Hello everyone.. U all mst be waiting fr my TS's next part.. actually I had posted it bt by mistake it got deleted & nw I hv to write it all again so plz.. u hv to wait fr it as my all wrk is gone.. bt till then u can enjoy this episode which I specially written fr my darling – Ishu! Actually on 26th sep it was her bday bt I couldn't update ? so this is specially fr her only.. enjoy it kiddo.. love u sooo much.. ???


Recap : Swara's dream.. ????

Episode starts with mishti calling swara..

Mishti : Shonaaaa.. ( knocks d door )

SwaSan gets shocked & panicked..

Swara : ( panic ) Sanky!!! Gooo.. maa.. came.. Goo..

Sanky : ( hurriedly ) haa.. haa.. ( started to run towards door & was abt to open it bt suddenly swara shouted )

Swara : ( shouted ) Aaaaaaaa..

Sanky : ( turns & rushed to her ) What happened ? Chilla kyun rahi ho??

Swara : ( gave angry glare & hits him on his chest ) U idiot monkey! Maa darvaaze ke baahr khadi hai aur tum darvaaze se baahar jaaoge?? ???

Sanky : ( bits his tongue and smiles sheepishly ) sorry! ???

Swara : arrgh!! Yaha aao tum.. ( drags him towards the bathroom & closed it. ) Hushh!! ???

Mishti : Shonaaaa… open d door beta.. what happened?

Swara : coming Maa.. ( open the door & smiles )

Mishti : shona? What happened? Y so late to open the door? & Y u were shouting?

Swara : ( fumbled ) wo.. wo.. haa.. I was in bathroom & there I saw cockroach.. dats y I shouted.. ?

Sanky : ( heard & murmurs ) Lo.. abhi tak to iske dream world  mein, main sweet dishes tha aur abb cockroach bann gaya.. Gr8! Beta sanky, shadi se pehle ye sab hai.. na jane shaadi ke baad kya kya bana de ye tera.. ???

Mishti : Achcha.. ok lemme see.. ( went near washroom & abt to open )

Swara : ( Shouts ) Noooooooooooooo….

Mishti : ( jerks ) Shonaa.. y r u shouting again??

Swara : vo.. vo.. Its a very big cockroach. U'll get afraid.. let it be.. na.. he'll go by himself.. ??

Mishti : ( confused ) okay.. u get fresh up in guest room.. will set brkfast.. ( leaves )

Swara : ( closes d door & sighed in relief ) Thank God! ( suddenly sm1 hugs her frm back ) Sanky!! Chodo.. wat r u doing?

Sanky : ( rests his chin on her shoulder ) umm.. I guess m romancing wid my future wife.. bt I didnt get 1 thing..

Swara : wats dat?

Sanky : ( turns her towards him & said huskily ) main itna handsome hoon.. ( cm near her ears & whispers ) Hott hoon.. ( swara shivers feeling his hot breath ) Dashing hoon.. ( touches his forehead to hers ) smart hoon.. Good looking hoon.. ( touches his cheeks to hers.. swara gasps ) pr muze itni bewakoof gf kyun mili..! ???

Swara : ( who was lost in his touch ) hmm.. ( realised ) wait.. whatt?? ( widens her eyes )

Sanky : ( laughs ) Hahaha. Yes..

Swara : ( angrily started throwing things to him ) U Sanky mokey donkey!  Hw dare u! I wont leave u today.. ( throws pillows, teddys & etc etc.. )

Sanky : Haha.. swara.. stop it! Don't u wanna cm to clg.. stop all this non sense & get ready.. what a girl u r! No seriousness in studies.. chii!! Shame on u!! ???

Swara : ( fumes ) Achcha?? M nt serious in studies! This is non sense! Look who is saying..  Den b4 smtym what u were doing haa?? U idiot monkey! ??? ( sits on bed fuming )

Sanky : ( smiles & sat near her ) Hmm.. so madam got angry.. ( swara glares at him ) Achcha ok..ok.. ( holds his ears ) M sry.. plz.. ( gives puppy look )

Swara : ( smiles ) Achcha thike thike! Maaf kardiya.. nw dont give this puppy look.. It doesn't suit you.

