Hey guys I’m Maryam ?so I first published this story in India forums today I came across this website and decided why not publish it here too. So here it is hope you’ll like it <3
Anika's laughter rang within the 4 walls of the obreroi mansion leaving Shivaay shooting draggers mentally at the reason she was laughing.
"Siddharth Pratap Rana" he mumbled.
Sid was a far cousin that the OBros hated with all burning passion because of his annoying nature.
"You're too funny, yaar" Anika held her stomach laughing.
Shivaay found himself annoyed seeing them together.For the past week since Sid had arrived Anika and him seemed to always stick together like fevicol.
He realized that Anika not achknowledging his presence anymore,he was almost invisible to her.He missed her blabbering,
her loud words,her fights and her cute expressions though he kept telling himself "Muje koi farak nehi padta"
"O do you smell something burning" Rudra asked sniffing around.
"Ya,Do you smell it too?" Om asked pretending to be amazed.
"Shivaay bhai you seem to be burning every second" Rudra smirked.
Shivaay just walked away muttering his famous "Shut up Rudra"
Time passed and Shivaay locked himself up in the room plotting secretly on how to drive Sid out of Anika's life. Dinner time
arrived and Shivaay walked into the hall to find Anika waving at him smiling so widley. Shivaay was beyond happy about the development but decided to play it cool looking the least affected by ignoring her. He looked up to see Anika pass him and hug Sid.
"Where did you go? Thank you so much for the awesome bracelet you sent me" Anika said.
"Where did you go" Shivaay mimicked. His blood boiled seeing Sid hold Anika's hand.
"That blo*dy idiot I ,hope he breaks his hand"Shivaay cursed what he didn't see was Om and Rudra silently enjoying the scene taking place infront of them.
"Shivaay bhai has lost it"Rudra commented leaving Om laughing at the background.
"We need to help him" Om finally said.

Om and Rudra walked inside Shivaay's room to find him blabber walking to and fro his blue eyes burning in anger.
"Shivaay what happened?" Om pretended to be clueless.
"Nothing Om just a business rival eying the same contract I want" Shivaay replied.
"Business rival or Siddharth,Business contract or Anika"Rudra piped in freingning innocence.
Shivaay's eyes popped out "What noncense" Shivaay huffed.
"Ok, then we thought about helping you since you ae not need of it we'll leave.Besides tomorrow Anika di is going out for lunch with Sid" Rudra tried to aggrivate him.
"Om let's go" Rudra finally said pulling Om by his elbow.
"Stop! I mean where are you'll going aren't you'll here to help me, I mean it's not like I care, but…" Shivaay stammered.
"we knew it" OmRu said in union in a sing song voice.
"What?" Shivaay questioned arching an eyebrow.
"That you have feelings for Anika" Rudra dreamily said.
"Ok,Ok now ifyou guys are done with your comments tell me what i have to do?" Shivaay asked impatiently.
"I've got an idea" Om said cheekily grinning.

*NEXT DAY 11:30 A.M.*
Anika was hastily making the preparations for the wedding trying to wrap up with the work fast to get ready to go for lunch when she heard OmRu having a serious conversation.
"What can we do now O, we have to attend the function the elders have already left but how can we leave bhai in this state?" Rudra looked worried.
"Thats true we need to find someone reliable" Om said.
"what is the matter is there anything I can do to help" Anika asked with genuine concern.
"Actually bhai… It's ok di don't worry you need to get ready, don't you have a lunch to attend to today?"Rudra pretended to be worried.
Before Anika could talk the shrill sound of a glass breaking echoed inside the house. The trio rushed into Shivaay's room to find a pale looking Shivaay lay on the bed with a glass shattered next to his bed.
"What happened Shivaay" Om askes.
"I tries to reach the glass and accidently dropped it" Shivaay dully said.
"You could've called us"Om continued with a serious expression his hands crossed.
"Yes but weren't you'll supposed to attend a party. I thought about training myself to do my work until you guys return" Shivaay commented.
"What happened to Bagad Billa I mean your Bhai" Anika whispered into Rudra's ear.
"Yesterday in a shoot out one of our business rivals shot his leg"Rudra whispered back.
Anika was taken back though she kept telling herself that she hated him it hurt her to see Shivaay like this. He looked pale and fragile she told herself that she liked him beter with attitide dripping with every action of his while he walked around with his Canada sized ego.
"Anika are you ready to go?" Siddhath asked bringing Anika back to her senses.
The OBros frowned at Sid.
Shivaay kept chanting a series of curses hoping the guy broke his teeth so he wouldn't smile so
widley at his Anika. Yes, His Anika she was his and he was determined to make her know that.
"I'm sorry Sid… I won't be able to make it."Anika said.
"But why weren't you free today" Sid whined.
"Yes, but an emergency popped up"Anika said
"An emergency"Sid intervened.
"Not an emergency of that sort it's just that i've got to stay back to look after Shivaay"Anika declared.
"But Anika… you don't have to" Shivaay tried to protest.
"Mr.Shivaay Singh Obroi it's my life and my wish, I won't go out I will stay back for you" She cut him halfway leaving behind a shocked Shivaay.
"But…"before Sid could protest OmRu dragged Sid out of the room while Sid just helplessly looked back.Anika and Shivaay
were finally alone the air turned awkward and silence washed in the room.Anika sat in the corner of the bed while Shivaay inwardly
smiled congratulating himself on his victory.

