Hello everyone.. M very glad to knw that u liked my prev epi.. bt very less cmnts guys.. plz cmnt.. I’ll be very happy if u cmnt on my episodes.. silent readers cmnt plz.. ok.. nw lets start..


Recap : Swara’s hallucinations.. 😉

After talking with sanky, swara went to her class hurriedly & sits next to Rags..

Ragini : Are Shona! Wat happened?? Y were u running??

Swara : ( smiles ) wo.. wo.. I met sanky outside..

Ragini : Achha so he was chasing u.. wat hv u done nw??

Swara : nah.. he wasnt chasing me..

Ragini : Then?? Y u came running??

Swara : wo.. actually Ragu.. frm morning I was imagining sanky everywhere ( tells her everything ) & dats y to confirm my doubt if he is real or not I… I pinched him hard! 😉

Ragini : ( shocked ) watt?? 😮 shona u r really getting crazy day by day..

Swara : Offo Rags! I knw that.. bt what can I do.. Its his fault only.. He has stolen my most precious thing from me??

Ragini : ( shocked) what? Sanky have stolen ur precious thing??bt what?? When & ?? How??

Swara : ( smiles) yes.. he has stolen my heart.. when? How? I dnt knw.. bt I lost it..

Ragini : ( smiles ) shona.. u r really gone mad in his love.. bt wat if he dnt love u?? Wat if he rejects u??

Swara : No chance baby.. I’ll make him fall fr me.. Its promise of Swara Gadodia! ( smiles widely ) 🙂

After some time, sanky too comes in class.. swara looks at him & smiles naughtily.. sanky sees her & shooks his head in disbelief..

Class starts.. professor was teaching on serious topic.. Swara gets bored! She looks at sanky & gets shocked.. he was sleeping.. suddenly an evil idea stucks in her mind.. she take out one paper & started to make chits.. She made 1 chit & throws it on sanky.. Sanky wakes up with a jerk.. he sees chit.. he looked here & there & finally opens it..
Sleeping in the midst of lecture
Is a bad habit Mr. Maheshwari 😉

Sanskar gets shocked.. He was nt getting it that who sent him this note.. He looks here & there bt no use.. Swara was seeing this all from the corner of her eyes.. He’s enjoying his state.. She made 2nd chit.. & again throws it on him.. Sanky again grts shocked.. He opened the chit..
Kaha ho tum.. Kaha ho tum..
Kaha ho tum.. O janejaa…
( searching fr me ?? ) 😉

Sanskar again gets shocked.. He thinks who is troubling him.. & moreover hw does that person knws abt him.. ( guys he’s new in clg ) only Laksh knws me here else.. suddenly he looks at swara..

Sanky : ( to himself ) oh shit.. shit! Hw cn I forget.. That swara also knws me.. & its her doings only.. do smthing sanky.. he gets an idea.. He writes smthing on it & smirks! Now I’ll see hw u throw chits on me miss Swaraa! He was sitting beside a fat & black colured boy.. ( motu & golu ) He tells him smthing and exchange his sit with him.. He asked that boy to throw chit on swara & when she looks here, give her broad smile & flying kiss.. The boy does so.. he throws chit on swara.. swara gets excited & opens the chit-
Hum to tere ashiq hai sadiyo purane
Chahe tu mane chahe na mane.. 😉
( ahh darling I knw its u.. so my dear swara- I love You… 😉 )

Swara gets shocked reading chit.. she looks at sanky bt instead of sanky she sees that motu.. he smiled @ her & gave her flying kiss.. swara was double shocked.. she never expected this.. She fumes in anger.. Sanky sees her expressions & laughs inside his mind.. He was controlling hard.. 😀 😀 😀 suddenly swara gets up frm her sit..

Swara : Sir, M nt feeling well.. may I leave??

Sir : yes, sure..

Swara leaves from there stamping her foot hard.. While leaving once she stop & glared @ sanky who was trying hard to supress his laugh.. She gave him – will see u later look & left..