Sanky : ( cms close ) Achcha?  Den wat suits me? ( smiles naughtily ) ???

Swara : u shameless creature!  Again u started! Hato.. I need to get ready! ( pushed him )

Sanky : ( while going out frm window shouts ) M waiting outside.. cm fast my bewakoof gf.. ( laughs ) ???

Swara : ( throw pillow ) Uuuuuuuu…. ( he jumps frm window ) Idiot! Bt I love this Idiot! ?? ( leaves )

@ college –

Ragini was sitting there in campus waiting fr swasanlak.. especially fr Laksh!

After smtym swasan came..

Ragini : Arey u guys alone?? Where is lucky?

Sanky : ( smiles in mind ) vo.. he didn't cm..

Ragini : Y????

SwaSan noticed her fallen face.. Sanky got it bt swara was confused.

Sanky : His parents are coming today.. so he went to pick up them..

Ragini : ohh! Ok! ( sadly ) ? Achcha guys.. u carry on.. m going to library..

Swara : Y? Wont u attend lectures?

Ragini : aah! No.. actually m feeling bored today.

SwaSan : Ok.. bye..

Both leaves..

After d clg.. SwaSan was in Sanky's car.

Swara : Today Ragu was sooo different. Hai na sanky?

Sanky : ( smiles ) Hmm.. Dats bcz of our Lucky boy! ?

Swara : ( confused ) Lucky?  What he did? I swear if he hurted my Ragu na I'll cut his.. ( cuts her in middle )

Sanky : Shaant meri jhansi ki rani shant!! 1st listen to me carefully den start ur radio. ?

Swara : you.. ok.. tell.. ?

Sanky : Shonaa.. Lucky loves Ragu..

Swara : ( shocked ) WHATTT? ?? ???

Sanky : Yes.. From starting.. actually he fell fr her in our first meeting only.. he told me too..

Swara : ( jumps in excitement ) wowwwwww!! How sweet!! Look at him.. learn smthng frm him.. he fell fr ragu in 1st meeting.. nd u.. always fighting fighting.  Huhh! ?

Sanky : Ho gaya? Aage bolu??

Swara : Hmm..

Sanky : Nd nw I think Ragu also feel fr him.. did u see in morning? Hw she was sad in absence of him?

Swara : Haa yaar.. u r ryt! I also think that.. bt she should confess na..

Sanky : Yes.. dats what Lucky want.. he want her to confess. We should do something to make her confess..

Swara : ( smiles naughtily ) Arey when The Great Swara is hear den no need to fear.. I hv an idea.. listen.. ( tells him smthing )

Sanky : U think it will work?

Swara : M damn sure!

Sanky : Ok den.. done!  ???

While talking swara's home cms.. sanky stopped d car..

Swara : Ok den.. bye.. see u tmrw.. love u..

Sanky : ( sadly ) Tussi ja rahi hoo?? Tussi naa jao.. ???

Swara : Aww.. my baby! Don't be sad.. aur ye filmy dialogues band karo aur padhai par dhyan do.. what a boy u r! No seriousness in studies. Chii!  Shame on you. ???

Sanky : ( pulls her close ) Achcha ji? Mera dialogue mujhi pe? Not bad! Vaise jate jate 1 gift toh banta hai.. kyun?? ?

Swara : Jii nahi.. m going..

Bt sanky pulled her towards him. Both were so close to each other.. sanky leaned towards her lips. Swara closes her eyes.  Bt suddely…


SwaSan jerks & looked at the direction of sound.

Swara : Ishu???? ( widens her eyes )

Yes.. It was my sweet cute little kiddo Ishaani.. ?

She was standing there closing her both eyes with her hands..

Swara : Ishu.. wat.. wat r u doing here?

Ishu slowly take out her hands & opened her eyes..

Ishu : What M I doing?  I should ask u this ques Shona dii.. wat r u doing??????

Swara : vo.. main.. vo.. he..

Ishu : ( cm near her & asked ) Is he my would be jiju?

Swara blushed & nods slightly..

