Ishq wala love (os) (who am I?)

I was in my room, dancing n singing the lines ‘Surkha wala sojh wala faise wala love’ I placed my left foot on the bed n jumped back on the ground to my right in slow motion but I ended up breaking the glass of water placed beside the bed. Shattered glasses on the floor and silence.
‘See Kunj what u have done.’ I scolded myself but the very next moment I smiled n mumured ‘Hota hae jo love se jyada faise wala love.’ Right then I heard a knock on the door.
‘I guess she is here.’ arranging my hair.

I opened the door n there she was. She was looking breathtaking in that very blue saree. Oh god I just love her. ‘Beautiful.’ I exclaimed. She just smiled.
‘Handsome.’ she said with a cute pout.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her. ‘Will u let me come in.’ she snapped her finger.
I moved aside. She took a step front to enter but due to her high heels she stumbled. I immediately held her. A moment later ‘Siyaapa queen.’ I said in a mood to tease her. ‘Kya kaha tumhne. May koi siyaapa wiyaapa queen nahi hu.’ ‘Siyaapa queen.’ I smirked. ‘Sadu Sarna.’ she said looking at me. ‘Mujhe yeh naam se maat bulau.’
‘Hah sadu sarna.’
‘Siyaapa queen.’

‘I just hate u.’ she faked anger.
‘Oh really.’
‘Oh yes.’
‘But I love u yaar.’ pulling her towards me by her waist.
She tilted her head slightly,’But I hate u.’
I pecked her right cheek. ‘Still u hate me.’ ‘Yes.’ shaking her head childishly. I pecked her other cheek. ‘Still.’ I said. I could see her blushing. She shook her head in ‘yes’. I slowly went nearer to her. We were so close. I could feel her breathe. Right then she pushed me. ‘Itni jaldi kya hae.’

Next scene
The sun rays hit my eyes. Half asleep I reached for my cell beside my bed. I dialed Twinkle’s no. I was still under my blanket half asleep. Her phone kept ringing but she didn’t pick up. Aabhi bhi woh mujhse gussa hae. I again redialled her no. n finally she picked up. To my surprise I heard a familiar voice but it was not her, ‘Hello…’ The voice was breathing heavily. ‘Who is this?’ I asked.

I could figure out that she was rushing somewhere. There were noises around him.
‘Kunj actually…actually…right now we..we… are rushing to the ICU. Twin…Twink..Twinkle met with an accident.’ she stammered.
‘W-H-A-T??’ Something struck my heart. I jumped off the bed. ‘ACCIDENT.’ I rechecked.
She remained silent. ‘Mahi speak up.’ She immediately passed the cell to someone else…may be it’s because she couldn’t control her emotions. ‘Yuvi here.’
‘Please tell me what happened.’
‘While going back home her cab met with a mishap…the cab she was in got hit by some giant truck.’ My heart beat increased.

‘Oh god!!! For god sake please yuvi…please tell me how is Twinkle??’ Tears started forming in my eyes.
‘Twinkle is in ICU. The doctor’s haven’t confirmed anything yet. She has suffered a lot of blood loss and is unconscious.’ By now the tears had started flowing down my cheeks. Yuvi handed the phone to someone else, probably to meet the doctor. ‘Chinki…Chinki here…Kunj don’t worry everything will…will be alright.’ she stammered. I could figure out that she was crying. She immediately cut the call. I guess she couldn’t talk. I was still in a state of shock. I felt suffocated. I tried breathing as much air as possible. ‘Please god spare her.’ I prayed to god.

@ hospital
I could see yuvi standing outside the ICU trying to console mahi who was hugging uv n crying.‘How is twinkle?’ I asked breathing heavily. ‘She hasn’t gain consciousness. The doctors can’t say anything till then.’ Mahi wiped her tears but still her eyes were teary. I could feel my feet trembling. Yuhi were trying to stregthen me but instead they were only not able to control their tears. Meanwhile the doctor came out of the ICU. ‘Doctor how is she?’ I asked hurridely. ‘We can’t say anything right now.’ doctor said. ‘Please doctor can I go meet her??’ He nodded,’But only one visitor at a time.’ I rushed inside the ICU. Tears started rolling down my eyes seeing her. She was connected to number of machines and drip. I sat beside the bed and kept staring her as tears rolled down my eyes. ‘Twinkle please get up. You are my strong girl right.’ I said softly holding her cold hand. I continued, ‘I promise I will never trouble you. Please get up.…. I even will let u call me sadu sarna…please get up…’ 

An hour later
I was staring her all the while. Suddenly her fingers moved slightly. She was gaining consciousness. ‘Doctor…doctor…’ I started shouting like a manic.

