Dont frgt to read note at the end of episode..

Recap : Raglak confession. Swasan Dandiya mastii..

Episode started with SwaSanRagLak were sitting in clg campus..

Swara : so hws ur date guys?

Lucky : awsm.. ( winks at ragu )

Ragu blushes..

Swara : OMG! Ragu.. u r blushing?? Lucky, what u did with my ragu ha? ?

Ragu : swara.. stop it! ?

Sanky : vaise Ragu.. lemme tell u 1 thing.. tumse pehle.. lucky ki na bohot sari secret crushes thi.. aur pata hai, bahot flirt karta tha vo..??

Ragini looked at lucky angrily..

Lucky : ( shocked ) Arrey nahi nahi ragu.. Dont listen to his talks.. He's talking anything.. ( to sanky ) abbey Salley, abhi abhi toh meri  love story shuru hui hai.. meri khushi dekhi nahi jati kya tuzse? Kyu use bhadka raha hai..?

Sanky : ( naughtily laughs ) main kaha bhadka raha hoon? Main to sach bata raha hoon.. ??

Lucky : ( smirked ) Achcha! Then 1st tell ur love abt ur crush na.. den cm at me..

Sanky : ( shocked ) Lucky!!!

Swara : What! Sanky's crush? What is he saying sanky?

Sanky : ( hits his head ) Marr gaya..

Lucky : Haa swara.. Dont u knw.. He had a childhood crush.. ba.. ( cuts him )

Sanky : I'll tell u swara.. When I was small I had a best frnd.. she was a daughter of my Dad's best frnd, Rishi uncle.. we used to do lot of fun.. But we hd to leave fr US and after dat we got to knw they died in car accident.. ( teary eyes )

Swara : so sad..

Sanky : you knw swara, she was same like you.. so whenever I see u I remember her.. A big big beautiful eyes.. cute cheeks.. lil nose.. just like a doll.. so I named her Barbie Doll!

Swara : Barbie doll?

Listening this word some flashes started to cm infront of swara's eyes.. a boy and a girl playing, laughing.. She held her head..

Sanky : Yes.. Barbie doll.. I dont even knw her real name.. I only used to call her Barbie doll and ( turned and get shocked ) Swaraa!!!

Swara was holding her head and was about to faint but sanky rushes & hold her in his arms.. RagLak was also shocked.

Sanky : ( panicked & worried ) Shonaa.. Shonaa.. ( patts her cheeks ) What happened?  Haa? Open ur eyes?  Plz.. Shonaa.. look at me.. ( his tears fell down )

Ragini : Sanky.. we shd take her to hospital.. I'll inform uncle & aunty..

Sanky : Yes.. ( he picks her in his arms ) Lucky.. start the car.. cmon fast..

Lucky rushed and started car.. Ragu sit beside him.. Sanky sat on backside holding swara.. her head was in his lap.. He caresses her face.. Her body was getting cold..

Sanky : ( panics ) Ragu.. Her body is getting cold.. Swaraa!!!

Ragu : sanky.. rub her hands..

Sanky : Haa.. ha.. ( he started rubbing her hands ) Shonaa.. plz wake up na.. see ur sanky is crying. Plz na.. see I promise I wont tease u ever.. I wont make u jealous bt plz.. open ur eyes.. plz.. ( cries )

Raglak too cries looking at his condition.

Soon they reached hospital.  Sanky took swara inside.. Doc started checking her.. Shemish arrived there..

Shekhar : What happened to her sanky?

Sanky : Donno uncle.. we were just talking and she fainted suddely..

Mishti cries.. Ragu consoles her..

Doctor came out of room.. All rushes to him..

Sanky : Doc, how's swara?  Is she fine?

Doc : No Mr. Sanskar. She's not fine..

All are shocked..

Shekhar : But doc what happened to her?  Tell us clearly..

Doc : Mr. Gadodia, first of all I need to check her accident reports again..

Ragsanlak : Accident???

Doc : Yes.. She had faced major accident 8 yrs before.. & In that accident she lost her memory due to lack of blood.. we couldn't arranged it fr her on time..

Doc left.. Sanky was nt getting anything..

Sanky : But uncle, aunty.. You could hv given ur blood to her na? One of ur blood group must be same..

Shemish stays silent. & cries..

Sanky : Plz tell us.. why u dint give blood to swara? Dont u love her?

Shekhar : ( shouted ) Sanskar! ( cries ) we love her more than anything.. bt we couldnt give her blood..

Sanky : but why?

Shekhar : Because we r nt her real parents sanskar.. She's my frnd's daughter who had been killed 8 yrs back..

Sanky was shocked..

Sanky : WHAT?

Shekhar : yes.. She is the daughter of one of the famous business man RISHI SINGHANIA!

now sanky was double shocked.

Sanky : Rishi Singhania's daughter? Means she's.. she's ..


tear escaped frm his eyes..

Episode ends.

Precap : Mystery to get revealed… ( if possible )

IMP NOTE :hello everyone.. you guys know me as swarmayi but today i would like to hear shalmali from you all. today may be the last day i'm posting ff. thanks to you all for your love. thanks to my silent readers too.. ishani, kakali, simin, shan, mica,  anu , rabia, ashnoor,  shreeyu,  rekha, soujanya, s, shan , hemalattha and all of you who comments on my ffs.. sorry if i forget to take anyone's name.. you all motivated me by your comments. thank you very much for it. i'll miss you all.. and if destiney want then we'll surely meet again.. i know i may sound silly but life is too short to be normal.. ☺ bye everyone. thaks again for your love.. good bye.. ☺???

Love you all… ??????

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