Ishu : ( jumps in excitement & hugs her ) Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Diii… m sooooo happy..

Sanky was looking all this with confused face.

Ishu : ( cm near sanky )Hii handsome.. Arrgh! Dont be confuse jiju.. m ur aadhi gharvali.. I hv ryt to flirt with u.. ( winks )

Swara gives her death glare..

Ishu : I mean m ur saali.. who is shoooo shmall compared to all other sissos of shona dii.. hai na dii..??

Swara : Ha ha.. small toh hai bt puri ki puri paagal hai.. My small devil.. ( side hugs her )

Sanky : Its obvious shonaa.. she's ur sis na.. so she'll be like u only.. ??? btw.. very nice to meet u my small saali sahiba..

Ishu : Aah! Same here handsome.. ? vaise jij.. u wont mind na if I call u handsome..??

Sanky : Not at all sweetheart. ?

Swara : Achcha?  M paagal? Den dont talk with this paagal.. dont marry this paagal.. ?? Ishu.. I'll meet u tmrw.. bye.. ( glares at sanky )

Sanky : Arrey shona.. listen.. I was jst joking.. shonaa.. ( bt she left stamping her foot )

Ishu : Haha.. handsome.. go.. & convince ur mohtarma.. or else..

Both burst out into laughter.. ??

Ishu : ok bye handsome. Will meet soon.

Sanky : Bye.. ?

Ishu : ( again cm back ) vaise agar vo nahi mani toh m still there fr u handsome.. ?

Sanky : ( shocked ) Ishu ki bachchi!! ( tries to catch her.. )

Ishu runs frm there laughing.. Sanky too laughs..

Episode ends!

Precap : RagLak confession.. ( may be ) ?

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  1. ???????
    This is the best episode ever!!!!
    Haye Ishu…main Ishu!!!!
    Aadhi gharwali!
    Sankyyyy….meka hottie….mela cutie…mela shweetie…
    Aa gayi teri aadhi gharwali..,
    Le ja mujhe….bohot flirt krungi??
    Oh my God!
    The ever handsome!
    Meri Shona di mujhi se jealous!
    Aur hawwye re!
    Mere shaamne no kishhing…
    M chhoti bachhi??
    I loved this to the???
    I mean core!?
    Bio paper….bye bye…love u?

    1. Swarmayi

      This was specially for u ishu! U enjoyed it na? Den m sooo happy. Best luck fr bio. Love u too..

  2. it was hilarious ;specially that : BHOT BADA COCROACH HAI AAP DAR JAOGE , HE WILL GO BY HIMSELF and TUSSI JAA RAHE HO TUSSI NA JAO sorry I m commenting from laptop so cant send emoji *WINK*

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks dear..

  3. Super fun

  4. Kakali

    TUSSI JA RAHE HOO,TUSSI NA JAO ” rolling on my bed holding my stomach n laughing like a mad ”

    Still camt stop it… i got tears Swarmayi….
    it’s demn cutee n hilarious… loved Ishu’s part… she is soo cute n cuteeee … hahahaha…
    i agree with all words which u said to describe about my Sanskar … but there is many much more…. hahahaha *wink…

    Thnk u dear… ;-P

    1. That Ishu is me only??
      The cutie Ishani?

      1. Kakali

        I know u r cutee
        Ishani Ladoo… :-*

    2. Swarmayi

      Haha.. thanks kakali.. n ya.. my Ishu is indeed cute n shweet! N cmng to my sanskar.. I’ll describe much more abt him in my next epis.. dont wry! ?

  5. Shreeyu

    Very funny episode …. I enjoyed reading it

    1. Swarmayi

      Thank u soo much shreeyu!

  6. Rabia

    hahahha too funny awesome dear 🙂

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  9. Joyful Jessica

    Superb……. but plz put raglak part also

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    bhahahahha Swarmayi! i can’t stop laughing..
    if only you put english in hindi part.. i should die on laughing for sure..
    aaah Ishuuu!!!! you stop their romance ? huhuhu
    but.. Happy belated birthday Dear! wish the best for your life!

  11. Dharani

    very nice

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