Ha ha.. I knw.. All must be staring at me n  smiling seeing my ff again. Huhh.. Don't be soooooooo happy.. m still angry on all of u who read my ff bt dint cmnt.. Bt m continuing my ffs only fr my regular readers n cmntrs.. Last epi I got 20/21 cmnts I guess.. so I can expect this much response + silent reader's cmnts if they wanna do.. ryt??
Will post happy ending next part tmrw..

Recap : Dhamaal ?

Episode starts with swara was sitting silently putting ear plugs in her ears n Sanky was driving car still in shock remembering how swara handled the previous situation. ( hehehe ???) He looked at her bt she was all bzy in listening songs.. His lips curved into a bright smile while remembering the way she kissed him.. He adores her lovingly. Swara felt gaze on her and she looked at him who was bzy in staring her.. suddenly she saw a truck was abt to hit their car n shouts his name loudly –


N everything blackouts!

Car stopped with a sudden jerk.. Sanky looked at swara who was sweating n shivering very badly.. He immediately cupped her face..

Sanky : Shonaa.. shonaa.. what happened? Y u shouted? R u ok? ( swara was all numb he shaked her ) Shonaa.. spk smthng. ( worried )

Swara looked at him in fear n hugged him tightly crying bitterly in his embrace. Sanky gets shocked n hugged her back.

Sanky : ( rubs her back n tried to calm her ) Shh.. shonaaa.. jaan.. relax.. tell me wat happened? Ha? Y r u crying?

Swara : ( in betw her heavy sobs ) I… saw.. dream… we… were… in.. car.. n… truck.. cm.. frm.. ahead.. n… heat.. our..our… car..n..n.. ( couldn't cmplt n again cries bitterly )

Sanky : ( calming her ) Shhh.. shonaa.. its ur dream only.. relax.. hmm.. don't cry plz.. see.. we r perfectly alryt.. look at me jaan.. swaraa..

He tried to break her hug bt she wasn't ready to leave him.. She keeps on sobbing.. Sanky pats her back.. after smtym he felt her grip loosened n her sobs stopped. He broke the hug n saw she was sleeping in his embrace. He pecked her forehead n make her sit properly on her sit n put seatbelt on her.. He drove to her home..

Soon they reached GM bt swara was sleeping peacefully so Sanky thought not to disturb her n he picked her in his arms carefully n walked towards her home.. He rang the bell.. Mishti opened the door..

Mishti : ( shocked to see swara in his arms ) Shonaa.. Sanskar wat happened to my shona? ( worried )

Shekhar too cm out listening her voice.

Sanky : ( in assuring tone ) Nothing aunty.. She was so tired so she slept in car itself. I thought not to disturb her sleep so I..

Shekhar : Its ok beta.. take her to her room..

Sanky : okay..

Sanky takes swara to her room n placed her carefully on her bed.. he put comforter on her n sat beside her.. He caresses her face n gave a soft kiss on her forehead. Swara smiled in her sleep. Sanky too smiled n left from there..

Next day morning –

Sanky cm to GM to pick up swara fr clg.. Shemish insisted him fr bf bt he denied. N went to Swara's room excusing himself. He entered in her room n saw his angel sleeping peacefully. An unknown smile appeared on his lips seeing her. He went near her n sat beside her..

Sanky : ( caressing her hairs n called sooooo lovingly ) Jaan..

Swara made face n took comforter on her fully.. Sanky chuckled.

Sanky : ( went close to her n again whispered ) Jaan.. get up.. dont u wanna cm to clg?

Swara : ( turned to other side ) Sankyyy… plz na.. lemme sleep..

Sanky sighs n tried a lot to wake her up.. bt no use.. our sleepy head wasn't ready to wake up.. now sanky really got irritated.

Sanky : Shona.. r u getting up? ( no response ) ok fine.. sleep.. m leaving.. ( saying this he went out of room n again peeped inside n gets shocked )

Sanky : ( giving unbelievable look ) What a creature u made God! I said m going still sge dint get up infact cuddled her teddy tightly n again slept.. huhh.. kumbhakaran's sister..

Suddenly he smirked naughtily as 1 idea popped in his mind..
He went near swara.. took out her teddy slowly out of her grip n instead of teddy.. he slept there.. ????

Sanky : ( putting her hairs behind her ears ) JAAN… ( said huskily )

Swara : ( cuddled sanky thinking as her teddy n talked with him in sleep ) my tedduly.. sweetuly.. cutuly.. y r u shoooo rough n heavy today… n y l u talking like my shankyyy..

Sanskar : ( controlling his laugh ) bcz m ur shankyyy.. nt tedduly.. ???? ( n pecked her lips )

Swara : ( opened her eyes n gets shocked ) Sankyyyyyyy… ( shouted loudly )

Sanky quickly kept his hand on her mouth while her eyes were wide opened n she was blinking at him continuously. Sanky gave naughty smile..

Sanky : ( huskily ) What happened JAAN???? ( said while caressing her cheeks sensuously )

Swara gulped n started breathing heavily. Sanky was enjoying her state…

Swara : ( breathing heavily n managed to say ) wat… wat..r..u… do..i..nn..ggg???

Sanky : ( kisses her earlobe ) M waking up my would be wife… ( kissed on her neck.. swara moans )

Swara : Sann..san..s..ka..rrr..

