Recap : Swasan Romance & first kiss..

Episode started with SwaSan hugging each other.. Soon Swara parted away & looked at sanky..

Sanky : What?

Swara : ( smiles ) Nothing.. ?

Sanky : ( pulls her by holding her waist ) I know M hot, smart, handsome, dashing & good looking.. bt dont stare like this.. Nazar lag jayegi.. ( winks ) ???

Swara : ( hitting him on his chest ) Chup karo.. Aur I think abb hame nikalna chahiye.. Its quite late..

Sanky : Ok.. As ur wish.. cm..

Both leaves..

In car-

Swara was thinking smthng very deeply.. She was silent.. Sanky senses this & speaks..

Sanky : Shonaa.. What happened?? Where u lost ??

Swara : ( serious ) Sanky… I wanna ask u smthng.. Answer me honestly.. No lieing!

Sanky : Off course Shona.. Y will I lie to u? Ask..

Swara : That day… My kidnapping were done by Raj na??

Sanky : Shonaa…

Swara : Sanky.. U promised u won't lie..

Sanky : ( sighs ) Yes.. It was done by him only..

Swara closes her eyes.. Sanky looked at her & holds her hand..

Sanky : Dont worry Shonaa.. M wid u.. I wont let anything happen to u.. never ever!

Swara : ( smiles ) I know.. bt hw do u get to knw abt it..

Sanky : Lucky heard it.. when our semifinale got over he was cmng to meet us.. that time sm 1 was holding ur photo & talking on phone regarding ur kidnapping. That man met Raj secretly & he gave him money.. Lucky saw it & told me.. & b4 we tell u anything u had left.. we were searching for u madly.. later we saw them taking u in car forcefully & we followed them. That bastard got saved only cz he was not present there.. If I saw him again near u na, I swear, I'll kill him.. ( angrily stops the car )

Swara : ( squeeze his hand ) Sanky.. Relax.. & plz.. promise me.. U wont go to him by urself.. He's very dangerous sanky.. He may harm u.. M really scared.. If anything happens to u, I'll die..

b4 she could cmplt he placed his rough lips on her soft lips to stop her talking rubbish and sucked them hard showing his anger as well as love.. Swara too reciprocates. After smtym both parted away & touched their foreheads to each other..

Sanky : Dare not to say anything like that again.. U'll see worst of me.. ( cups her face ) U r the reason of my existence swara.. If there is no swara then there will be no Sanskar.. Please never leave me swara.. I can't live without u.. I love you. ( hugs her )

Swara : ( hugs back ) I love you too sanky.. I wont leave u till my last breath..

Sanky : ( smiles ) Abb madam, yahi raat guzarne ka iraada hai kya?

Swara : Matlab?

Sanky : Matlab ye ki aapka ghar aa gaya.. ( cmng close to her ) Vaise I wont mind if we stay here all night.. whats say?? ?

Swara : U shameless creature.. leave me.. Maa baba mst be waiting..

Sanky : Huhh!! Ok.. bye..

Swara : Bye..

Both left to their respective house.. Both were so happy.. & y not? Afterall it was a best day of their life.. They were lying on bed bt sleep was far away frm them..

Mujhe neend na aaye, neend na aaye, neend na aaye

Mujhe chain na aaye, chain na aaye, chain na aaye

Mujhe neend na aaye, ho
Mujhe neend na aaye, mujhe chain na aaye
Koi jaaye zara dhoondke laaye
Na jaane kahan dil kho gaya… (4)

Haalat kya hai kaise tujhe bataaoon main
Karvat badal badalke raat bitaaoon main… (2)

Poochho zara poochho kya haal hai
Haal mera behaal hai… (2)
Koi samajh na paaye kya rog sataaye
Koi jaaye zara dhoondke laaye

Na jaane kahan dil kho gaya… (2)

Na jaane kahan dil kho gaya… (2)

Jaan se bhi pyaara mujhko mera dil hai
Uske bina ek pal bhi jeena mushkil hai… (2)

Tauba meri tauba kya dard hai
Dard bada bedard hai… (2)

Kabhi mujhko hasaaye kabhi mujhko rulaaye
Koi jaaye zara dhoondke laaye
Na jaane kahan dil kho gaya… (2)

Both were smiling & reminiscing their all lovely moments.. After longgggggggg time , they slept..

Next day morning –

Sanky came to Swara’s home with his car to pick up her fr clg.. He get out of car.. & stand outside swara’s window.. He whisles.. bt she didnt cm.. He gave horn.. still no response. He called her bt she didnt received. Nw he gets irritated.

