Recap : SwaSan fun.. IshSan flirting.. ? swara angry.. ??

Next day at clg –

RagSan were waiting fr SwaLak..

Sanky : Ragu.. where is dis shona? Did u talk with her?

Ragu : No sanky.. oops jij! ? I dint.. ?

Sanky : Ragu.. u too..

Ragu : Haha.. btw.. wat happened? U both dint talk? Fir se jhagda kiya kya?

Sanky : No.. actually she’s angry on me.. ( tells her everything.. )

Ragu : ( laughs loudly ) OMG! Ishu! She flirted with u? Infront of Shona?? Hihihi.. & u called her paagal? Seriously Sanky.. nw u r gone.. ???

Sanky : Ragini.. bachche ko aise darate nahi hai.. vaise bhi m scared already.. ??

Meanwhile swara cm there.. sanky looked at her & smiles. Bt swara gave death glare to him.. Sanky gulped hard..

Swara : Hii Ragu.. good morning. .

Ragu : Morning Shona..

Sanky : Good morning.. Shona..

Swara : ( dint replied & ignored him )

Swara : Ragu.. hv u cmpleted this.. look these are.. ( she started discussing smthng wid Ragu related to study ignoring Sanky.. )

Sanky : ( to himself ) beta sanky.. Lagta hai aaj bhookamp, tsunami, jwalamukhi, toofan sab ek saath aane wala hai.. she’s damn angry yaar.. n moreover she’s quiet. That means this is the silence b4 cmng of huge storm.. God help me.. wat shd I do nw…

Sanky : Ahem.. ahem.. Shona.. cm na.. Its our class timing.. lets go.. ( holds her hand )

Swara jerks it & looked at him angrily..

Swara : M nt going anywhere wid u.. Dont u knw u shd not roam with pagal.. it will be dangerous fr u.. or people also will start to call u paagal.. so better u stay away frm me.. ???

Ragini supressed her laugh..

Sanky : ( cm close to her ) Look Ragu.. hw much my jaan cares fr me.. She’s qorrying fr me dat what if people calls me mad.. shoo shweet of u.. ( pulls her cheeks ) bt my dear sweetheart, dont u knw? M already mad.. M MAD IN UR LOVE… so what if people calls me mad.. dont bother them.. ( swara blushes hearing it bt hides )

Swara : aah.. leave me u shameless..what if sm1 see us?

Sanky : ( pulling her more closer ) Arrey! Pyaar kiya toh darna kya janemann..

Ragu : ( laughs ) bas bas.. muzse aur romance nahi dekha jayega.. u guys carry on.. m leaving..

Swara suddenly remember smthng & signals sanky..

Swara : arre Ragu.. I frgt to tell u.. Lucky called me..

Ragu : ( hearing lucky’s name her face lightens up ) what? Lucky? What did he say?

SwaSan winked at each other..

Sanky : Woh Ragu.. u knw na Lucky’s parents cm.. They lives in america.. They cm here fr only 2 days.. bt..

Ragu : bt what?

Swara : bt they r leaving tonight only &.. Lucky too..

Ragini gets shocked.. Her world turns upside down.. tears started to form in her eyes..

Ragu : ( conposing herself ) Y? Bt y he’s going suddenly?

Swara : vo actually.. he’s allalone all alone here.. he misses his parents & they also.. so..

Ragu : No.. he can’t. He can’t. ( cries )

SwaSan smiles..

Swara : Ragu.. what happened? Y r u crying?

Ragu : Swara.. where is he ryt nw?

Swara : In library..

Ragini runs frm there..

Swara : Nishana ekdam barabar laga hai.. kyu sanky? ?

Sanky : Yes Shona.. cm nw.. lets go to library.. to witness a new love proposal of our shy love birds.. ?

Swara : Haha.. cm..

Both leaves..

Here at library-

Ragini saw lucky sitting reading a book.. She went near him.. Lucky looks at her..

