Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 6 )

Hi guys , I know all are confused with what’s going on but give it some time guys , you will understand everything . ๐Ÿ™‚ , how was the last episode hope it was good and pong now let’s continue . btw the episode takes leap of 1 month , hope you guys remember

Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 6 )

Twinkle wakes up in the morning , guys wait
She is looking different , like she is wearing mangalsutra and sindoor and even red bangles and its not her room but it looks like kunj’s room .

She gets up from the bed and looks at kunj who is sleeping on the couch.

She takes her dress from the cupboard and goes to bath , later she comes out in a pink churidhar and sees kunj still sleeping

She goes to him and sits
T *thinks* : kunj , you don’t love me , you married just to save my respect
She cries , tears falls on kunj’s hand , his sleep get disturbed and gets up , she wipes her tears

K: what were u trying to do ?
T: me….mein …. I … Mean …..
K: were you trying to take advantage of me ???
He covers his chest using his hands and twinkle looks at him in surprise ,

*funny tune plays*

T: in your dreams , anyways I am not interested in you !!!! Go and get ready

Suddenly , he pulls her and she collides with his chest and his hands on her waist and her hands on his shoulder .

K: then , who are you interested in ?? *ishq bulaava plays in BG*
They share an eye lock ,

Inaya comes to their room , calling
I: bhabi
And she just stays at the entrance of their room
She coughs

Their eyelock was broken

I: bhabi and bhai I am so sorry for disturbing your romance
And smiles

Twinj composes themselves and

T: why were you coming me Inaya ?
I: actually bhabi , Beebe is calling you
T: ya , Inaya I am coming

Twinkle and Inaya goes down …………….

@living room

T: beebe , did you call me ?
B: haan putar , actually this is Yuviraj , kunj’s brother , He was not there for your marriage ryt , he was in London for his studies and it was all sudden ryt ?

T: jiiii
Y: hi , bhabi I am Yuviraj, all calls me uv even u can !!!
T: twinkle

They all where talking and kunj comes
K: uv
Y: bhai
They both hug each other

Y: after a long time
K: yes
Y: come I have a lot to talk
And drags him from there

Precap : flashback

Sorry for short episode , but its already 10:00 here and I am really sleepy

Goodnyt all

With love


  1. Baby

    |Registered Member

    amazing ishika realy shock laga shock laga zoro ka shock laga bt osm yr post nxt asap dear ll b w8ing

  2. Shreya

    Wonderful Ishika!! Loved it…pls unveil the happenings soon….otherwise curiosity will kill me!!

  3. Sidminlove

    I m the new one who read ur ff or who start reading ur ff by now each and every epi its jst osum keep going post asap

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