Hello guys.. I think u guys r nt liking my story.. Should I make it short?? Tell me ur ideas.. I’ll end this story in 25 episodes.. otherwise if u want I can drag it.. choice is urs! Bt plz do comments guys so that I can decide..


Episode starts with Lucky coming to Sanky & asks him the matter..

Lucky : Arre Sanky!! What happened to this girl???

Sanky : ( tells him everything ) Lucky, I think we should take her to hospital..

Lucky : wait, Sanky! I think she is fainted bcoz of fear.. Wait! I’ll bring some water..

Lucky brings water.. meanwhile Ragini comes there in search of swara & shocked to see her unconscious..

Ragini : ( shouts & rushes to her) Swaraa!! Swaraa!! What happened to u??? Wake up plz.. ( cries )

Lucky : Hey, calm down.. nothing happened.. ( tells her everything )

Ragini : ( to sanky ) Thanx.. Thank u so much for saving my Swara! Don’t know what would have happened if u were not there at that time..

Sanky : Hey, it’s okay.. No need to thank me.. ahh.. leave it! I think 1st we should wake her up.. Later we’ll talk..

RagLak agrees.. Trio tries to wake up Swara.. Slowly she opens her eyes.. An unknown smile occurs on her glowing face..

Ragini : ( happily hugs swara ) Shonaa!!! Thank God u r fine.. U knw how scared I was!

Ragini was continuously speaking with her.. But Swara! She was lost! In her own world..!! She didn’t speak anything.. Rags breaks hug & looks at her confusingly..

Ragini : Shonaa! What happened?? Why r u so quiet??? & why r u smiling?? Speak something..

Swara was looking at 1 direction continuously.. Rags also looks at that direction.. Sanky was standing there.. Rags looks at her & shakes her..

Ragini : Swaraa!! Swaraa!! What r u seeing?? Where u lost??

Swara : ( looking at Sanky ) Hot..!!! ;P

Ragini : ( shocked ) Whattt???? 😮

Swara : ( smiles cutely ) Handsome..!!! :*

Ragini : ( again shocked) Swaraa!! R u fine??? What r u blabbering??

Swara : cool.. smart.. dashing..

SanLak were standing there with their mouths hunged open.. 😀 Like what is happening here??!! Is this girl gone mad?? what is she speaking??

Here Ragini is still shocked as well as angry..

Ragini : Stop it Swaraa!! C’mon get up..

She looks at SanLak who were still in shock..

Ragini : I’m sorry.. ahh.. actually.. she is not in her senses.. so.. so she is blabbering anything..

Swara : ( looks at Rags ) no Rago!! I mean it! I really mean it!! You know wat m waiting for this moment long ago.. Now I’m feeling like to fly.. I wnna swim.. I wanna dance.. I wanna do everything which I can.. I’m sooo happy Rags.. I’m soo excited.. I just wanna..( Rags cuts her )

Ragini : ( try to convert topic ) ahh.. uhhm.. Shonaaaa.. we’ll talk abt it later ok.. First let us introduce ourselves.. Hii guys.. I’m Ragini..

Lucky : Hello.. Nice name Rags.. urgghh! I mean Ragini.. I’m Lucky.. I mean Laksh!!! 😀

Sanky : Hii.. I’m Sanskaar!! Sanskaar Maheshwari..!!( looks at Swara )

Ragini pinches Swara..

Swara : Aaaww!! ( fakely smiles) Hii.. I’m Swara!! Swara Gadodia..!! Only my dear ones call me Shona! But I’ll like.. no no.. I’ll love if u call me Shona! ( looks at Sanky )

RagSanLak were Shocked!!!

Sanky : Excuse me???

Swara : ( In playfully) Excused..!! No need of formalities Sanky!!

Sanky again looks at her like what is she upto?? N hw can she easily call him Sanky!!

Swara : offo!! Now what?? Why r u staring me like this?? M I looking like an Alien?? C’mon pick up me.. I can’t walk.. M feeling dizzy.. Come na..

Thats it! Now its enough for sanky!! He couldn’t take it anymore..

Sanky : ( angrily) Hey u!! Whoever u r!! What do u think of me?? M I ur servant that u r ordering me?? Stay in ur limits ok?? I’m nt dat type of guy so don’t u dare to flirt wid me.. got it???

Swara : ( angrily pouts) Hawwwww!! How rude!! First of all my name is Swara! Second thing, I’m limitless! There are no limits for me.. & third thing, what do u mean by u r not that type of guy??? Then which type of guy u r?? ( winks)

Sanky : ( irritated) Hey, wait! Take a break! How can u talk continuously.. & what was that questions?? R u nuts?? God! Was that kavita was less that u have sent another idiot creature in my life..!!

Yess!! The boy who met Kavi on the road is non other than Sanky!

Swara : ohh hello!! Angry bird!! Don’t u dare to call me Idiot or ( suddenly realises smthng) no no.. call me idiot..!! 😉 I like it.. ( smiles)

Sanky : ( shocked) Whatt??? Now I’m damn sure that u r totally mad!!

Swara : ( laughs ) hehe.. I know that sanky.. Tell me smthng new.. 😉 by d way, who is this Kavita?? Is she ur girlfrnd??

Sanky : ( irritated ) Why should I tell u?? Who r u?? R u my mother?? U jst mind ur own business.. don’t poke ur nose in my life, got me??

Swara : ( angry ) Huhh!! Fine!! Don’t tell..!! ( suddenly pulls his cheeks) By d way, u look soooo cute when u gets angry!! Angry bird!! ( laughs)

Sanky : ( gets irked ) Hey, Swara plz stop it now.. & for god’s sake dont call me Angry Bird! ( joins hands angrily )

Swara starts laughing again.. Sanky gets mesmerised seeing her laugh.. Her beautiful eyes.. Suddenly Lucky shakes him..

Lucky : Sanky, let’s go.. it’s already late.. Bye guys..

Sanky : Yaa.. let’s go..

Swara : Arre Sanky!! Don’t u tell me bye?? ( smiles teasingly)

Sanky : ( angry ) Byyyyyyye!!!!

SanLak leaves.. Swara is still smiling.. Ragini comes to her..

Ragini : Shona!! I think we should leave now..

Swara : Yaa.. let’s go home.. I wanna tell u smthng.. come..

Swaragini leaves in their cars..

Episode ends..


Precap – Swaragini & SanLak conversation… 😉

Credit to: Swarmayi

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  1. wow it was really funny and nice too

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Thanx dear.. 🙂

  2. Wow i was continuously laughing while reading ur ff its awesome

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Hehe.. Thanx.. & m happy that bcoz of my ff u laughed!! 😉

  3. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Lol……its superbbbb…….pls….do continue dear…….and my request is ………pls………drag it more then 25 epis……..pls…..

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Thank u Natasha.. & Will try to drag.. 🙂

  4. Nice dr

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Thanx dear.. 🙂

  5. ragsan couple is best for ur plot

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