"Ma.. Papa…" Anika screamt as she woke up her face tear stained and her temperature shot up.
Shivaay reached for a hug and mumbled sweet nothings to her ear hoping she'll calm down. She did calm down a little while later but she still kept holding Shivaay's hand and rested her head on his chest while he carassed her hair.
"What happened Anika" Shivaay finally broke the long silence that prevailed.
Anika looked up to meet his blue eyes that mirrored his worry. She thought for a moment a sudden to release her botled up emotions rushed within. She finally decided to let it all out.
"I had a nightmare, of what happened 6 years ago" Anika finally said.
"Do you want to share it with me" Shivaay asked intervening his fingers with hers.
Anika took a deep breath and started "Six years ago ma,papa, sahil and I we went on a trip little did we know it'll be our last. The roads were dark and lonley but all at once huge lights flashed in front of our vehicle a lorry was charging towards us recklessly. Papa tried to divert the vehicle but all in vain, the last thing I remember is seeing my family helplessly lay on the ground. After a month bu came to take care of us but little did we know what she truley was. A monster. She made me earn for her and when I wasn't able to earn any money for the day she'd shut me up in a dark room hungry. I felt like running away but I stayed back for Sahil. He needed me." Anika cried her heart out as the horrifying images replayed infront of her.
"Calm down Anika" Shivaay patted her.After a little while she fell asleep in his arms. His eyes moistened to see her look so fragile and vulnerable to the world's eye she was a warrior fighting against all odds supporting her brother but the truth said otherwise she was a lost soul finding a home and craving for love. He felt monstrous for adding more pain into her already painful life.
"Shivaay…" Anika muttered I'm her sleep.
He smiled at her sleeping form and lightly pecked her forehead promising to mend her broken soul.


Warmth rushed through my body as I pulled my pillow closer. I wonder when my bed three so comfortable. "Hmmm" I moaned feeling like a queen and this pillow… "Wait a minute am I dreaming let me open my eyes" I thought. I opened my eyes to find myself hugging SSO my jaw dropped. "What the hell have I done ? Oh God I don't wanna die a sinner." My mind filled with a thousand possibilities of what might've happened when ir struck me I told him my story. "So much for your stupidness Anika" I hit my head. I reached my phone to find 10 missed calls from Sahil and Sid. I looked back to see Mr.Bagad Billa sleep so peacefully. "He looked so cute" my mind said did I just say cute sorry thinking mistake but he did look adorable a feeling of wanting to kiss his nose rushed within. "Anika control your blo*dy thoughts" I scolded myself. I needed to escape before anyone saw us and got the wrong idea. Imagine Tia walking in like "Shivaay baby" and fainting to see us together. "Shut up Anika" I scolded myself again. I finally stood up just to loose my stupid footing and fell over SSO. Shivaay's eyes popped up.
"Bhai…" Rudra came walking inside. Bad timing.
"Ye ho kya rahe" Rudra questioned wriggling his eyebrows.
"Its not like you think Rudra I just fell and.." I tried to explain to just find Om walk in and looked shocked. He exchanged glances with Rudra and smirked. Stupid me I was still over Shivaay I finally released myself and walked passed them embarrassed. My life has officially been ruined.

Anika left and took my heart and mind with her. The feeling of her soft skin against me still lingered. The need to make her mine increased.
"Shivaay…"Om clicked his fingers breaking my trance.
"Huh"I replied.
" Shivaay bhai give us the details of what happened without dreaming .. " Rudra whined.
And I finally shared all what happened.
"Shivaay baby" Tia walked in destroying the perfect atmosphere.
"Lady baba is here" Rudra chuckled "Omi darling let's leave" He mimicked Tia. I chuckled at his antics they sure did hate Tia.

*3rd PERSON P.O.V*
"So do you think Anika will confess before the wedding or should it be us that need to hatch another plan" Rudra asked.
"It's time we make another plan" On said smiling cheekily.
I'm the room Shivaay smiled like a maniac thinking about Anika while Tia blabbered her usual jibberish and Anika back at home tried to control her raging hormones. Anika indeed had complicated feelings for a monster what she didn't know is that the monster felt the same.
*****************************************************************************Anika walked inside the Obroi mansion hoping to not be spotted by the OBros anytime soon, she knew if she did that they'd bug the hell out of her if they laid their eyes on her.

