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[30/05 11:04 am] Mom: Hi guys its nupur with my os on ishqbaaz shivika
Scene begins from a hospital shown
In a room a women is shown who’s sonography is done
(Its anika 8 and a half month pregnant)
Doctor – mrs &mr oberoi this is
your baby oberoi

Shivay – its just like its deffinately a girl like you my little princessAnika – no shivay its in a perfect way like you so its a boy my little billu

Doctor – its ok who so ever it is its yours what matters
Shivika -thanx doctor

Shivay takes anika (faty but cute ??) to the lift
Shivay- how fat you have become na…..anikaAnika- coz of your child only he kicks a lot
Shivay comes near her tummy and says- hey you little creature inside dont you dare hurt my wife
Anika – how did you dare say that to my billu
Shivay – anika…. its not fare
They laugh together
Lift opens
A little ahead a mad girl is shown its shewtlana
Shewt – these oberois cant behappy until I’m dead
Shivika go home
Pinky – aree anika come slowlyss okss my grandchild should be finesss
Anika- ji ma ..
Shivay takes anika to room

Shewtlana – oberois successor will not exist now ?
She joins the staff
Shivika room
Anika is deciding baby room decorThen a maid comes and gives anika juice
Shewtlana mixes something in it
Flashback ends

Anika – ill drink it you go
Shivay – anika drink it right now
Anika throws the juice in a plant
Anika- shivay I want to eat pani puri
Shivay -anikaaaaa………..!!!! He takes her away and says – whatYou poured there
Anika- just my juice …
Shivay – may be by mistake
Anika -yup
Pinky enters
Pinky – oo my mata !! Shivay whydid you scream haan….
Hoooo that plant
Shivay – nothing mom
Pinky – okk anika you’re fine na….
Anika- haan ma…
Pinky goes
Ani- shivay pani puri Shivay -hmm no pani pUri you ll take only home food ok
Anika makes crybaby face
Shivay – ok ill order that
Anika – no well go at the stall na…. plz
Shivay -ok come on

At the stall
Ani- 5 plate pani pUri
[30/05 11:48 am] Mom: Shivay- isnt it too much
Ani – its for two people right
A arrow hits the pani Puri Whichanika was eating
Shivay – you’re ok na…
Anika- haan…
Shivay – lets go Home

Oberoi mansion
Pinky – chal anika aaram kr le haan
Anika was resting
A maid comes a gives her medicine
Shewtlana is outside
FlashbackShe replaced the medicines
Flashback ends
Anika swallowed the tablet abd slept
After 1 hr
Anika- aaaaaa………..shivay……………..
Shivay runs to the room and holds anika
Shivay is roaming here and there
Doctor -soory mr oberoi you have to choose one your wife or yourBaby
Shivay – anika
In the OP
Doctor does the operation
Doctor comes out
And gives shivay a baby
Doc- sorry mr shivay but your wife told to save the baby its girl
Shivay- anikaaaa……………….
Why did you leave me
Baby cries
Shivay rememberes what anika used to say –
And says – why did you leave me……
He names the little girl anika

He always sees anika things and cries but little anika handles him

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  1. Awesome di. You made me cry? but I love it. ?

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    Wow loved it…. U made me emotional

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    Wow….soo emotional ❤❤

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    It is nice one dear.. Emotional ending

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    Emotional n beautiful….

  6. Alekhika20

    Loved the os

  7. Aradhya

    Awesome… But anika’s death hurted me a lot

  8. Wowww loved it

  9. Nupurchhapre78

    Thanx everyone for your support

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    so emotional…

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