Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 2 )

Hi guys , I am so damm happy with the comments , tysm guys kruti , lovely , aamu , shreya , Monica , agnita , sonali05 , sidhansi , sikha , joonakansha , Jisha , sidhantfan , soo , dreamer..arundhati , manu, Purnima.agrawal30 , isha_ , fatarja and sayeeda …. Thank you so much guys for the support love you all 🙂

Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 2 )

The episode starts with twinkle coming home
T ( shouts ) : maaaaaaaaaaa
Leela comes
L: haan putar what happened
T: maaaa , I got the job
L: god bless you putar
T: Maa , where is di ?
L: where do you think ? She’s in her study room
T: ok mom

Twinkle goes to the study room , she sees a girl sitting and reading a book
She goes slowly and closes her eyes with her hands ,
Girl : twinkle
She turns and she is our mahi
T: diiiiiiiiiiii I got the job
M: wow
The sisters hug and leela calls them and they goes


Mahi and twinkle was in twinkle’s room talking
M:btw twinkle , how is your boss
T: omg he is too hot and handsome but too sadu and khadoos , but so cute , but sadu , but cute
M:bas , twinkle ……
M: something something
T: nothing
M: something
T: nothing nothing , di why are you always after true love and soul mates , I wonder how my jiju is gonna be for my shy and sweet di

On the other side
A guy is dancing and partying , his face is shown he is non other than Yuviraj Sarna
He gets a call ,
Y to himself : oops mom
U: yuvi were are you ? Its 9pm come home fast
Y: ok mom , I will be there asap
U: ok bye
Y to his friends : bye guys need to go home
F: bye

Next scene

M: ok ok , bye good nyt , u need to wake up early
T: bye , di good nyt

Mahi goes , twinkle closes the door and opens the drawer and takes a photo frame and says : sweetheart , I got my job today , I am so happy , I wish you were here . bye good nyt .

Next scene

Yuvi comes home and goes to change , after dinner everyone goes to their rooms
Yuvi and kunj are sitting in the balcony ,
Y: so bhai , did you appoint your new P.A ( personal assistant)
K: yep ,
Y: female or male
K: yuvi ……
Y: oh come on bhai
K : female , cute and pagal girl
Y:ohoooo pagal
They talk a lot and goes to sleep

Morning 7 am
M: twinkle get up
T: di , 5 minutes
M: ok I don’t care let that sadu , get angry on u on the 1st day
T: sadu , she suddenly gets up and runs to washroom.

After 30 minutes , twinkle comes out in a pink bathrobe , drying her hairs , she goes to the closet and takes a black crop top and a cream long skirt with floral prints , she gets ready and leaves to have break fast

By 8:45 twinkle reaches the office

Kunj by mesmerized to see twinkle , she was looking stunning

Megha a staff explains her work and twinkle’s cabin was inside kunj’s cabin itself and some times she just stare at kunj and does the work
Lunch break
Twinkle got 2 friends naina and sandy even the trio got bond well

By evening 6pm , she completed her work and left for home

@Sarna mansion

Kunj and yuvi and whole family were sitting in the living room and talking when someone shouted : everyone forgot about me !!!and making a pout and standing there ….
Its Inaya Sarna [ guys , Inaya is aliya from yeh hai mohabatein ]
Yunj ( yuvi and kunj ) goes and hugs her
They all share a family moment

Precap : a week leap , Mahi’s and yuvi’s meeting and twinkle in trouble

And guys how was the episode , I hope it was long enough, and guys I love u all a lot tysm for this support and please continue …….. ??????? ?????

I love whether you all call me ishu or ishi

With love ,

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  1. Angita

    Really good

    1. Ishika

      Tysm angita

  2. awesome episode buddy
    Twinj saying about each other to their siblings was so cute
    and that pagal and sadu wala part in that was superb
    continue soon

    1. Ishika

      Omg you liked it , Thx a lot for the support 🙂

  3. Amazing !!

    1. Ishika

      Tysm zakiyah , 🙂

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Tooo good ishi..
    Loved it ..I think the guy in photo is Kunj

    1. Ishika

      Tysm lovely , and we will whose’s it

  5. Sayeeda

    Loved the episode Ishi…
    It’s too cute… ?….

    1. Ishika

      Thank you sayeeda ?????

  6. loved it wanna c yuhis meet n tws trouble…
    post asap

    1. Ishika

      Tysm sujina and I have posted it , 🙂 enjoy

  7. Really amazing epi

    1. Ishika

      Ty sidhantfan , even I am a big fan of sidhant , hi-fi

  8. SidMin

    Cute episode 🙂

    1. Ishika

      Thank you sidmin ??????

  9. Ishuuuuuuuuuuuiu diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lovedbit superb yrrrrrr just toooooooooo good eagerly waiting forprecap and I will be always there to support u and btw.I really love ur name very much and post asap eagerly waiting for it hey what’s your age do tell me if u don’t mind

    1. Ishika

      Omg thank you so much manu it means a lot to much for me 🙂

  10. Sryyyy di I didntbnotice that u told me your age thanks a lot I am 12 yrs and once again so sorrryyy…..

  11. Nice!!

  12. It was amazing! Continue soon x

  13. Baby

    ishika di yr u were fab d episode osm yr luvd it 2 d core going gr8 cntinue asap post nxt asap dear di we always ll b dere wid u as u said thnks fr support haha di luv u n post nxt asap cnt w8

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