5 minutes inside the house and still not spotted. That's good news until I heard someone call my name.
"Anika di… Will you spend the day with me today, all the ladies had gone out and my brothers don't talk about them I think they don't love me anymore they're so caught up with their work but I know you aren't like that you are my cute di na so please come with me to the guest room" Rudra said all in one breath. I thought for a moment and finally gave in at least this way I will not meet a certain cat eyed Obroi.

*3rd PERSON P.O.V*
In the end of the mansion On and Shivaay were carrying an unconscious Six into the store room.
"Om get a glass of water" Shivaay said. On got it for him and Shivaay sprinkled some water on Six but he didn't move.
"Om do you think we added more sleeping pills that required" Shivaay asked confused.
"I clearly told that dumb Dumbell Obroi to add only 2 pills, wonder if he purposely added more" On said suppressing a laugh.
They sprinkled water again and Did finally woke up just to find himself tied to a chair.
"O! Look whose decided to wake up" Shivaay sarcastically commented.
"Why had you tied me up" Sid questioned annoyed.
"One for planning to take my Anika on a date today, Two trying to propose to her today and Three because I simply hate you" Shivaay reasoned.
"Four because you tried to spill our plan" Om thought in his mind.
The duo pasted take on Sids mouth and locked him in the room and walked away.

It felt good to have Sid tied up. I know it sounded and looked very unprofessional and babish but I enjoyed it. What else could I have done he keeps following my Anika like a shadow and stares at her like a creep. She was mine is mine and will be mine and I'm not letting her go that fast.A smile etched across my kios as my mind drifted to Anikas cute antics. I truly was a goner.

"Anika di… here's the drink" I passed a glass of wine.
"What is it?" She scrunched her forehead.
"Fruit punch" I lied.
She gulped it down and asked for another and another until she was totally drunk.

*3rd PERSON P.O.V*
"Ruddy my buddy" Anika said pulling his cheeks.
Om just then walked inside to find Anika run towards him.
"Omi you have such nice hair, just like a supermodel" she giggled.
Rudra signalled to Om with a thumbs up to say that the job was done and Om took Anika to Shivaay's room.
"I'm why'd you bring me here" Anika asked to find Om missing.
"Anika… What are you doing here?" Shivaay asked confused but happy.
"Me…Om walked…" Anika stammered seeing Shivaay was enough for her nervous side to show.
"Anika want happened?" Shivaay asked tipping her chin to look at him
"Nothing just that Ruddy gave me a drink and now I feel weird anyway where were you?" She asked
"With Tia" He lied.
"Oh…" She whispered defeated. Shivaay was alarmed by her sudden change of tone.
"Anika" he whispered and her eyes got moist.
"I don't like it" She mumbled.
"What?!" Shivaay asked confused.
"When you're with Tia" She said in a baby tone.
"Why?" He asked getting closer.
"I don't know, I get this funny feeling in my stomach and it hurts here" She said pointing at her heart.
"I also have a confession to make" Shivaay's lips lingered on Anikas cheeks.
"I love you too and I hate it when you're with Siddharth I feel like snapping his head apart brutal but true" Shivaay confessed.
"Really" Anika asked."Yes" he said kissing her nose that was enough for her hormones to start raging. He moved closer and kissed her eyes one at a time."And I don't like it when you cry"he whispered. Anikas body was now on fire as he started nibbling her soft skin. Her breath hitched as he carrased face. She opened her eyes to find herself lost in his ocean like eyes that gleamed mischievously full of life. Her urge to kiss them increased every passing second and that's what she did she kissed his orbes. Her face was burning and flustered.
"Shivaay…" Anika mummbled into Shivaay's chest.
"I love you alot" She muttered.
Shivaay reached for a kiss. Their kiss was passionate yet soft. She blushed as he carried her to bed in the bridal style and made himself comfortable next to her.
"Shivaay you're so far away" Anika cutely said.
"Then what do you propose we do about it" Shivaay questioned.
She just rolled next to shivaay and climbed on top of him "this" she said giggling.
"I love you jaan" Shivaay genuinely said.
"I love you too SSO" she yawned.
*****************************************************************************My head started pounding. "Urggg" I groaned. Rudra is not at cute as he looks he got me frigging drunk, let me deal with him later. Who is hugging me?, it feels like heaven though.I want to open my eyes but this stupid sun burns my eyes. I feel someome kiss my forehead. It was so blissful.
"I love you Anika" a voice said. Awww so cute someone lo… Wait?! What?! Who loves me? And why does it sound like Shivaay Frigging Obroi. I think I'm too drunk that I'm hallucinating. I opened my eyes after a struggle. What I saw next made my jaw literally drop. I WAS SLEEPING ON SSO!! NOT NEXT TO BUT ON. WHERE IS MY LIFE DIRECTING TO? I looked up to meet Shivaay's adorable boyish smile he kissed my forehead. I didn't feel butterflies but felt mini Godzillas jump inside my stomach. Stupid hormones.
"Slept well" he asked cooly.
Why is he so cool? Is it normal for him to wake up with someone on him.
"Slept well?! What do you mean slept well? Why am I on top of you and most importantly how did I land here? Why do I always find myself next to you each time I wake up these days" I spoke in one breath.
He just chuckled and placed me under and rolled over me. His face so close to mine that I could see the tiniest of his features.
"Someone confessed that she loved me last night" Shivaay said kissing my fingers that were intervened with his.
"And I remember telling her that I loved her too" he said kissing my earlobe.
"I love you" he said and reached for a kiss. My heart pounded fast and I looked like a tomato.
We spent the whole morning talking and with Shivaays constant kissing .
"Don't you dare let that Siddharth come close to you" Shivaay complained like a child.
"Possessive much" I muttered turning to kiss him.
"Yes and he should know that you're mine" He possessively stated hugging me closer.
He truley was the death of me. I was truly, deeply and madly in love with Billu Singh Obroi.