Lucky : ( smiles ) Arrey Ragu u.. ( b4 he could cmplthe felt burning sensation on his cheek.. he got shock .. haha.. poor lucky.. )

Ragini slapped him hard. Lucky looks at her being shock.. infact swasan & all who were present in library was hell shocked.

Ragu : ( holds his collar ) hw dare u? Hw dare u to leave me like this ha? Hw cn u go to americca leaving me here? What do u think of urself? U donkey.. Dont u knw dat I cant live widout u.. I love u dammit! I love u..

Lucky was nw more shock to hear her sudden confession. He was confused , emotional & happy as well..

Lucky : Ragu.. wat r u saying?

Ragu : Yess. U heard ryt.. I love u.. & if u dont love me na den also u hv no choice.. I wont let you go.. understand?

Lucky : ( smiles & holds her ) my dear sweet ragu.. who told u dat I dont love u?I love u too..

Ragu : den y r u leaving me.. ( sobs )

Lucky : Me?

Ragu : Haan.. u r going to America wid ur parents na?

Lucky : WHATTT? no.. who told u?

Ragu : SwaSan..

Lucky looked at them angrily. Both gulps & started to run..

Sanky : Swara run..

Lucky : Sanky.. Swara.. wait u guys.. I wont leave u..

Nw Ragini also got it & started to chase them..

Ragu : Swara ki bachchi! Ruk ja..

4 runs to all over clg.. finally they got tired.. lucky got hold of sanky & ragu caught swara..

Lucky : Sally.. wat was dat ha? Y u lied? ( started to beat him playfully )

Sanky : Arrey.. lucky.. mere bhai.. m innocent. It was all planned by shona..

Ragu widens her eyes..

Ragu : Shona? ( holds her ears )

Swara : Aaawww.. Ragu leave na.. its paining. Achcha ok baba sorry.. bt I did this fr u only.. I want u to confess ur love.. dats y..

Sanky : Rehne do shona.. humne toh inki madad ki.. par thanks ki alava hume mar pad ri hai.. bhalai ka to jamana hi nai raha.. chalo.. lets go..

SwaSan starts to leave..

Lucky : Arrey o nautanki.. ruk jao.

SwaSan stops & turns..

RagLak : Thank you sooo much..

Swasan smiles & stretches their hands.. Raglak runs to them & all 4 shared a group hug.. ???

Suddenly swara shouts..


SanRagLak gets shocked..

Sanky : Shona.. what happened? Y r u shouting? R u ok?

Swara : Ragu.. Today is Navratri’s 1st day..

SanLak : Haa.. toh??

Swaragini : ( shouted excitedly ) DANDIYAA…

SanLak : Whatt?? ??

Ragu : Yess.. Omg.. I totally frgt abt it shona..

Sanky : fr dat u shouted?

Swara : haan..

Sanky : R u insane? U literally made us deaf..

Swara : U shut up! So Ragu.. u r cmng today na..?

Lucky : Noooooooo… we r going out today fr date.. I wanna give her surprise. Tmrw we’ll cm..

Ragini smiles..

Swara : Okay.. np.. today me n sanky will go..
Bye guys.. enjoy ur date.. will see u tmrw..

RagLak : bye..

Swasan leaves..

At evening..

SwaSan get ready fr Dandiya. Both were looking absolutely stunning!

Sanky : Jaan.. U r looking gorgeous! M feeling like..

Swara : ( blushes ) Sankyyy! Stop it! Lets go..

Both entered into the venue. All girls were looking at Sanky.. Swara gets angry & jealous. She holds his hand. Sanky smiles. Suddenly swara saw her frnds.. swara shouts..

Swara : Hey, guys..

Girls turned.. They r Kakali, Shan, Mica, Anu, Rabia, Shagun, Dharani, tani, Ashnoor, shreeyu, Rekha & soujanya.. ( if anyone left frgv me guys )

Swara : Hw r u all?

Shan : We r absolutely fine dear.. wat abt u?

Swara : Wkdam zakas..