According to the doctor there was still no improvement in her condition but I didn’t lose hope. Two days had passed. There was some improvement in her condition but still her condition was critical. I thought she was recovering but I was wrong. ‘She…she…she…di… died.’ yuvi stammered as tears filled his eyes.

Two years later
‘Get lost.’ I shouted at my employee. ‘Angry bird.’ he said in a low voice as he left my cabin. Two years had passed since she left but still I was not able to recover. These sleepless nights, the never ending days, my boiling head…this had been a part of my life now. ‘Surkh wala sojh wala faise wala love.’ I heard this line being sang by someone. It was her voice. It’s her. No…it’s only my imagination. ‘Hota hae jo love se jyada faise wala love.’ I again heard her sound. I immediately got up from my chair n moved towards the door. Suddenly I bumped with someone n I held her by her waist before she could fall down. ‘Isqh wala love.’ I completed the line as a tear drop rolled down my eyes n fell on her cheeks. She smiled. ‘Twinkle.’
‘Excuse me I am jasmin.’

Here we come to an end. Love is something very magical..

Am an old member of TU…aabhi november may 1 years anniversary manaungi…I don’t think u guys have forgotten me so soon…okk come on guess me…guess toh karna he parega..guess wrong hoga tab bhi kuch nai hoga…but guessing is mandatory…

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  1. Nishfd

    I m a recent member of though I know some old writers. ..
    May be u r pali or ayesha…
    Sry if I m wrng….
    Abt the os…
    It ws so emotional. ..
    I ws sad when twinkle died bt bt bt u r nt that bad u send jasmin for kunj…
    Bt it ws short …..

    1. Confidential

      Hehe….gud try…
      Thanks for guessing me…thank u so much for such a lovely cmt…I know I am not that bad??…but emotional stories likhne ki aadat hae…

  2. Presha

    Fabulous os….
    Just loved it…
    A true love story…
    Couldn’t guess u…
    I joined TU in december …but shayad u r ….pata nai..sorry..
    Love u…
    Do tell who r u…plz

    1. Confidential

      ???u know me…I am 100% sure u know me but no worries…n don’t say sorry..thanks for such a lovely cmt…love u too…I will reveal myself for sure when the time comes

      1. Presha

        Akku hai tu…
        I m sure now….

        Nahi toh meri tammatar…
        Donno mai se hi ek ho…
        Ab jaldi batao..who r u??

      2. Confidential

        Okkk may kaun hu…chalo batah deti hu par par ek thoda break ke baad???…aabhi toh fun suru huwa hae yaar…sabar karo…

  3. Nice ? os sad ? ending
    Maybe ur aamu us ko hi sad ending pasand hai second pali & sayeeda I think soo ????????hell confused ?‍♀️ yaar
    Do tell me who u r plz ????????

    1. Confidential

      Gud try kiya…sochte raho may kaun hu… I will surely tell u when the time comes…thanks for such a sweet cmt…

  4. Sidmin ki sadia

    Amazing. Os
    Sad ending. ? kardi aapne but it was nice
    Sry i am new member. I can’t. Guess u
    But i think sayeeda di ya ritzi di may be

    1. Confidential

      Thank u so much for guessing me…tumhne try kiya yehi bahat hae…thanks for this wonderful cmt…n no sry

  5. SanamMel

    I know u . It’s very simple to guess.
    U r
    U r the writer of this OS ?
    Sorry sorry . Jokes apart .
    This was Amazing??. I really hope to read more like these from u . I guess u r …..
    No I really have no idea ?.

    1. Confidential

      ????Right I am the writer of this os…so true…thanks for guessing n for this lovely cmt…u don’t have idea…so get get get idea??…thanks…

  6. Fenil

    Awesome OS.
    Lovely Twinj.

