more straight forward? This guy is so annoying and adamant.
“Soup is ready” Shivaay tried to give the bowl to me.
“I’m not hungry” I lied.
“I don’t care” he said placing a spoonful in my mouth.
“Yumm” I blurted to have Shivaay smirking.
“So you like it” He showed off.
“I mean its OK yummy” I answered stupidly. Who was I kidding? It was heavenly yummy but I was not going to admit that.

“OK yummy” he laughed away the comment.
“I’m feeling sleepy now will you leave at least now?” I desperately asked after he fed me.
“Why do you want me to go” His voice softened.
“Because… Because… I don’t like you” I reasoned.
“Why don’t you like me?”
“Because I don’t. What do you care?”
“Isn’t your time to precious to spend with someone as unprofitable as Anika”
“Don’t say that!”
“Say what that I’m poor, useless and cheap”
“You’re not…”
“Weren’t you the one that told me it”
“I didn’t mean to”
“Please just leave”

“I can’t”
“I don’t know, you sleep and I’ll leave”
And just like that she fell asleep.

I smoothened Anika’s hair relaxing her. When she was in a deep sleep I kissed her forehead and a smile adorned her adorable face. I left to leave but her phone rang halting me. “Tia” it’s caller flashed.

“I heard you left the hospital. I’m happy you took my words seriously and decided to stay away from Shivaay. You better continue this way or even you’ll not know where you’ll end if you try to talk or meet my Shivaay. Bye for now” she disconnected the call.
That blo*dy b*t*h. How could she? She hurt my Anika and try to impress me. If she loves to play so can I two can play the pretence game but before that I need to mend Anika’s broken heart.

That’s it guys.
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