Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 7 and 8 and 9 )

Hey Tu friends , HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all , and I know everyone is confused as where the episode is going but believe me guys its interesting 🙂 , so no more back bak and let’s continue the episode and today’s episode will be a mahasagham ( like other serial actors/actresses will come as cameo ) 🙂 enjoy

Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 7 and 8 and 9 )

Y: what’s going on bhai ? When did you get married to twinkle bhabi ????
K: uv it all happened that day , when I took twinkle for a date

Flashback **********

Someone keeps hand on twinkle’s shoulder and she turns , twinkle gets shocked because it was not kunj , it was rohan ( mentioned in episode 5&6 , the guy checking out her )

T: rohan , what are you doing here ???
R: why twinkle you don’t like me , you came to date with that loser kunj ????? Really *almost speaking insane*
T: rohan , leave me , I don’t want to talk to you
R: why ??? Why twinkle , you will only let kunj touch you ???? Tell me twinkle !!! Tell me !!!
T: I said leave me *pushes him*
Suddenly kunj comes
K: rohan you here ?
Twinkle comes and hugs him ,
K: twinkle are you ok ??? Stop crying !!!!! *he tries to console her*
T:Ku kun kunj ,him he
K: calm down twinkle

Suddenly , rohan comes and pushes twinkle from there and her head hits on a big rock
Kunj sees this and shouts twinklllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee

R: look I am saying you , if I don’t get what I want I won’t let anyone get it , so I don’t want to lose twinkle , I love her from the first day

*flashback shows from day one at the office , rohan looking twinkle when she is laughing , her smile is show and etc*

R: so the only thing coming between us is u Mr.kunj Sarna

*flashback shows , when kunj asks twinkle for a date at the beach. And the person was non other than rohan*

R: so get ready to leave this world Mr.Sarna , then no one will come between us twinkle

Rohan takes a knife from his pocket , and goes towards kunj , twinkle stumbles and gets up and rohan stabs kunj , but twinkle gets stabbed as she came in between ,

K : twinkllllleeeee

Rohan fights with kunj and kunj trashes him and before he can catch him , he runs away and kunj thinks twinkle’s safety is important and rushes twinkle to the hospital .

Twinkle kept on murmuring kunj

Twinkle is shifted to ICU

After 1 hour

Doctor comes out

K: doc doctor , how is twinkle
D: I am sorry Mr.Sarna but miss twinkle had lost a lot of blood , and have serval injuries on her stomach and head , she immediately needs blood group O-
K: yes doctor , I will try

Kunj calls Mahi , and she comes to hospital running
M: kunj how is twinkle , what happened to her ?
K: Mahi , and tells her everything
Mahi cries

K: where is leela aunty
M: she went for a business tour , she will come tomorrow *sobs in between*
K: Mahi. What’s your blood group
M: B+ , why
K: twinkle needs blood , she lost a lot of blood *has tears in his eyes*
M: let me try to contact my friends *she cries*
K *thinks* : its all because of me

Kunj then remembers , that his friend sidharth ( from jamai raja ) has the same blood group , he calls him.

After half an hour

Sidharth comes and he donates blood .

K: tysm , sid I can’t tell you how thank full I am
S: come on kunj , its just this , hope twinkle get well soon
Kunj smiles

After 6 hours

M: kunj doctor is calling , will u please come with me
K: ya , sure !!!

Doctor’s cabin
D:Mr.Sarna , twinkle’s condition is a bit serious , as she got a bit deep hurt on her head which shows an 85% memory loss chance and the injury in her stomach may get healed soon !!!!

Suddenly the nurse comes and tells that twinkle opened her eyes

Everyone rushes over there

Twinkle slowly opens her eyes , and sees Mahi
T: dii *speaking weak*
M: twinkle don’t take tension and stress , lay
Twinkle sees kunj and doesn’t recognize him

T: di , who is he ?
M: twinkle you don’t recognize kunj
T: no di
Mahi tells twinkle that she and kunj got into an accident and she had an memory loss and introduces kunj
K: hi

Next day

Leela comes to hospital and cries but. Mahi assures that twinkle is ok , and introduce kunj

After 2 days

Twinkle is bought home and all the while kunj was there and she had a good impression on her .

Twinkle and kunj is left alone in the room ,
T: sooooooo
Kunj smiles
T: tysm kunj for the help
K: no mention
T: ?????

After 2 days , twinj really became good friends and twinkle’s stomach injury got healed , kunj always brings flowers for twinkle and even takes her to the park for getting fresh air.
He always tries to remind her anything , but she always get a very bad head ache and kunj calms her.

One day twinkle was sitting in her room bored , when she got an message

T: wow , kunj’s message

Message :

Hey twinkle , please come to xyz hotel , room no.347 , there’s a surprise for you , @7pm .

Twinkle smiles and goes to get ready as its already 6:00

Twinkle’s dress :

She goes to hotel and goes to the room no.347

She enters the room and its all dark in there and she turns and someone hits her head with a rod and makes her lay and torns her dress , and messes her hair .

Later Mahi gets a call and she comes and sees twinkle in that state , even kunj and leela comes there .

M: twinkle , what happened
T: diiiii *cries*
L: putar , who did this to you ???
Twinkle points to kunj , kunj gets shocked
K: twinkle what are you saying ????
T: yes , I am telling the truth *she cries and shows the message*
K: aunty , no I didn’t do this
T: my life is gone

Suddenly the media comes there and
R: so miss . twinkle , kunj Sarna raped you ?
Everyone gets shocked
R: why are you silent , where you both already in a relationship?????
Twinkle cries , kunj takes a knife from the table and cuts his hand and fills twinkle’s maag with his blood

K: no one will rise a hand on her , from today she will be Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna *it Eco’s in twinkle’s ears*

Leela hugs kunj , Mahi hugs twinkle

Flashback ends****************

K: yuvi this is what happened !!
Yuvi cries and hugs kunj

Usha calls kunj and yuvi and they go down

Precap : manohar says he have kept a party after their marriage , twinkle agrees .

Guys hope all liking the new twist

With love ,
Ishika .

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