All laughs..

Kakali : woh toh dikh hi raha hai.. agar sanky saath ho to zakas to hogi hi na.. kyu guys..? ?

All : Hmmmmmmm… ( teases her )

Swara : Stop it guys..

Suddenly a voice came..

” Muze bhool gayi na shona dii.. ”

All turns & saw a girl standing there pouting.. All laughs and went near her..

Swara : ( pulls her cheeks ) Arrey iss devil ko koi bhool sakta hai bhala?

Girl : Hawwww! M I devil? Hw mean.. wait.. m going to HANDSOME to complain abt u..

Swara : Ishu wait…

Yesss.. she is non other than our cute sweet little Ishani..

Ishu : what happened shona dii? Again jealous? Ha?? ?

Mica : Arrey Ishu.. u r toh kid still.. bt look at there.. That girl is going towards Sanky..

Shreeyu : Arrey pr chehra toh dikh hi ni raha.. who’s she?

Swara : Let me see..

Tani : Are are wait.. lets see wat she’ll do.. ?

The girl stops near sanky.. She was wearing lehenga like all girls.. Looking beautiful..

Girl : Hii Sanky..

Sanky turns & smiles brightly.

Sanky : Heyy.. Hii Shalu.. wat a pleasant surprise! Hw r u?

Yess guys.. The girl is non other than me aka Shalmali aka Sanky’s Shalu! ( blushing ?)

Shalu : M gr8 sanky.. bt wat abt u? & hw is swara?

Sanky : Me too gr8! & shona.. dont ask.. She’s more than gr8!

Both laughs..

Seeing ShaSan laughing, swara fumes in anger.. & all laughs..

Ishu : See.. Shona di.. Hw handsome is laughing & talking wid dat girl.. I think he’s enjoying her company very much.. hey na Kakali di? ????

Kakali : Hmm.. I think Ishu is ryt.. see na.. hw both r laughing.. like they knw each other frm long..

Mica : Guys.. sambhal ke.. Thodi hi der main yaha aag lagne wali hai.. sab jalkar khaak ho jayega.. Its better if we leave..

Rabia : pehli baar sach bola mica ne.. ???

Mica : ???

Shan : Achcha Ok guys.. lets leave.. Swara.. take care bye..

Ishu : Bye Shona dii.. bechara handsm.. soon he’ll be finished..

Swara glares at Ishu.. Ishu gulps..

Ashnoor : Offo guys.. chalo..

All leaves..

Sanky was ralking to Shalmali.. Suddenly he looked at swara who was all angry & ready to eat him.. He understands dat she’s jealous so he thought to tease her more..

Sanky : Shalu darling.. ur so called frnd is looking at me & u like she’ll kill us anytime..

Shalu : who? Swara? ( she was abt to turn bt sanky stopped her )

Sanky : Aa aa.. dont.. she doesnt knw dat its u.. dats y she’s jealous.. lets tease her more.. do one thing.. ( tells smthng in her ears.. )

Shalu keep her both hand around his neck.. & went close to him.. Sanky was looking at swara frm corner of his eyes.. Shalu was supressing her laugh.. ??? That was it fr swara.. she lost her patience & cm towards ShaSan..

Swara : Iski toh main…

She went near them & drags her frm him..

Swara : Hw dare u to touch my Sanky ? U… ( sees her face ) SHALU!!!???

ShaSan burst out laughing.

Shalu : Yaa Shona.. Its me only.. It was ur sanky’s plan to tease u. Thats y I touched him.. otherwise.. who want to face ur anger.. ???

Swara gave death glare to Sanky.. Sanky winks.. ????

Swara : M sry Shalu.. btw.. wen u cm? We r meeting aftr so long..

Shalu : so to hai.. ( laughs ) bt I felt very happy to meet u both..

SwaSan : same here. ?

Shalu : Achcha guys.. I have to leave now.. frnds are waiting.. bye..

SwaSan : Bye..

Dandiya starts..

