Hey guys.. swarmayi here.. Posting teaser of IWL.. Hope u’ll like it..


Scene 1 :

Swasanraglak were sitting in music room discussing smthing..

Ragini : Guys there is singing competition between colleges.. every year only our clg won. This year also we hv to win.. bt..

Lucky : bt wat?

Ragini : This tym theme is different.. there’ll be no solo performances..

Swasanlak : wat??

Ragini : yes guys.. no solo.. there will be duet.. 1 male lead & another female lead..

Swara : now what?

Lucky : arre.. dnt wry.. Swara & sanky will be our leads.. whats say??

SwaSan : Whatt??

Ragini : Thats great lucky.. y nt.. they r excellent singers.. m sure they’ll win..

Swara : bt Ragini..

Sanky : Its ok swara.. I dnt hv any problem..

Swara : ( smiles ) ok..


Scene 2 :

Kavita : What the hell sanky?? U r refusing me?? U knw m waiting for dis opportunity frm very long.. I donno anything.. I wanna be ur female lead..

Sanky : ( irritated ) For gods sake kavi.. stop it! I told u already that m already selected my partner which is swara.. so plz.. dnt eat my brains & search new partner for u..

Kavita : ( angry ) For this cheap bl***y girl u.. ( cuts her )

Sanky : ( furious ) Kavita!!! Mind ur language! Dont u dare to abuse her.. or u’ll see worst of me..

Kavita : ( angrily comes near swara ) Because of u! Sanky shouted on me & insulted me infront of whole clg.. I wont leave u.. Tum chahe jitni bhi koshish karlo.. I wont let u win..

Swara : Well.. well well..M born winner Miss Kavita..Swara kabhi koshish nahi karti ! Jab koshish ko pata chalta hai ki uska pala Swara se padne wala hai to trust me, vo mere honour mein apne aap kamyabi mein badal jaati hai.. Mark my words.. ( smirks & smiles evilly )

Sanky : lets go swara.. Its waste to talk with her.. ( swasan leaves )

Kavita : ( hell angry ) I wont leave u swara.. U dnt knw me.. just wait & watch..


Scene 3 :

Swara : ( angry ) How dare u?? ( slaps hard ) how dare u Raj to touch me??

Raj : ( holds her hairs ) U… U slapped me.. U b****y b***h..

Swara : ( cries in pain ) Aaaah! Leave me u ba****d.. :'(

Suddenly Raj felt tight punch on his face.. Swara falls to another side.. She gets relieved seeing the person.. Its our hero.. Sanskar!

Sanky : ( furious ) Stay away from her.. or else next tym u’ll nt able to stand on ur feet.. get lost.. ( pushes him hard )

Raj : ( looking at swara ) u did wrong by slapping me.. u’ll pay for it.. ( leaves )

Swara was crying sitting there.. Sanky rushes to her and consoles her..

Sanky : Hey shona! See nothing happened.. m here wid u… stop crying plz..

Swara : ( hugs him tightly ) Thanks sanky.. If u were nt there.. he.. he.. ( cries )

Sanky : Hey sssh! Nothing happened see.. chalo.. we’ll go from here.. come..

Both leaves.. Kavita was watching this from far.. she smirks evilly..


Scene 4 :

Ragini : Hey congo guys!! Finally u win semi finale.. now its tym for final.. woww!! M soo happy.. best luck guys..

SwaSan : Thanks.. 🙂

Lucky : sanky, come, I need to talk wid u.. ( serious )

Sanky : ok.. ( both leaves )

Swara : Ragini, u wait here .. I forgot my mobile in that auditorium opposite to our clg.. I’ll bring it..

Ragini : Should I come??

Swara : no.. no.. u sit.. I’ll jst cm..

Swara leaves..

After sometime sanlak comes there.. both were tense..

Sanky : Rags, where is shona..?

Ragini : She’s in that auditorium.. y?? U looks tense? Any problem?

Lucky : will tell u later.. 1st we shd go there..

RagSanLak leaves..

They come out of clg & gets shocked seeing scenerio infront of them & shouts!

RagSanLak : ( shocked ) SWARAAAA!!!!


How was the teaser..??
Leave ur coments..

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  1. Meher


    Raj ????


    Swara ????

    I hope swara is safe!!

    1. Swarmayi

      Hope so.. 🙂

  2. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Post soon

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks.. will post soon.. 🙂

  3. Vyshu10


    1. Swarmayi

      Thank u..

  4. Pls post it regularly coz i might forget the story

    1. Swarmayi

      Naa.. dont wry.. u wont forget.. m there na.. 😉 hehe.. will post soon..

  5. Dharani


    1. Swarmayi

      Thank you..

  6. Awesome dear??? I hope nothing will happen to swara

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks dear.. and abt swara- let’s see.. 😉

  7. Soujanya


    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks … will post on monday.. 🙂

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