Ishq wala love : twinj – Introduction

Hi guys I am Ishika , I am a big fan of twinj which is turely sidmin , so I was influenced by and the ff writers in TU family . So I am new hear please bear with my ff .

Ishq wala love : twinj

So let me introduce the characters

Twinkle Taneja : she is a independent girl, she is cute and bubbly Punjab pattaka , [She is searching for someone in this ff , will tell later whom and the details ] she completed her studies and wants to be independent so instead of joining her mom’s company , she joined Sarna’s company . ( 21 years old )

Kunj Sarna : he is a business man , CEO of Sarna Company , he is kinda rude and arrogant , but inside sweet and humble . he loves his family a lot . ( 26 years old )

Yuviraj Sarna : a flirty boy , he lives surrounds with party and fun , he always tries to find a soulmate for his brother but ends up getting his , he is a student . 3rd year in college ( 23 years old )

Maui Taneja : she is a cute girl , she is shy and bold , she believes in true love , she loves reading books , she is student . 2nd year in college( 22 years old )

Inaya Sarna : she is the sweet sister of the Sarna brothers , she is a pampered spoiled brat , she is really a Punjab pattaka like twinkle ( 18 years old )

The other characters will be introduced later , please tell me if I should continue……??


  1. Baby


    |Registered Member

    amazing ishika definately cntinue dear asap u cn its lookin quite interesting i mean d intros n also give d stry lyn dear osm will b w8ing i m also a big fan of twinj as well more of sidmin bt twinj 2

  2. Isha_


    |Registered Member

    Nice ishika its interesting and your tittle i was wondering there was a ff called tashan wala love and then i am just like i am so dumb that was my first ff 😂

  3. manu

    Wowwwww ishu di hope I can call u that welcome to tei family yrrrrr what an intro loved it……..very interesting……….trust me this ff is gonna be a block.baster lovely yr and plz post asap and if u don’t mind can I know ur age?????

  4. Jiya_Ani


    |Registered Member

    Hi ishi..I am gonna call u that if you don’t mind ..coz ishu bulane vale toh kayi honge..
    Welcome to tei Tu family…
    And thanks for giving ur time to entertain all of us here from ur lovely ff..
    Post asap..
    Love you

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