A lone tear escaped Anika’s red puffy eyes as she hid behind the ignored wall looking at the engagement in action.
“There is 5 minutes more for the auspicious moment to arrive” The pandith declared to a heavily smiling family.
“Oh My Matha, Shivaay beta soon puts the rings on Tia” Pinky commanded gleaming as the clock moves 5 minutes in forward.
“Shivaay” Anika sobbed.

“Anika di” I felt Sahil rock me to and fro.
“Aaahh” I woke up from the horrific dream.
“Di why are you crying?” Sahil questioned concerned.
“I’m not crying Sahil. Don’t worry about me you go to sleep” I assured tucking him in.
“Anika you need to control yourself. Take a deep breath” I spoke to myself in a desperate attempt to pick up my crumbled heart but failed. Tears sprang in abundance as I almost stopped breathing. I felt fragile, vulnerable almost like a lost warrior with no hope. My eyes couldn’t see him making Woe’s to be someone else’s but fate always loved to see me bruised so much so that I had to plan the wedding of the man that I’ve lost my soul and sanity to. Life was never fair.

I walked to and fro glancing at the clock every 5 minutes chanting a chain of curses. It was almost 11 and I was loosing control every passing second. Where the hell was she? My eyes died to see her, my heart to feel her and lips to smile at her. She almost energised my tired soul without her knowledge. It was getting late by the second and that’s when he walked in muttering a whirl of apologys.
“I’m sorry dadi I ran late. I was not well” Anika said. What was wrong with her? How was she now? Why the hell isn’t she taking care of herself? Was she OK now? Do I need to make her consult a better doctor? . Her insanely addicting aura swept through as she passed me.
“Anika” I called and she almost froze.
“Yes” She answers in a tiny voice.
“How do you feel now?” I questioned.
“Better I guess. I don’t know I mean I don’t understand. I guess I’ve always lived in pain so I’m used to it” Anika faked a smile. What was she talking about pain? Who dare hurt her?
“Anika mind to share what’s troubling you” I cupped her face.
Silence. Mere silence filled the air while she looked into my eyes as I lost mine in her’s. This was wrong I felt like kissing her but I’m a man with a fiance I can’t do this but I guess its now or never. I’d explain Tia later but right now I needed her. I needed to heal her, to kiss her, to tell her what she meant to me. I leaned forward.
“Please push me away” My eyes spoke but my heart begged to differ.
Now we were a millimeter apart. That was it I crashed my lips on to hers she was taken back at first but later gave in. The kiss spoke a hundred unspoken emotions as it advanced. She broke the kiss.
“This is wrong” her eyes teared.
“Shhh… Its alright come here” I pulled her to myself.
“Please Shivaay…” She whispered but I tightened my grip.
“Do you know how worried I was when you turned up late. Why are you so irresponsible Pannika?” I scolded and her eyes widened in anger.

“Don’t call me Pannika, Baggad Billa” I retorted.
“What if I do?” He questioned smirking.
“Arrogant Singh Obroi” I huffed and he laughed. My body felt happy, so alive as I spent my 5 minutes with him. Yesterday I was crying over him and today he kissed me. I know it’s wrong but a part of me pleaded to be selfish. I couldn’t lose him. I shuddered at the mere thought of losing him.
“Anika, OK I’m sorry I won’t call you Pannika please don’t look so sad” Shivaay spoke in a small voice.
“You can call me Pannika or whatever you prefer. I don’t mind” I smiled.
He just pulled me to another hug.
“Aren’t you fed up of me already” I arched an eyebrow.
“Never think I will be” he carrased my face.
“I love you” he blurted out the confession.
“I love you too” I genuinely replied.
“Now what” I asked confused. He reached for another kiss and placed a final kiss on my nose.
“Now we explain” he smiled a tired smile pulling me towards the hall packed with the family members.

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