Ishq Wala Love Two shot (1)

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OFFICE (kapoor industries)

A girl comes running to a lady

Girl – Mam here you go with the Malhotra deals

Lady – good you may leave

Girl – Mam what about Anita Mam will he like it?? Swara Mam please answer

Yes the lady is our swara Bose ??????????

Swara – none of your business please leave I don’t care about sasu ma?? she lost her son she blames me it’s ok

The girl Priya leaves and thinks – God swara Mam is so only amar sir supports her sister in law abs mother in law gate her and sir is out of town like for an year please send some one for her please ????

Priya wishes and leaves and swara starts weeping

Swara – why raj why I loved you and you did an affair and then the girl murdered you and your mom blamed me now on wards I will never liv in my life never ever

She weeps and starts working



AP – beta get up you have to go office don’t you remember

Boy – no mom it’s boring

AP – Sanskar get up other wise dp ji will get mad

Sanskar – fine

AP – ok go and fresh up and come for break fast

Sanskar – ok


Break fast table

Dp – Sanskar any plans for marriage

Sanskar – no not yet

AP – what type of girl you want

Sanskar – I want a girl who loves me I don’t care if she is rich or poor she should have a good heart and mostly trust on me

AP – you would get done really dreamy girl then

Do – I don’t care I just want a girl who is independent and can take her decisions wisely?

(NOTE : dp and AP are open minded they just want a girl who respect old people and yes they don’t care if girl is a widow too)

They have a family time and move to their office and AP gets engaged in household works


Maheshwari Office

Sanskar – dad I finishe this file

Dp – we are going to kapoor company and cracking a deal there

Sanskar – ok

Sanskar is some what happy but doesn’t know why but is happy now destiny will play and give him his sole mate or HUMSAFAR) ?


Kapoor companies ?

Dp moves in as swara staff leads him and Sanskar get a call and moves out to attend telling dp and he agrees

Priya – sir I am Mam PA so please come in meeting will start in 5 minutes

Dp – ok Sanskar come

Sanskar – dad you go I’ll attend this call

Dp – ok come soon



Sanskar comes out and is talking and finished talking when he dashed with a lady

After dashing Sanskar is mesmerizing seeing the beauty


It’s none other than swara he looks at her she was about to fall when he fetched her by waist and her eyes? were closed due to fear and Sanskar was staring at her with blissful eyes it’s was the happiest moment of his life ??

Soon they come in senses

Swara – I’m sorry I was just walking

Sanskar – never mind any ways I’m Sanskar maheshwari and you

Swara – swara Bose owner of this company

Sanskar – Mam I am sorry I was just joking

Swara – you are here for meeting right

Sanskar – yes…no… I don’t know

Swara laughs loud at his talks and Sanskar gets happy seeing her happy it’s noticed by Priya she thinks “osm Swara Mam is happy first time thanks god”

Sanskar – friends (forwards hands)

Swara – friends let’s go

Sanskar – ok come on

Meeting goes successful Sanskar was just staring at Swara and admiring her beauty and innocence ?????

Dp – swara actually with you my son will work

Swara – no worries sir and sir you Are old please don’t stress on yourself

Do gets impressed?

She takes blessing and moves from there ??


Kapoor House

Swara enters in fear and soon a girl comes from back patting her

Kavita – hey Swara I mean murderer make food I am you sister in law ?

Swara – ok Mam

She makes food for Anita and Kavita and serves them Anita spits the food out of mouth

Anita – wth is this food or poison huh

Swara – mom it’s food

Anita – first my son now us

Kavita – you will be punished for this come on

She takes a knife and and cuts her wrist Swara runs and closes her room and cries really badly

PRECAP – SwaSan growing close and last chapter

I hope you all liked it I tried my best and please comment I’ll make an epilogue too so don’t worry keep reading and please suggestions needed please…..

Credit to: Tvisha

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