Swara was damn angry nw.. knowing dat Sanky was teasing her.. Dandiya starts.. Swara started to sing & play dandiya..

Madhuban Mein Jo Kanhaiya Kisi Gopi Se Mile
Kabhi Muskaaye, Kabhi Chhede, Kabhi Baat Kare
Radha Kaise Na Jale, Radha Kaise Na Jale
Aag Tan Mann Mein Lage
Radha Kaise Na Jale, Radha Kaise Na Jale

Sanky laughs seeing her jealousy. & he also joins her..

Madhuban Mein Bhale Kaanha Kisi Gopi Se Mile
Mann Mein To Radha Ke Hi Prem Ke Hain Phool Khile
Kis Liye Radha Jale, Kis Liye Radha Jale
Bina Soche Samjhe
Kis Liye Radha Jale, Kis Liye Radha Jale

Both continued playing Dandiya.. Sanky tries to convince her bt she's our swara.. Showing full attitude… ??? Sanky plays dandiya roaming around her..

O, Gopiyaan Taarein Hain, Chaand Hai Radha
Phir Kyoon Hai Usko Biswaas Aadha
O, Gopiyaan Taarein Hain, Chaand Hai Radha
Phir Kyoon Hai Usko Biswaas Aadha

Swara continues making faces..

Kaanhaji Ka Jo Sadaa Idhar Udhar Dhyaan Rahe
Radha Bechaari Ko Phir Apne Pe Kya Maan Rahe

Sanky :

Gopiyaan Aani Jaani Hain, Radha To Mann Ki Rani Hai
Gopiyaan Aani Jaani Hain, Radha To Mann Ki Rani Hai
Saanjh Sakhaare, Jamna Kinaare
Radha Radha Hi Kaanha Pukaare

While swara remembered the scene where she saw shalu with him & sings..

Oye Hoye, Oye Hoye
Baahon Ke Haar Jo Daale Koi Kaanha Ke Gale
Radha Kaise Na Jale, Radha Kaise Na Jale
Aag Tan Mann Mein Lage
Radha Kaise Na Jale, Radha Kaise Na Jale

Now Dandiya is on full swing.. all were enjoying.. SwaSan was looking at each other while playing.. Swara shows fake anger & continues..

Mann Mein Hai Radhe Ko Kaanha Jo Basaaye
To Kaanha Kaahe Ko Usse Na Bataaye

Sanky smiles & continue –

Prem Ki Apni Alag Boli, Alag Bhaasa Hai
Baat Nainon Se Ho Kaanha Ki Yahi Aasa Hai

Swara shows her tongue to him & sings..

Kaanha Ke Yeh Jo Naina Hain
Chheene Gopiyon Ke Chaina Hain
Kaanha Ke Yeh Jo Naina Hain
Chheene Gopiyon Ke Chaina Hain
Mili Najariya, Hui Baawariya
Gori Gori Si Koi Gujariya

Sanky came frwrd while playing & whisperes in her ears..

Kaanha Ka Pyaar Kisi Gopi Ke Mann Mein Jo Pale
Kis Liye Radha Jale, Radha Jale, Radha Jale

Swara runs & stop at sm distance & turned to him singing..

Radha Kaise Na Jale

Sanky :

Kis Liye Radha Jale

Swara :

Radha Kaise Na Jale

Now d rythms gets faster.. all started to play dandiya in speed..

Kis Liye Radha Jale, Kis Liye Radha Jale
Radha Kaise Na Jale
Kis Liye Radha Jale, Kis Liye Radha Jale
Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah…
Radha Kaise Na Jale
Radha Kaise Na Jale
Radha Kaise Na Jale…

Swasan cm near each other.. Sanky holds her by her waist & pulls towards him.. now they both r in middle & all were dancing around them.. Swara gets shy & hugs him tightly. Sanky smiles and reciprocates.

The screen freezes on happy faces of swasan…

Precap :  Swara : Barbie Doll..??

                 Sanky  : Swaraa…

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