ISHQ WALA LOVE ( Teaser 2 )

Hello guys.. I knw u all must be angry on me fr posting IWL so late.. N that to teaser.. hehe.. n after reading teaser u all will get ready to throw tomatoes, eggs on me.. sm may beat me.. b4 that.. giving u this teaser m running… bye bye..


Scene 1 :

Dp : So.. We shd fix ur marriage? Ha???

Sanky : Dad.. vo.. I..

Ap : You what Sanskar? We dint expect this from you..

Swara looked at Sanskar with teary eyes.. Sanskar looks on worried.

Scene 2 :

A mansion was decorated beautifully. All are busy in preparations.. Seemed like there were any function gonna start..

A girl was sitting there engrossed in her thoughts.. Sm1 cm frm behind and taps her. She turned and looked at person.

Mishti : Shona.. whats this?? Today is ur engagement and u r sitting here lost in ur own world.. what happened?

Swara : ( smiles faintly ) No maa.. nothing.. vo actually I was having lil headache. So jst.. leave it..

Mishti : Ok.. come now.. everyone is waiting for you.

Swara : Yeah..

Scene 3 :

A girl and a boy was seen talking to each other.. After talking to each other they laughed out loudly and tore the photo of swasan..

Scene 4 :

Swara : ( crying badly ) I HATE YOU.. I HATE YOU SANSKAR! I HATE MYSELF..

Sanskar : ( tries to explain ) Shonaa.. plzz.. lemme explain.. listen to me.. plz.. shonaaa..

Swara leaves from there running. Sanskar runs after her.

Scene 5 :

Both GM n MM families shown in hospital..
Doctor cm there..

Girl : Doc.. how.. how's he? He's fine na?

Doc : Yes.. He's fine.. Don't worry.. bt that girl..

Boy : Doc.. what.. what happened? She's too fine na?? Nothing happened to her? Ryt?

Doc : m sry.. bt she's very critical..

All cries.. Boy sat on floor with a thud..


What will Ap n Dp's decision regarding swasan marriage?
Will they agree??

With whom swara's engagement is gonna happen?
N why she seemed lost?

Who were the girl and boy? What were they talking? N why they tore swasan's photo?

Why was swara crying? What sanskar did which make swara hate him?

Who were admitted in hospital?
Who was that boy who's fine n who's the girl who's in critical condition?

Hehe.. I knw..
So much suspense hai na?
Keep guessing n comment!
Coz with happy ending m ending IWL too..
50 th epi will be last epi of IWL.
So.. enjoy..
Bye bye..

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  1. Zeestum2

    Swarmayi chappal tamatar ande sab phenkoon gi aur uss ke upar se maar bhi khao gi ye kya hai! Ek to itne dinon baad post kia woh bhi teaser! Aur teaser bhi to aisa! Jao main tum se baat nahi kar rahi. Katti. ??

  2. Rabia

    sammy break the suspense otherwise i will break your head one u update late and 2nd giving too much suspense (angry pout)

  3. Eagerly waiting
    Update asap

  4. Sammy Dont u feel that nowadays u r becoming very shocking… u r always giving shocks and shocks…. Well teaser was awesome just waiting for ur updates

  5. Abirsha

    wow its very shocking…. reveal it soon sammy

  6. interesting..

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