*3rd PERSON P.O.V*
OmRu finally let Sid free.
"I will take my revenge" Sid threatened to which OmRu replied yawning the least affected. In the hall Shivaay was hugging Anika from the back as she layed the table for lunch. OmRu signalled to Shivaay about Siddharth's presence making him kiss Anikas shoulder blades to annoy Sid.
"Bhai is in a romantic mood isn't he O" Rudra commented.
"Yes he sure is" Om fuelled Sids annoyance.
"What? When? How?" Sid whispered as the OBros enjoyed the scene.

*1 hour later*
"Let me go Shiv you've been hugging me since forever I need to go somewhere" Anika told.
"Where are you going" Shivaay pouted.
"To the washroom" Anika replied and Shivaay did let her go making her promise that she'll come back to him asap.
Anika came back to find a sad and tensed looking Shivaay.
"Shivaay what happened?" Anika questioned.
"Nothing, come here" He faked a smile gesturing for a hug.
She complied but looked up at him sadly saying "You don't love me do you?"
"Why would you say that princess" Shivaay asked confused.
"Because you don't wanna tell me what's bothering you" Anika complained.
"Its just that I got information that Tia was giving information to our rivals" Shivaay sighed.
Just then Tia walked in to be surprised at Shivaays position with Anika.
"Shivaay baby" She screamt.
******************************************************************************1 YEAR LATER*
Much happened through the past year Tia's truth was out turns out that Tia was blackmailed by the Mehera's to leak pictures of Sid and her together. The Obrois were scandalized to know the truth. After a few months Shivaay confessed about our relationship surprisingly all were happy and welcomed me open handed. Six months ago we got married the Obrois let me bring Sahil along. Since then Sahil had been a pampered brat. A pair of hands snaked around my waist
"Missed me" Shivaay whispered.
"No and I'm still angry with you" I declared loosening his hands from my waist.
"I told you I'm sorry nah" Shivaay said.
"So what do I care now leave me alone I need to sleep" I walked passed him.
"Ani please I'm sorry see I Love You, I was so caught up with work I forgot to tell that I Love you yesterday I know I am at fault please forgive me nah jaan" Shivaay pleaded.
I smiled and he engulfed me in a bone crushing hug confessing a 1000 times how much he loved me and I replied each time hugging him back.
" Ani I got you something " he said pulling out a wrapped gift.
I grabbed it excitedly and opened it up to find a huge box of chocolates.
"Chocolates!" I exclaimed kissing Shivaay again and again as he chuckled.
I ate the chocolate greedily only to realize Shivaay missing
"Shivaay" I called.
"Here baby" he said sitting next to me licking out the chocolate remains from my lips. Fireworks exploded within me as he kissed my nape pulling me close.
"Let me wash my hands Shiv" I pleaded. He smiled licking my fingers.
He carried me to bed bridal style and we made love promising to keep loving each other till we die.

*Shivaay's P.O.V*
The sun peeped into the room disturbing my sleep. I turned to find Anika peacefully sleep cuddling next to me. She looked cute in her sleep her nose twitched as she stirred in her sleep. I kissed her pulling her close and she relaxed instantly.
" Good morning " She sleepily muttered.
"Good morning Ani" I kissed her.
"I Love You " we said in union chuckling.
My life was not perfect but with her by my side even the imperfect turned into perfection.

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