Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 1 )


Thank you so much guys Joonakanksha , payal , ria , cp , Purnima.agrawal30 , sidhantfan , baby , isha_ , angitha , sidhansi , Monica , kruti , Jisha , manu , thank you so much guys for the support so let’s start the first episode .

Ishq wala love : twinj ( episode 1 )

The episode starts with a girl getting inside a white car , her black heels is shown , she was preparing for something , she is shouting to the driver to go fast as she is already late , suddenly a big sound
( guess )

Check if you guessed right

Her car crashed with a black BMW

The drivers starts to fight , the girl gets down her black frock is shown , she is non other than twinkle Taneja ,

T : what’s going on
D : ma’am , our car got crashed and he is blaming me
T: hello Mr. Whatever ?? Get out of the car and speak to me not my driver

A guy comes out , he is wearing a black suit , he removes his shades and he is non other than kunj Sarna

K: excuse me miss
Twinkle was turning back to kunj
She turns and says twinkle Taneja

K: so …. Why are you screaming at my driver
T: then why the hell are you blaming our driver
She talks a lot and the driver excuse and murmers her that it was his mistake
She gives him a death glare and thinks to continue the drama

T : hey sadu , you are a good looking guy , now don’t fly high , ya and u are screaming at a innocent girl and makes a big fuzz

T: ok now I have an interview to attend and bye sadu

She leaves in a taxi and even kunj leaves

T thinks : god I am late , babaji please help me

She reaches the reception and gives her details and she waits for her name

Peon : ms.Taneja
T: me !!! I am here

Inside the cabin

T : sir , may I coming
V: yes
T: sir I am twinkle Taneja
Sir turns and twinkle is shocked
K: so miss . Taneja
T murmurs to herself : hey bagwan , why always me and this sadu sorry I mean is he kunj Sarna ? Twinkle another new sappay ..

T: uuuuu…… R kunj Sarna
K: yes miss Taneja and I guess you are here for a interview
T: yes sir and gives him her certificates
K: well , your records are prefect
T:ummmmmmm thx
She gives the interview

K: well miss Taneja , I am impressed with your interview so you are appointed
T: yayayaya!!!! And hugs him suddenly , she leaves and both gets awkward
K: so miss Taneja tomorrow sharp 9am ! Did you get that
T: yes sir and she leaves

Precap : twinkle in office and her point of view of kunj to her sis .

Hi guys ,

Tysm for liking my plot and
: joonankasha same pinch for the same dp
: isha_ , that was funny
: tysm all 🙂

Love you all

Ishika 🙂

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  1. Kruti

    Nice epi ishika

    1. Ishika

      Thank you kruti

  2. Jiya_Ani

    I think you din read my comment… Koi ni worry it happens in hurry…
    Keep going… You are too good yaar..
    Post asap

    1. Oops I am so sorry may he in hurry I didn’t see the comment I am extremely sorry for that

    2. Ishika

      I am a so sorry , i didnt seee it in a hurry , and i dont mind you calling me ishu ,btw thx

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Hey I call u ishi..hehe..not ishu..
        I don’t mind..

  3. Aamu

    sorry dint cmnt on previous………….
    it was just amazing……seems interesting…
    carry on…

    1. Ishika

      No problem aamu , sure I will carry on. 🙂

  4. Wow! Sweet❤️

    1. Ishika

      Tysm 🙂

  5. Kritika14

    Amazing … Continue soon x

    1. Ishika

      Tysm sure 🙂

    2. Ishika

      Tysm sure will continue

  6. Angita


    1. Ishika

      Thx 🙂

  7. Rocking epi…. loved it….

    1. Ishika

      Aswwwwwwwww tysm

  8. Nice epi.. Plz continue

    1. Ishika

      Sure and thank you 🙂

  9. superb episode
    offices love always being one of my favorites and this one already seems to be in my few favorite ff on Twinj
    continue soon please

    1. Ishika

      Aswwwwwwwww tysm , and sure will continue 🙂

  10. Joonakanksha

    But bit longer plz

    1. Ishika

      Thx and Aakanksha I was very busy today so I could only write this , will try to make it better and longer

  11. Jisha

    Awesome… continue soon

    1. Ishika

      Thank u 🙂 sure

  12. Nice one…sorry couldn’t comment earlier as its weekend for me as i live out of india….loved the epi

    1. Ishika

      That’s ok dear , but thanks for the support 🙂

  13. I m yuvle fan. But i like ur ff,really nice.

    1. Ishika

      Thank you so much , 🙂

  14. dreamer..arundhati

    Ishu dear good one

    1. Ishika

      Thank you?????

  15. Wowww ishu di yr loved it eagerly waiting for next epi post asap let’s see how their tashan changes to ishq and last but not the least

    Love u hahahah bye hey can I know ur age if u font mind

    1. Ishika

      Many thanks a lot , and I am 14 years old 9th grader , living in Dubai 🙂

      1. Ishika

        I mean manu , I hate autocorrect

    1. Ishika

      Thank you ??

  16. Isha_

    Hey ishika loved it lets see what our saiyapaa queen does

    1. Ishika

      Thank you so much , ya let’s see

  17. Isha_

    Hey ishika loved it lets see what our saiyapaa queen does continue

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    nice start ishika 🙂

    1. Ishika

      Thank you fatarajo

  19. Sayeeda

    Hey Ishika sorry for not commenting on ur previous one….
    About ur ff it’s too good yr.. So interesting…
    Episode was a blast… Loved it… Awesome… Amazing.. ???

    1. Ishika

      Its ok dear , tysm for the lovely. Comment

  20. Baby

    ishika its fa yr first episode n it was a bang post nxt asap dear

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