A sense of pain rushed through as I tried to sit up straight.
“Carefully” Om cooed helping me settle comfortably.
“How do you feel now di?” Rudra asked.
“Never felt worse” I genuinely answered to have OmRu laugh at my comment. The door flung open revealing a concerned looking Baggad Billa. Why does he look concerned? Maybe because he won’t be able to hire a cheap wedding planner like me that is also cute, funny and filled with great ideas. Obviously I’m like a great package smart,friendly and not to mention affordable.
“Anika” S.S.O called.

Before he could talk the nurse informed that the visiting hours were over leaving the Obros looking sad. I waved a final goodbye at the Obros.

“Anika” Tia walked in surprising me.
“Tia you here” I asked confused its not like she cares about anyone except her “Shivaay Baby” am u jealous of freaking course not like I give a damn.
“I heard what happened, I’m sorry. Actually I’m here to tell you not to worry about the wedding I’ve hired a new planner and here is your cheque with the full promised payment. The medical bills are also covered. Take rest and one more thing stay away from Shivaay” Tia concluded in a dangerously low tone.
“Say what? why would I even stay with Shivaay” I blurted.
“OMG Anika I’m not stupid besides I know how low and cheap low class girls like you can stoop to trap men” Tia said. Tears threatened to spill as she insulted me. I wanted to defend myself but I felt voiceless and paralyzed. Sne huffed and walked away leaving me a broken mess. My mind voiced every insult ever thrown to be by Shivaay and Tia. I didn’t deserve to be treated so bad just because I wasn’t born rich. I cried my heart out my body gradually turned tired but to sleep was out of the picture.

I got ready hoping to meet Anika at the hospital. My eyes were red as a result of a sleepless night as I tried to figure out the culprit that shot Anika.
“Shivaay baby” Tia walked in.
“G’morning” I greeted roboticly.
“G’morning baby please come down fast I need to introduce you to the new wedding planner” Tia said.
“WHAT?! New wedding planner didn’t I tell you that I want to postpone this wedding drama and besides Anika…” I tried to explain.
“What Anika? She was just an employee and now she is gone. I’m going down please come fast” Tia said.
“She is gone” Tia’s words played in my head. I felt my heart sink at those words.
“She is not gone and I will never let her go” My heart confirmed.
I walked inside the hospital room to find it empty.
“Nurse, where is the patient” I barked.

“She left in the morning, the doctor didn’t want to but she pleaded and left” The nurse replied.
I combed my hair with my fingers angrily. Where was she? I drove to her house in a flash praying she was there.
I knocked to find a small boy open it.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Sahil. Anika di’s brother” He replied in a tone that held pride to be her brother.
“Sahil who is it?” Anika questioned walking weakly. Her eyes met mine and she was taken back at first then turned angry.
“Is there anything I can do for you Mr.Shivaay Singh Obroi” She asked venomously.
“I came to see if you were doing fine” I smiled.
“I’m fine. Do you need anything else?” She further questioned.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked confused.
“Nothing, besides what are you doing in a low class house like mine” She spat.
“Ouch” Anika yelped as she fell down.

“Anika” I rushed trying to help her.
“Don’t you dare touch me Mr.Shivaay Singh Obroi” She barked.
“I’m just trying to help” I reasoned.
“I find need your help or anything in that matter. I’ve managed since a long time and I can go on managing” she spoke in a desperate attempt to stand up. Before she could speak I carried her and placed her on the chair.

“Thank you now please leave” she chased me.
My phone rang “Tia” it read annoying the living daylights out of me I merely turned the phone off diverting my attention to an angry looking Anika.
“Anika… Why did you leave the hospital suddenly?” I asked just to find her break into a pool of tears.

“Please leave I’m not that strong to go on please” She begged.
“I’m not cheap just because I’m poor. I’m not for sale though I’m poor and I don’t trap people for money” she faintly whispered as she cried. An urge to kiss away her tears rushed in and I sat next to her.
“Leave…please” she cried fainting in my arms.

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