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Swaragini reaches home.. Swara literally drags Ragini to her room.. As soon as they enter her room, she starts dancing like mad.. She also drags Rags with her for dance & twirls her…

Swara : ( Extremely happy ) Ragoo.. Rago.. Ragoooo… Yippieeee… m soooo happy Rago.. M sooo happy.. finally the day comes m waiting from long.. oh God! Rago.. I’m on cloud 9..

Ragini : ( stops her ) Shonaa.. Shonaa.. calm down.. take a break.. Take a long breath & tell me now what happened.. Why r u behaving so weird???

Swara : What happened??!!! Ask me what didn’t happen.. Omg Rags.. Finally he come Rags.. He come.. My waiting gets over..

Ragini : ( confused ) Who come shona?? Tell me clearly na.. don’t eat my brains..

Swara : Arre duffer.. my dreamboy! He come.. with a perfect heroic entry.. U knw I was just..( cuts her)

Ragini : ( shocked) whattt??? 😮 What r u saying??? Ur dreamboy come??.. 1 min.. Shona! Who is that guy?? ( suspiciously )

Swara : ( blushes) Sanky!!!

Ragini : ( shocked) WHAATT??!! Sanky??? R u serious??

Swara : yes Rago.. 1000%.. He is only my dreamboy.. my sweetie, my cuttie.. my hottie.. ( cuts her )

Ragini : Swara! Wait.. what r u saying?? U mean Sanskaar! Ur dreamboy??!! Unbelievable..!!

Swara : ( smiles) Yaa Ragini.. He is perfect for me.. U know he saved me from those boys by giving his killer look..! Hayyyy!!! I was died right there at that moment..!! He is very nice person.. He helped me.. My Angry Bird!!!

Ragini : Haa Swara.. That I know.. But he didn’t like u.. moreover u r exactly opposite to each other.. Then how can u ( swara cuts her )

Swara : I know.. I know.. We r exactly opposite to each other bt u know na oppo.. site attracts!! & It was our 1st meeting.. U just wait & watch.. How I will make him fall for me.. He’ll propose me on his own..! ( winks) 😉

Ragini : Shonaa!! U r really gone case.. God knows hw will dat Sanky handle u..!!

Swara : hehe.. 😀 stop it now!! & let’s go..

Ragini : Where???

Swara : Ice-cream parlor.. to celebrate this day..

Ragini : ( thinks) arre.. Swara!! I forgot to ask u.. Why u told him to call u idiot?? I didn’t get it!!! U should have scold him na..

Swara : Ohh God!! Rago.. u r really dumbo.. don’t u knw full form of IDIOT???

Ragini : ( confused) noo..

Swara : wooww!! The great Ragini devi doedn’t knw this minor thing also.. urgghh!! God!! Ok.. I’ll tell u.. Idiot means- I Do Ishq Only Tumse!! Nice na?? Dats y I told him to call me idiot! ( winks ).. 😉

Ragini : Shonaa! U r shameless!!

Swara : ( laughs) ok.. ok.. now let’s go to eat ice cream.. come..

Swaragini went to Ice- cream parlor…


Here Sanky is very restless.. He is thinking about Swara.. Her big big eyes.. Her mesmerising smile.. & her beauty.. The way she talked to him.. smthng is different.. He never felt this before.. bt Swara is smthng different..

Lucky : Arre Sanky!! Where u lost??

Sanky : Swara..!!

Lucky : ( shocked) whatt??

Sanky : ( fumbles) ahh.. umm.. vo.. I mean.. that girl.. hw could she talk wid me like dat.. I was thinking abt dat..

Lucky : ( smiles ) Sanky, u r thinking abt her??? The great Sanskaar Maheshwari is thinking abt a girl??? Strange, isn’t it?? ( winks) 😉

Sanky : ( irritated) yaar lucky!! What’s wrong with u?? It’s not like dat.. U knw me very well..

Lucky : yess.. yes.. only I knw u.. ( sanky stares him angrily so quickly diverts topic )Vo.. Sanky.. M thinking to go to the Ice- cream parlor.. It’s too hot today.. Shall we??

Sanky : Hmm.. yaa.. come.. let’s go..

Both left..


Here Swaragini were sitting in ice cream parlor.. Waiter comes to ask order..

Waiter : ( to Swara ) What is your order ma’am??

Swara : ( smiles ) Sanskaar!!

Waiter & Ragini both gets shocked..!

Both : Whattt??? 😮

Swara : ( realises what she said ) ahhm.. umm.. I mean.. Chocolate Ice cream with almond nuts…

Ragini : 1 butterscotch ice cream..

Waiter left.. Ragini was staring at Swara with anger..

Swara : ( innocently ) what happened now??

Ragini : ( angry ) Don’t u know??? U r totally mad shona! Sanky was right.. I think, u should go to psychiatrist..

Suddenly Sanky & Lucky enters in same Ice cream parlor… Swara looks at Sanky & smiles..

Ragini keeps on talking.. But shona is looking somwhere else.. Ragini realises it & stops..

Ragini : ( confused ) Swara!! What happened???

Swara : ( Smiles ) ISHQ WALA LOVE.. AT FIRST SIGHT! :*

Screen freezes on smiling face of Swara…


Precap – Ice- cream mastii.. & ( let me think 😉 )

Credit to: Swarmayi

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  1. superb… swara is really cute…

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      Thanx dear.. 🙂

  2. Lovely episode….seriously enjoyed while reading…swasan part was nice…wen u gng to raglak I’m eagerly waiting fr tat…

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Thank u.. 🙂 As I already told it is SwaSan ff so RagLak part will be less comparitively swasan.. & m gng to start it very soon.. 🙂

  3. give importance to ragini also

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      M sry dear.. can’t give that much importance to Ragini.. It’s only SwaSan ff.. There will be very less Raglak part..

  4. awesome….i loved it

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      Thank u.. 🙂

  5. Waiting for Raglak scenes dear

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      Sure dear.. 🙂 very soon u’ll able to see Raglak scenes also.. bt very few.. coz its swasan ff.. 😉

  6. Sissy my heartily apology to u… I didn’t read last 3 chapter… What to do exams… But I promise I will read every chapter after 2 days… Chhhooiii ???

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Hey.. It’s okay dear.. 🙂 no need to apologise.. I can understand.. bt in true sense, i was really waiting for ur comment.. 😉 hehe.. btw, hw was ur exams?? Is it over nw??

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  7. awsm yaar upload soon

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  8. wonderful…

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  9. Lovely….. n full frm of idiot was just superb 😀 😀 😀

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Hehe.. 😀 Thanks.. ;).. actually it was nt my dialogue.. its frm serial Madhubala.. Raja said this once to madhu.. 😉

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