Recap : SwaSan chit prank.. Sanky shouts on Swara..

Sanky : bt what will we do Ragini??

Ragini : ( smiles ) relax sanky.. we should go on her way only.. ( smirks )

Sanky : ( confused ) wat do u mean ??

Ragini tells him something.. Both smiles.. 🙂

Sanky : R u sure it will work???

Ragini : Definitely.. I knw her.. 🙂

Sanky : okk.. 🙂 Then we should start our mission.. kyun lucky?? ( looks at him)

Lucky : ( no reply )

Ragini : Laksh?? Y r u staring me like this??

Sanky : ( understands & stamps his feet on lucky’s ) Luckkyyyyy.. Ragini is talking to u…

Lucky : ( shouts in pain ) Aaaaaaaah.. umm.. ha ha.. I’ll surely come with you on beach.. 😀

RagSan together : Beach????

Lucky : Haan.. now only u were asking me na to come with you on beach??

Ragini : ( slaps on her head in disbelief )

Sanky : ( Hits his head ) Abbey Sally, ab ye beach bich me kaha se tapak gaya.. we were talking about swara.. kucch yaad aaya..???

Lucky : umm.. aa.. haha.. yaad aya.. 😀

Ragini : ( sighs ) Thank God!

Sanky : ( curses him under his breath ) Kuch yaad nahi aaya hai sally ko.. He is busy in staring at Ragini from long time.. He heard nothing.. Monkey..

Lucky : Did u said something sanky??

Sanky : ( fakely smiles ) no no.. what will I speak.. ( mono logue – ghar chal tuze batata hu.. )

Ragini : Ok guys.. will meet tmrw.. be ready for our mission swara manao!! Bye Laksh.. Bye Sanky.. 🙂 ( leaves )

Lucky : ( sad ) She called u Sanky!!

Sanky : ( irritated ) so ??

Lucky : Y she didnt call me lucky.. she called me laksh.. 🙁

Sanky : Sally.. Atleast she called u laksh.. If I was at her place na I would hv called u monkey instead of lucky..

Lucky : What I did nw??

Sanky : Huhh?? Seriously u dnt knw?? U were staring at her like u’ll eat her at any time u foolish moron..

Lucky : wat to do sanky.. she’s like dat only.. Pata hai jab vo bol rahi thi, jab vo has rahi thi to man kar raha tha ki…

Sanky : haha.. now enough.. stop ur love story fr smtime & help me to convince swara..

Lucky : yaar sanky, y u want to say her sorry?? U dnt like her ryt?? & moreover sanskar maheshwari will say sorry to someone.. that to a girl?? Isnt it strange?? 😉

Sanky : Stop it yar lucky.. I knw I dint like her bt today I behaved really wrong with her.. I hurted her feelings.. I donno y bt m really feeling very bad for her.. & if its our mistake then wats wrong to accept it? I’ll surely say sry to her.. Ok.. lets leave..

Lucky : ( monologue ) Aaahaan!! Seems like with my love story another love story will also start.. haha.. I knew it sanky.. U always used to say u’ll never fall in love bt its ur 1st step my dude.. & When u’ll fall in love, u’ll never realise.. God! Plz help me to set our love stories.. plz plz plz..

Sanky : lucky… lucky..

Lucky : coming.. coming..

Both leaves…

Here @ GM swara was lying on her bed & crying silently recalling college incident..

Swara : ( monologue ) I didnt knw sanky that I disturbed u so much.. I just love to tease u.. bt now onwards I’ll never disturb u.. never tease u.. never talk to u.. I thought u liked my teasings.. bt u hated it.. I agreed I disturbed u bt my music?? Hw cn u talk abt my music like that.. music is my life.. I’ll give my life bt never disrespect music… bt u.. ( she cries for sometime & sleeps unkowingly )

@ morning

Shomi comes to wake up swara..

Shomi : Shonaa.. shonaa.. get up beta.. U r getting late for college..

Swara : ( sleepy voice ) Mom.. I wont go to college today..

Shomi : ( concerned ) shonaa?? Is everything ok beta?? R u fine??

Swara : Mom.. relax.. m fine.. just little tired.. & small headache..

Shomi : okk.. u take rest.. I’ll bring juice & medicine for u..

Swara : ok mom.. mom ek min..

Shomi : what happened shona?

Swara : woh.. if Ragini called then tell her m nt fine.. actually my mobile’s battery is dead so..

Shomi : its ok beta.. I’ll tell.. u take care & sleep now.. ( shomi leaves )

Swara : I know.. she will be trying to call me.. m sry ragu.. bt m nt in mood to talk..

@ college Ragsanlak meet each other..

Sanlak : Hii Ragini..

Ragini : ( sad ) Hii..

Sanky : what happened Ragini?? Y r u sad? & where is swara??

Ragini : Her phone is switched off sanky.. 🙁

Lucky : Then call on her Landline no.

Ragini : Arre haa.. I forgot it..Thanx lucky.. 🙂

Lucky : ( extremely happy coz Ragini 1st time called him lucky ) My pleasure Ragu..

Ragini : ( slightly blushes )

Lucky : ( bites his tongue ) woh.. I mean.. If u dont mind can I call u Ragu??

Ragini nods.. Lucky smiles..

Sanky : Ragini, call her na..

Ragini : Ohh.. ha.. 1 min.. ( she calls on landline of GM )

Shomi : Hello

Ragini : Hello aunty.. Ragini here.. where is shona??

Shomi : Beta shona is sleeping..

Ragini : Sleeping?? Aunty, she is fine na??

Shomi : yes beta, she’s fine.. She was just tired & having small headache.. she told me to tell u she wont come today as her mobile’s battery is dead..

Ragini : ( sad ) accha… okk aunty.. tell her to take care.. bye.. ( cuts the call )

sanky : what happened Ragini?? Where is she??

Ragini : ( sad ) She wont come sanky.. she is resting at home telling she is tired.. I knw its her plan.. She’s trying to avoid u..

Sanky : Now what??

Ragini : Just wait & watch.. ( smiles ) 😉

Precap : Dance academy.. college mastii.. Forgiveness.. Friendship &…. ” Rain Dance ” 😉


Finished with nxt chap guys..
Hw was it??
I knw u r very eager for precap..
But wait for some time guys..
Sabra ka fal meetha hota hai.. 😉
Plz cmnt guys..
M getting very less response..
If u wont cmnt then I’ll end this ff asap..
Choice is yours..

Credit to: Swarmayi

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