Hello everyone..!! Swarmayi here.!! First of all soooooo sry for delay.. As I told I was bzy in my examination.. well, nw its over so I’ll regularly update.. Here is ur next epi-


Both are shocked to see each other….

Person : You here??? When?? How?? & Why didn’t u tell me??

Boy : ( Gets irritated ) Actually.. vo.. ahh!! Yess.. I just arrived here 2 days ago.. here Dad’s some important project is going on so.. By the way, what about u?? Hw cum u here??

Person : Ohh! C’mon Jaan.. How can u forget?? I told u na that we r shifting.. So here I’m.. Wooow! U knw I was sooo sad dat I was going away frm u bt look.!! We r again together..! ( Holds his hands and kisses it)

Boy : ( angrily jerks it bt pretends to be calm) hey, Kavita.. we’ll talk later ok.. I’m getting late fr clg..

Yess.. The person is Kavita! Who has crush on that boy! 😉 But the boy never ever gives importance to her antics.. He just ignores it.. He just hate that kavi 😉 fr irritating him everytime & everywhere!! :p

Kavita : Hey which clg?? Actually I’m also going to clg..

Boy : St. Zaviers! Urs???

Kavita : ( hugs boy ) omg!! Omg!! We r in same clg baby!!! Omg.. m so happy..

Boy : ( gets shocked & hits his forehead & murmurs) God!! Why me always?? Iss chipkali ko kyun chipka diya mujhse??!!

Kavita : Did u said smthng janu??

Boy : ahh.. no.. nothing.. I think we should leave nw..

Kavita : okay.. let’s go..


Here Swaragini reaches clg.. Swara starts her bakbak again..

Swara : offo Rags!! Look na.. There is not single boy in this clg who will reach to my expectations.. All r dumbos.. uff!! When will my dreamboy come rags?? Huhh!! I’m very bored to see these dumb faces every day.. 🙁

Ragini : Shonaa!! Firse shuru hogayee tu.. Aajayega tera DREAM BOY! Par pehle jara padhaai par bhi dhyan dijiye madam.. Aap topper hai clg mein.. Bhooliye mat. Aur iss bar bhi aap hi ko top karna hai, samjhi??

Swara : Off course Gini! Top toh mein hi karoongi.. lekin koi aisa aa jaye jo muze exams mein tashan de to aur bhi jyada maza aayega.. aur vo koi sirf mera Dream Boy hi hona chahiye.. How sweet na??!! ( closes her eyes & smiles like mad )

Ragini : Hey Bhagwan! Ghum phir ke phir gadi Dream Boy par hi aakar ruk gayi.. God plz.. jald se jald iss pagal ke liye kisiko bhej do.. varna iske sath sath mein bhi paagal ho jaungi..

Swaragini were bzy in their talking cm nok-zok while some boys are staring at them.. They heard their talks.. Ragini goes to bring book frm library & swara were sitting there.. They move towards swara..

Boy 1 : Arre.. Kya karr rahi ho?? Dream boy ka intezar?? Dekho.. mein to aa gaya.. ( laughs)

Boy 2 : Abe tu akela kyun be?? Hum bhi toh hai na.. kyun madam?? ( laughs loudly )

Swara gets scared listening their talks.. She starts to go away but they try to hold her hand.. she jerks it & starts running.. Boys also starts chasing her..

Suddenly she hits someone & is going to fall but two strong arms hold her.. she closed her eyes & is breathing heavily due to running..

Slowly when she realised she is safe, opens her eyes.. She gets mesmerised seeing him.. Her heart starts beating fastly.. He is looking just breathtaking.. He make her stand slowly & looks at those boys giving death glare.. Boys leaves from there.. He turns to swara.. She is still looking at him without blinking eyes.. He goes to her & try to speak..

Boy : Hey, R u ok??

Swara : no response..

Boy : Hello, can u hear me?? I asked r u ok??

Swara : still no response!

Boy : ( waves hand infront of her) excuse me! R u deaf?? I’m talking to u..

Swara : ( coming to senses) umm.. haa..ya..yess. I’m fine.. I’m.. I’m..( faints)

Before she fall down he catches her in his arms.. He tries to wake her up suddenly someone called him from back..

Lucky : Hey, Sanky! What r u doing?? What happened dude??

Yess.. The boy is non other than our sanskaar.. The Sanskaar Maheshwari!

Episode ends with confused face of Lucky, Worried face of Sanky & Swara who is fainted but yet hv smile on her face..


Precap : SwaSan introduction.. Nok-jhok.. & much more..

Credit to: Swarmayi

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  1. make also raglak plz!!

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Sure dear.. there will be raglak part also.. bt nt as much as swasan..

  2. Upload in english plz

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      It’s almost in english dear.. only some sentences are in hindi.. bt still I’ll try.. 🙂

  3. pls pls upload n english

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      Thanx dear..

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