After the class.. Sanky & Lucky were laughing like anything..

Lucky : sanky, seriously yaar! U r great.. hats off to u.. Wat a lesson u hv taught to her.. when I saw her expression.. I was just bursting out loud inside.. hehehe.. Maza agaya aaj.. 😀 😉

Sanky : ( laughs ) ha lucky.. I also enjoyed it.. Her expression was like she was going to kill that motu at any time.. haha.. 😀 ok leave that.. we hv to go music room today, remember?? Challo.. lets leave!

Sanlak entered in music room.. they start practicing.. Sanskar was playing guitar.. suddenly they all hear a voice..

Swara : Hello everyone ( smiles )

Sanky : See, devil came..

Swara : wat did u said???

Sanky : nothing.. y u came here??

Swara : are.. its music room.. Anyone can come here.. I come here to listen music..

Sanky nods his head & starts his practice again.. swara keeps on chit chatting with everyone disturbing sanky.. Finally he gets angry!

Sanky : Swaraaaa!! ( shouts in anger )

Swara : wat happen sanky?? Y r u shouting??

Sanky : ( angry ) wat happen?? U r disturbing me from long time.. Do u hv any sense?? Leave abt sense.. Do u even knw M of music?? No na?? Then atleast dont disrespect it.. & next time dont come here to chit chat & joking.. its for music lovers only..

Ragini : but sanskar..

Sanky : no Ragini.. she always behaves like this.. She dont knw hw to behave, hw to respect.. m jst sick of dis nw.. ( turns to other side facing his back to swara )

It was raining heavily outside..Swara was listening all this with tears in her eyes.. she takes out her guitar & start to sing-

Pehle kabhi na tune muzhe ghum diya
Phir muze kyun tanha kar diya
Guzare the jo lamhe pyar ke
Hamesha tuze apna maan ke
Toh phir tune badli kyun ada
Ye kyun kiya…

Kabhi jo badal barse
Mein dekhu tuze aakhe bharke
Tu lage muze pehli baarish ki dua
Tere pehlu mein rehlu
Mein khudko paagal kehlu
Tu ghum de ya khushiya sehlu

Sanky was stunned by hearing such a melodius voice.. He turns & gets shocked to see swara singing.. Tears were flowing from her eyes.. Sanky felt bad & guilty.. 🙁

Koi nahi tere siva mera yahaan
Manzile hai meri to sab yahan
Mita de sabhi aaja fasle
Main chahu mujhe mujhse baant le
Zara sa mujhme tu jhaank le
Mein hoon kyaaa..

Saathiyaa… saathiyaa.. ( song ends)

Suddenly sanky sees blood coming out from swara’s finger.. He rushes to her & tries to talk..

Sanky : ( concerned ) swaraa!! Look at ur finger.. Where u lost ha?? Look hw much its bleeding.. ( he keeps on scolding her )

Swara looks at sanky & rushes out of room while crying..

Sanky : ( tries to stop her ) Swaraa! Wait.. Swaraa…!

Ragini : She wont stop sanky.. she’s hurt.. U scolded her for those things which she can’t even do in her dreams also.. Music is her everything.. hw can she disrespect it?? Never sanky..

Sanky : ( feels bad ) M sry Ragini.. I dont knw abt it.. nw wat should I do?? I wanna say her sry bt she’s nt ready to listen.. 🙁

Ragini : ( smiles ) dnt wry sanky.. When Ragini is there, then no need to fear.. ( winks at him )

Episode Ends..

Precap : Mission Swara manao.. 😉


Tik tok tik tok..!!!
A very long part for u guys..
Sry I couldn’t add RagLak scenes..
Nw u must be thinking abt-
What will sanky do nw fr swara????
Will swara forgive sanky ??
To knw more.. keep reading.. IWL..
Share ur views & cmnt..
M waiting.. 🙂

Credit to: Swarmayi

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