Recap : Swara's real identity to reveal..

Episode starts with shocked faces of SanRagLak!  Tears were continuously flowing from sanky's eyes wiped them off and asked Shekhar..

Sanky : Uncle.. bt we got to knw dat they died in accident. They means Rishi uncle, Meera aunty &.. &..barbie doll too.. I mean Swara.. And u r saying they were being killed? How? & who did that?

Shekhar : Yes Sanky.. U heard ryt.. All thinks that it was an accident. Coz they showed it like that.. bt It was a well planned murder.. I dont knw who did this.. bt I knw only 1 thing.. He had a business rival. Who was so much jealous of his success. Once he told me abt him.. bt I donno his name..

Sanky : And swara? How did you get her?

Shekhar : Actually that day.. we planned dinner together at his house.. When me and mishti reached there.. we saw some goons were stabbing Rishi & meera.. we were shocked.. & my lil swara.. she was seeing that and screaming to leave them.. He saw us.. I was abt to get in to help him bt he signed me no.. and showed me swara.. who fell unconscious bcz of lot of crying and stress.. Our heart flinched seeing her like that.. Though she was not our daughter bt we always loved her like our own daughter. She used to call us shekhu pa n mishti ma.. Goons were pouring petrol all over house.. To burn it. We got horrified! Rishi signalled me to take swara out frm back side of their house.. I nodded while crying & took her out frm there secretly & safe.. swara was in my arms & me & mishti were crying. They were taking their last breaths.. they saw us with swara & finally closed their eyes signalling us to go frm there.. we left.. & that goons burned all house. And the next day it was a news that THE FAMOUS BUSINESS MAN MR. RISHI SINGHANIA'S HOUSE CAUGHT FIRE AND HIS FAMILY DIED IN IT..

All are shattered hearing the story and were crying.. Meanwhile nurse cms there..

Nurse : Mr. Gadodia!

All turns and shekhar cm forward.

Shekhar : Yes..

Nurse : Doc is calling u.. He wanna talk smthng imp regarding patient's health..

Shekhar : Yes.. M coming..

Sanky : Uncle.. can I cm? Plz? ( pleads )

Shekhar : Sure Sanky. Cm..

Both leaves..

Inside cabin-

Sanky : Doc.. What happened? Is everything ok? I mean Swara is alryt na? ( worried )

Doc : Mr. Sanskar.. She's alryt now. But I donno till when..

Sanky : wat do u mean doc? Say it clearly.

Doc : Mr. Sanskar! She faced a major accident. In which her nerves got damage and she lost soo much blood.. due to which she lost her memory. And now I think she remembered smthng frm her past.. or we can say sm1 said smthng which is connected to her past and she got flashes..

Sanky : Yes Doc.. Actually It was me.. ( he told doc everything)

Doc : See Sanskar. Let me tell u 1 thing very clearly.. Dont even try to make her remember her past or do such things which will remind her of her past.. It can be very dangerous for her.. She cant able to take any kind of stress or shock.. she may slip into coma or may d.. ( cuts him )


Shekhar : Sorry doc.. vo.. He's in tension. Dats y.. we'll take care of swara.. Thank you..

Doc : Its ok Mr. Gadodia! I can understand.. Take care..

Outside the cabin-

Sanky storm out of doc cabin and stops near balcony. His eyes were red and tears started to form in his eyes.. sm1 cm frm behind and put hand on his shoulder.. he turns and hugged that person..

Sanky : ( cries ) Lucky.. see na.. what rubbish that doc was talking about my shona.. ( sniffs ) one side m so happy dat I got my Barbie doll back.. that too she is non other than my love.. my shona.. bt on other side.. I cant even tell her abt our past.. her past.. coz of her health.. m so scared lucky.. I dont wanna loose her. No! I cant loose her.. She's my life.. ?

Lucky : Ssh.. Sanky.. calm down.. plz.. nw u hv to be brave.. fr shona.. fr ur love.. You cant loose hope sanky..

Sanky : ( wipes his tears ) Yes Lucky.. u r ryt.. I should be strong.. I blv in my love.. our love.. nothing will happen to her.. I'm with her.. u all are with us.. We will fight back..

Lucky : Thats like my dude.. cmon.. just cheer up nw.. & cm.. swara will wake up anytime.. lets go to her.. cm..

Sanky : ( smiles ) Yes.. lets go..

SanLak cm near swara's room.. Sanky looked at lucky.. Lucky smiled & signalled him to go in.. He nods & goes in.. He slowly sit beside her holding her palm in 1 hand & caresses her hairs with another hand.. Again his eyes get teary seeing her pale face..

Tere Bina, Jiya Na Jaye

Socha Na Jaye, Tere Bina, Tere Bina

He recalls their fights.. their nok-jhoks.. Their lovely moments b4 confession…

Dil De Ke Jaana, Jaan De Ke Jaana
Kurbat Kya Hai, Mohabbat Kya Hai
Duniya Ki Daulat Mil Bhi Jaye To
Tu Na Mila, To Kuch Na Mila
Meri Wafa Ko Na Aazmaana
Ye Na Bhool Jaana
Ki Main Hoon Tera, Tera Apna
Tere Bina, Jiya Na Jaye
Socha Na Jaye, Tere Bina, Tere Bina

He recalls their love confession. His proposal.. Their 1st kiss.. And kisses on her forehead.

Milna Hamara, Iss Zindagi Mein
Sapna Nahi, Haqeeqat Hai Ye
Tum Jo Na Jeeto, Kuch Bhi Nahi Hai
Ye Jaan Lo, Ye Maan Lo
Meri Wafa Ko Na Aazmaana
Ye Na Bhool Jaana
Ki Main Hoon Tera, Tera Apna
Tere Bina, Jiya Na Jaye
Socha Na Jaye, Tere bina.. Tere Bina..

His teardrops fell on her eyes.. She opened her eyes slowly & whispers..


Sanky heard it & looked at her immediately. Screen freezes on sanky's happy face..

Precap : SwaSan romaaaaance... ?

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