Helllooo friends… Swarmayi here.. sorry guys.. Today there is no episode frm my side.. Lot of guests are there in house so quite busy.. Anyways I wanna talk with u guys regarding my both ffs..

As u all knw Ishq wala love is my first ff which completed 15 episodes.. M very happy that u all are liking it and giving it huge response.. And my second ff, SwaSan : Happy ending which I started in august completed 4 episodes..

The concept of happy ending is different & its storyline is fixed in my mind.. I mean I cant drag it more & more.. & Abt Ishq wala love, its totally different concept & I can change storyline as per my wish & as much as I want.. & as I noticed, u all love ishq wala love more than happy ending, ryt?? M saying this coz I compared both ffs comments & IWL is getting more response..

So , My question to u all is should I end happy ending in hurry or take my own tym?? I mean I can make it short if u all want.. I love my both ffs bt for u guys m asking this.. & I’ll upload happy ending only twice in week.. Is that ok?? & dont worry abt IWL.. I’ll upload it regularly or alternate days..

So tell me guys which ff do u like most & what should I do abt happy ending ff? Decision is all yours.. Waiting for ur replies.. Love u all.. 🙂

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  1. Abirsha

    I love both ur ffs dr…. Dont end happy ending…. May be as u were irregular comments might have not come….

    1. Swarmayi

      Thank u Shan.. Ahh! Yes.. may be u r ryt.. I was quite irregular due to sm personal prblm.. bt If this was d reason, then y IWL didnt get less cmnts..?? Y only happy ending?? Questions remains dear.. 🙂 & dont wry m nt gonna end happy ending very soon.. Its just m asking whether I should end it soon or should take my own tym.. thats it.. 🙂

  2. Mica

    better you continue your fabulous idea dear… it’s worth to read

  3. dont end it..take ur time..

  4. Shalu di..u kno that m sick…won’t comment long…jus that dnt end ur ff’s…love uh

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