Ishq Wala Love (epilogue)

Hello everyone guys this is a romantic one please forgive I suck at romance this is my first try on this final topic!!!!!

Episode Starts like….

5 months later..

Swara enters her room in night after doing all household work she comes to the dressing table and starts removing her jewelry soon Sanskar comes from bathroom after having a bath he is not wearing a shirt Swara didn’t notice him he comes taking baby steps to her

Soon he reaches her and hugs her from back.. Swara feels wet back and closes her eyes as she knows what going to happen….

Swara – Sanskar

Sanskar – hmmmm

Swara – why do you love me do much??

Sanskar – Swara the day I saw you I fell for you.. I felt something for you I felt you are my own I love you you are my soul you are my every second breathe and more over you are my love MUJHE TUMSE ISHQ WALA LOVE HOGAYA HAIN

Swara – I love you too

Sanskar saying all this dugs himself into her neck and bits hit Swara keeps morning he keeps biting her neck after sometime he kisses her cheek she she blushes and was about to go when Sanskar caught her

Sanskar – Shona not today please

Swara just stands still and Sanskar comes in front of her…

He comes infront of her and moves to her ears and bites her and removes her earnings she blushes really hard and he smirks and moves to her neck and removed her necklace by his teeth and gives love bites??? on her neck then he sees he blushing and kisses her forehead

Swara was about to leave just then Sanskar stopped her by kissing her lips she gets shocked but kisses back in same passion they get lost in the kiss Sanskar then breaks the kiss and kisses her forehead then cheeks then her lip (not exactly but near it to tease her) Swara becomes impatient and kisses him on lips and he loses his control

Then after sometime Sanskar moves back and kisses his hard then he removes her doeo vy his teeth and places a nave kiss there and then he lifts her and takes her to the bed and makes her lie down on bed

Sanskar goes to kiss her but she turns and her back faces him he kisses her on back and she blushes then he bring her blouse kind of down and kisses he shoulder and she mourns his name

All that Sanskar could hear is his name from his lady love ?????

He then takes a blanket and puts it over them then they make love for the day!!!

It was one of the best night for SwaSan they made love and showed passion that how much they love each other



Swara and AP are serving food when Uttara notices marks on Swara neck

Uttara – bhabi Bhai showed lots of love yesterday see the mark

Swasan get embarrassed AP dp laugh and Sanskar holds Uttara ears when suddenly Swara faints and

Sanskar – (keeps her head in his lap) Swara Swara please get up Uttara call doctors

He lifts her and takes her to the room wh m doctors comes abs tells a shocking news

Doctor – Sanskar congrats your wife is pregnant

Sanskar and others are happy and go in and congratulated Swara and Sanskar!!

8 Months later

Swara is really pampered and Swara keeps irritating Sanskar and Sanskar becomes really protective and orders Swara not to work and yes he had taken down room for safety but suddenly Swara water bag breaks and they take her to the hospital

Swara – aaaaaaaaaaa

Doctor – mr maheshwari please come in

Sanskar goes in and Swara delivered two twins one girl and one boy!!


After some years???

Swasan entered the house when two kids went and hugged them

Girl – papa I love you (kisses cheek)

Boy – mom why did u come late huh I middle you (kisses her cheek)

Swasan – sorry kids come on let’s go in

Yes they are Sanskrit and Sanaya Maheshwari ❤️❤️


Family hears a bang in kitchen and rushes there and are shocked leaving Swara really angry

Swara – SANAYA!!SANSKRIT what is this???

Yes the kids are filled with flour and wheat all over their body leaving Swara angry and family members burst in laughter

Sanskar – what happen kids??

Sanaya – (goes to Sanskar and tell him to pick her) papa actually we were making cake for you guys and this idiot told me to add bursting sofa I added and everything messed up its all Sanskrit fault

Sanskar (to Sanaya) aww mera Baccha it’s not your fault (to Sanskrit) Sanskrit why did you go this see my princess is filled with flour say sorry

Swara – don’t you dare Sanskar my baby is innocent Sanaya stop being innocent it’s your fault stop blaming my baby

Sanskrit – yes mom you are right

swasan argue in who’s right and wrong and Sanskrit and Sanaya leaves smartly from there

AP – see your kids left now go to your room and get Fresh up

Swasan – ok



Photo clicker – smile everyone

Everyone smile and have a family photo graph


Sorry guys if it’s bad I know it’s boring.. This part is worth tomatoes so sorry please comment on romance it’s my first ever try because Arohi was busy so I did it!!!! actually today I had a flash session so i got an idea from there hope you all like!!!!

Credit to: Tvisha

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