Sanky : Arrgh!! Where the hell she is?!

Suddenly 1 idea popped up in his mind.. He smiled brightly..

Here In swara’s room..

She was sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy.. She was smiling in sleep & murmuring smthng. Gr8! U guys guessed ryt ! Our dreamgirl were dreaming.. Hahaha.. ???

Suddenly sm1 jumps in her room frm window.. Of course its our Sanky.. He saw here & there & finally his lady love caught his attention.. A bright smile appeared on his lips seeing her sleeping peacefully.. She was looking like an angel..

Sanky : see.. Ghode bech ke so rahi hai madam.. meri neend churakar khud so rahi hai.. ( smiles naughtily ) kyun na thoda tang kiya jaye.. ????

He slowly went near her & sat beside her.. He was going to touch her suddenly she speaks..

Swara : Sankyyy..

Sanky : ( shocked & thinks ) Hw she got to knw dat m here?

Swara : Sanky.. baby.. leave na.. what r u doing.. ( blushes in sleep )

Sanky : ( shocked ) Arre! What m I doing? Aur maine tumhe pakda hi kaha hai chodne ke liye.. ???

Swara : Sanky.. sm1 will see.. look, Ragu is cmng.. leave me na plz.. ????

Sanky : Hain?? Ragu?? Abb vo kahase aa gayi?? Are tum kya pagal vagal ho gayi ho kya main ( suddenly realises smthng ) ek min.. ( looked at her ) Omg!! She’s dreaming.. shoot! I thought.. urgghh!! This girl na.. ( smiles naughtily ) bt not bad ha.. dreaming abt me jaaneman.. vo bhi jarur kuch naughty dekh rahi hai.. Aahaan!! Not bad.. not bad..

Sanky : ( caresses her face ) Shonaa..

Swara : ( smiled in sleep ) Hmm…

Sanky : ( smiles seeing her smile & shakes her little ) Shona darling.. ?

Swara : ( pulled him towards her in sleep ) Sanky.. M sorry.. ok fine.. Kiss me..

Sanky shocked .. Swara rocked..!! ???

Sanky : God!! Kya creation hai aapka!! Fully gone case hai ye ladki.. ( shakes her ) shonaa.. are o kumbhkaran ki behena.. utho.. enough of ur dreams nw.. donno what will happen next.. ????

Swara : U r my sweetie.. u r my hottie.. u r my cuttiee.. ???

Sanky : ( hits his head ) Bhagwan!! Kis chakkar main phasaya muze!! Uff!! ( trying to loose her grip ) shonaa.. wake up.. wake up u silly girl!

Swara : ( still asleep ) u r my gulab jamoon.. u r my rasgulla, u r my malpauva.. u r my barfi.. u r my pedha.. u r my jalebi.. u r my rabdi.. u r my kaju katli.. u r my sonpapdi.. u r my rasmalai.. u r my halva.. ?????

Sanky : Haan!! Bass yahi baki reh gaya tha.. !! Kuch bhi bak rahi hai..Abe oyy meri Halwai ki dukaan.. wake up.. Swara yaar plzz.. arre yaarr.. what shd I do to wake up her.. ( thinks ) Idea..!!

He saw water jug beside them.. He slowly streches his hand & took it.. & poured all water on swara’s face..


Swara woke up with a jerk.. Sanky sighs in relief.. bt in next moment swara saw him & abt to shout in fear..

Swara : What the hell.. who is this.. ( saw sanky ) Sankyy.. Aaaaaaa ( bt b4 she shout more he closed her mouth with his hand )

Sanky : Sshhhh.. Swara.. Dont shout yaarr.. Its me.. Sanky!!

Swara : ? Sanky?? R u real?? What r u doing here?? & hw do u cm in my room??

Sanky : Hold on my question bank hold on.. 1 question at a time.. Yes.. m real..kitna soti ho tum yarr.. r u a sister of kumbhkaran.. seriously.. I cm here to take u to clg bt wen I cm.. u were in ur dream world.. Vaise.. What were u dreaming ha?? ( teases ) ?

Swara : ( blushes ) vo.. nothing.. ???

Sanky : Really??

Swara : Re.. really..

Sanky leaned towards her lips.. Swara closed her eyes.. When they were abt to kiss-

” ShonaaaaaĂ aa….”

SwaSan gets shocked!

Swara : ( shocked ) Maa!!! ???

Sanky : ( shocked ) Aunty!! ???

Screen freezes on their shocked faces..

Precap : umm.. not decided yet! What do u want??

1. Mastii
2. Romance
3. RagLak confession
4. Or twist??

Choice is yours.. bye bye..

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