Sanky : ( cm near her face n looked directly in her eyes ) yesss JAAN..

Swara : I…I.. wanna.. go.. to.. wash..washroom..

Sanky : ( huskily ) Then go na.. who's stopping u? ( said while cmng closer to her.. his hot breaths were touching her skin )

Swara opened her eyes. She get lost in his dark chocolate brown eyes.. Sanky leaned to her n she closed her eyes giving him positive sign.. soon Sanky captured her rosey pink lips n started kissing her lovingly yet passionately.  Swara reciprocated with same passion. Both broke kiss after 10 mins.. both were breathing heavily.. Swara looked at sanky and gets shy.. Sanky laughed.. Swara hitted on his chest n ran to bathroom.. Sanky laughed out loud..

Sanky : My paagal..

At clg..

All were enjoying n having mastii.. Suddenly Sanky got a call of Ap..

Sanky : Ha mom..

Ap : Sanskar. .. beta Uttara is coming today..

Sanky : ( extremely happy ) Whattt!! Uttu.. uttu is cmng.. woww.. mom! Gr8 news.. bt when did she call u? Y dint she call me? M so excited.. now m feeling when will she cm n will meet uttu..

Hearing word ' SHE ' Swara got jealous.. she was fuming in anger seeing sanky sooo happy with the news of cmng of any " Uttu" ???

Sanky cmpltd his chat section n turned.. Swara was all red in anger.. like volcano..

Sanky : Shona.. u knw.. ( cuts him )

Swara : ( giving him angry glare ) Rags.. cm.. we need to go home.. ( drags Ragini )

Sanky : ( confused n asked Lucky ) Wat happened to her? ( Lucky shrugged ) Shonaa.. heyyy.. listen.. Shonaa.. ( ran behind her n hold her )

Sanky : Shonaa.. wat.. wat happened? N y r u going with Ragu.. cm I'll drop u..

Swara : ( jerked his hand ) No need.. I'll go by myself.. u go.. go n do arrangements to welcm ur dear " Uttu ". ???

Sanky : ( confused ) wat.. uttu.. ( then he realised smthng n smiled naughtily ) oho ho ho ho.. so my JAAN IS JEALOUS!

Swara : ( angrily ) JEALOUS? MY FOOT!

Sanky : ( smiles naughtily ) Ok then.. m going to meet MY UTTU! ???

Sanky started to leave enjoying her jealousy. Ragu was confused while Lucky was smiling.. Ragu asked Lucky..

Ragini : Lucky,  who's this Uttu? N y r u smiling?

Lucky : Ragu.. Uttu is Sanky's younger sister.. n m smiling seeing swara's jealousy. She's thinking Uttu as his gf.. haha.. ???

Ragini : Lucky.. u r enjoying! Look at her.. she's almost crying.

Swara was looking at leaving Sanky.. Her eyes got filled with tears.. She ran n hugged Sanky from back crying bitterly.

Swara : ( cries ) Don't go Sanky plz.. I can't live without u. If u leave me I'll leave this world..

Sanky gets shocked hearing her sobs n words.. He turned to her quickly n hugged her..

Sanky : Heyy.. Jaan.. I was jst joking.. shh.. dont cry plz.. m.. m sry.. m really sry.. n wat rubbish u r talking?  Ha? I'll never ever leave u..

Swara : Pakka? ( rubbing her red nose )

Sanky : ( kiss her forehead  ) Pakka..

Swara : ( cutely ) promise??

Sanky : ( making her sit in his lap n kissed her cheeks ) ha baba.. promisee..

Swara : Then.. y u were going to meet that uttu.. n btw who is this uttu?

Sanky : ( laughed ) Shonaa.. jaan.. Can't I meet my own sis? ( laughs ) Uttu means Uttara is my younger sister..

Swara : SISTER!!! ( shocked )

Sanky : ( while laughing ) Yesss..

Swara : ( started hitting sanky with her hands ) U idiot.. donkey.. monkey.. hanky.. Sanky.. y dint u told me b4 ha? Stupid felloww..

Sanky : Arey arey.. Swara.. stop… u dint even listen me n started going away so I thought to tease u.. ???

Swara : haha.. very funny.. ( suddenly she got sad )

Sanky : wat happened shona?

Swara : Everyone has bro or sis.. u hv ur sis.. Ragu hs her bro.. bt I.. I don't hv any bro or sis.. ( tears in her eyes )

Sanky side hugged swara while sm1 spk frm behind..

Person : Then who I'm Shonaa?

Swasan turned n get shocked to see the person.

Swara : Luckyyy…

Lucky : Yess me.. me too don't hv any sibling shonaa.. bt I always considered u as my small sis.. will u accept me as ur bro???

Swara started crying vigorously n ran to Lucky n hugged him.. RagSan smiled.. SwaLak broke hug.. RagSan joined them..

Swara : Thank you.. fr giving me my bro..

Lucky : ( smiles ) Shonaa.. thanks to u too.. cz of u I never feel that I don't have any sibling..

Swara : Can I call u " Bhaiyu "??? ( cutely )

Lucky : ( got tears in his eyes ) I would love to listen bhaiyu frm u.. Shonaa..

Ragini kept her hand on his shoulder n smiled.. Sanky too hold Swara's hand n squeezed it. All 4 shared a group hug.

Episode Ends.

Precap : Starting of teaser part..

Link of teaser :

Link of last epi :

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