    1. SanamMel

      Hey Fenil. How are u doing ?
      It’s nice to see u here ?

    2. Confidential

      Thank u so so so much for such a beautiful cmt?????…

  7. Aamna_2690

    If I guessed right than it’s Tammana urf My Aishu baby??
    Let’s See wether I succeeded in guessing or i’nt?
    Well Os was Emotional?
    But I loved it??
    It was Amazing??
    Luv U??

    1. Confidential

      Ummmmm a very gud try…let’s see if u r right or wrong…u r absoultely….let me keep it a suspense????….suspense toh banta hae…keep guessing…thanks gor guesssing me n also for such a lovely wala cmt…

  8. SidMin23

    U might be tammana or purvi /ria os was nice and I don’t think I guess it right

    1. Confidential

      Dii guess wrong ho ya right matter nahi karta but the gud thing is that u tried guessing me…okkk regarding ur guess…u r absouletly…wait itni jaldi kya hae…let the suspense begin???….

  9. os was amazing fabulous fantastic super hit??????????

    yrr ek Barr ko sad ending hote hi me Rone lagi thi phir aage aur padha aur Jasmin aayi to
    bas tears gayab???????

    tum sayad tammana ho ya phir twinj(sry mujhe real name nahi pta h sorry ?. )
    sry ager mne galat guess kiya to…………
    OK bbye
    luv u??????????????

    1. Confidential

      Thank u so so so much for such a beautiful cmt…ok guessing ko lekar kuch batati hu…right jo ya wrong matter nahi karta…atleast tune try kiya????????…thank u….n tumara guess…no no I can’t reveal it right now….suspense…movie may suspense toh chaiye na

  10. SanamMel

    Hey Fenil. How are u doing ?
    It’s nice to see u here ?

  11. Fenil

    Hello Sanam.
    I’m fine.
    What about you dear ?
    Are you planning any new story ?:P:P

    1. SanamMel

      I am good . Well my brains are on a long chilling break ?. so no stories for now ?

  12. Purvi128

    Hey …!!!
    What an os…!!
    I had tears in my eyes!!! Gosh that was out of the world os…!!
    I really loved it to the core…!
    Tears were flowing from my eyes..!!
    Ohhh God…!! U just nailed it…..!!! I m in love with it…!!
    Two years later part was awesome….!!!
    I just can’t forget this os…!! This os would always be in my heart…!! One of my fav os..!!
    Spectacular..!! Splendid..!!! Amazing…!!
    Ummmm!!! Who are you?????
    That’s really a tough question…!!
    Fir bhi a guess…!!
    Pata nhi kyun aesa lag raha hai ki tu bhootni hai meri..!! Aaku…..!!! 🙂
    Ya fir Aamu….!!
    Acha… Waiting for u to reveal the identity. ..!!
    Luv u..

    1. Confidential

      May kaun hu??????…gud guessing…ok I will tell u who I am…I am….oh no I forgot who I am???…who am l??…when i will remember I will tell u…thank u soooo much for such a lovely cmt…thank u for guessing me…guess was correct or not yeh toh mujhe apna naam yaad aane ke baad pata chalega??..luv u too

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing emotional

  14. Supriya18d

    sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry

    sry for late reply…..

    marvelous os yaar….
    I think Aamna … or Sam

    1. Confidential

      Plzzz don’t say sry…thank u…n regarding r guess…actually my identity is lost??…n I forgot who I am so when I remember I will definately tell u…

  15. Ramya

    Awesome one amazing
    And I think this is tamanna
    Because only she can give such os emotional one yet with happy ending
    So this is tamanna the emotional queen *finger crossed *
    Awesome one

    1. Confidential

      ????kaash tumhara guess right ho…yehi duwa karungi…but aabhi meri pechaan ko gayi hae..milne ke baad bataungii

  16. Awsm os…
    Can’t guess sorry…

    1. Confidential

      it’s okk koi nahi….thanks aanyali

  17. Marvellous os
    Ummmmm……who are u???????????????
    Adeeba di……aamna di…….Sameera di………tell me ??????
    Well again the os was speechless
    Just reveal your identity
    Love u
    Keep smiling
    Take care

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