Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 4 and 5 )

I am extremely sorry for not posting for last few days , guys please don’t get angry I have 3 ways to update through my phone , iPad and laptop , but if I don’t have internet then how will I update , the only thing I was doing was watching sidhant’s performance and smiling like an idiot and listen to songs from my iPod , I am extremely sorry and guys sid got 26marks ,yay , ok now sorry for this much bakbak , let’s come to the point my episode .

Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 4 and 5 )

Recap : mavi’s meeting , kunj saving twinkle from goons

The episode starts with yuvi sitting inside his room and thinking about Mahi

Y: I have talked to many girls , flirted with many but I never the innocence in any other girls , god she is so cute , I wish I could see her again .

He goes to sleeping having a smile on his face .

@taneja Mansion

Twinkle comes home , Mahi was waiting for her
M: twinkle , where were you ? I was so tensed
T: nothing di ,
Suddenly Mahi sees a cut in twinkle’s hand
M: twinkle what happened to your hand
T: nothing di , actually some goons …….. She tells her everything
M:thank god , kunj came there on time , ok now wait here and does her aid
, now go and fresh and change your dress , I will bring food for you.
T: ok di

@twinkle’s room

Twinkle changes into her pajamas and takes the photo frame from the drawer and says
T: do you know sweetheart , today I was in a big trouble and kunj Sarna the great helped me , poor sadu got hurt becoz of me , I miss you so much sweetheart , where are you ? ( she had tears in her eyes )

She was about to say something , when she heard knock , she wipes her tears and keeps the photo inside the drawer , and opens the door

M: now , eat everything in this plate , I should not even see anything in the plate
T: diiiiiiiiii
Mahi gives her a stare , and twinkle gives her a cheesy smile , but she eats the food and the sisters talk alot and sleeps there itself ,

@morning ( Saturday )

Today twinkle got up early and gets ready in a long white skirt and a pista color crop top , she was looking stunning and comes down

Mahi was amazed to see twinkle got ready early
M: god am I dreaming , twinkle you got up so early , are you going somewhere ?
T: yep , di work is pending
M: seriously on Saturday
T: ya di , bye
M: bye ,


Today is Saturday , so only kunj and twinkle came to office for completing the extra work

Twinkle was already going through the files , when kunj came in , she was completely lost in him , he was wearing a white shirt black blazer and black pants ,

K: twinkle , did you go through the file
Still lost
K: twinkle
T: ya , yes , what ?
K: did you go through the file ?
T: yep

After 2 hours kunj went to have coffee , he called twinkle but she had to complete a ppt

Then , she was taking a file from kunj’s desk , where she saw his phone’s wallpaper
She saw a pic with kunj and a cute baby boy , she misunderstood as kunj is married .
She thinks to stay away from him .

Its been 1 week twinkle is trying to be away from kunj , and kunj thinks her behavior as weird

@office cafe

Sandy and twinkle were talking
S: twinkle don’t you think that rohan , is checking you out
T: what ???
S: ya
T: stop kidding yaar , anyways I am leaving
S: why so early its only 5pm , we can still chat for an hour
T: no yaar , I promised to take payal ( twinkle’s cousin’s daughter) to park
S: ohk , bye
T: bye

Twinkle with payal is sitting near beach side , ( twinkle on bench and payal playing )

T: payal , be careful don’t go near the shores *shouts*
That’s when she sees kunj and the boy coming there , she thought to go but she understood he already noticed her .

Kunj comes and sits next to twinkle and
K: ishaan partner go and play , ok
I: ok partner
Ishaan goes to payal and they both plays

K: twinkle you here
T: yaaaaaaa , me here , with payal , and points to payal
K: oh
T: your son ?
He gives her a glare
K: no he is my cousin’s son
Twinkle was on cloud nine hearing that
T: ohhhhhhhoooo ,
K: so she’s your daughter ( teasing )
She him a death glare ,
K: ok yaar sorry
That evening they talked alot

Twinkle and kunj wearing walking through the shore waves ,
K: soooooooooo, what’s plan for tomorrow
T: nothing , but mainly sleeping , why ?
K: nothing like , if you are free tomorrow let’s go for dinner
T: are you indirectly , asking me for a date
K: maybe
Twinkle smiles
T: tomorrow 8 pm
K: done
They both smile , someone was watching this and getting angry ……

Next day
Twinkle reached the place and was waiting for kunj

Twinkle’s dress :

Kunj ( he was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans ) comes and was astonished to see twinkle , she smiles and kunj comes to her
K: you look so beautiful
Twinkle blushes
K: will you stay here and blush or let’s go in
T: let’s go in *smiles*

They had dinner , twinkle was impressed with kunj , even kunj

Twinj comes out

K: so would you come with me for a long drive
T: ya sure

They go and kunj stops at a cliff , which shows an awesome view of the sky

T : wow , this is awesome
K: *smiles*
K: you wait here , I will be right back
T: ok
She smiles

Someone catches her shoulder and she turns and is shocked

Precap : let’s go for a leap of 1 month , and a surprise

So guys how was the episode , tysm for the support guys I love you all so much
And think why was twinkle shocked , exciting twist and turns only on ishq wala love : twinj .


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    oh my god ishika cn i call u ishu if u dont mind ohk first of all wts ur age if u dont mind hehe mein bhi na kitni stupid hun ohk yr episode was amazing twinj monts n all amazing sidhe date haann nt bad w8ing fr nxt episode post asap dear

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