Hello frnds.. soooo sry fr late update.. I was quite bzy.. ok no bakbak today.. lets start..

Recap : Sanky’s Jealousy..???


After returning frm cafe sanky was standing near a window of his room thinking about recent happening..

Sanky : What the hell is happening with me? Y I got so angry seeing that Abeer near swara? Y cant I see them close? Y I was feeling insecure? Y M so possessive abt swara? M I jealous?? No.. no.. Y will I get jealous? We r just frnds.. best frnds.. & I dont like him as a frnd cz I care fr her.. nothing else.. Arrghh!! I think I shd sleep nw.. Tmrw is semifinale. ( He goes to bed & sleeps )

Here at GM :

Swara : ( monologue ) Swara.. Did u see? Hw much sanky was jealous seeing Abeer with you. . OMG!! That.. that means he really loves me.. OMG..OMG..OMG.. But when will he confess it? Did he even realise it! No.. not yet.. Such a dumbo my Angry Bird is! But I love this dumbo.. My dumbo!! I’ll wait fr u sanky.. No matter hw much time u’ll take.. I’ll wait fr u till my last breath. I love u my Angry bird.. ummaah.. ( kisses sanky’s photo in her mob & sleeps.. )

Next day morning near auditorium…

SanLak were waiting for Swaragini. They arrived.

Ragini : Shona.. Best luck..

Lucky : Yeah.. best luck guys.. I knw u guys will rock it.. we wanna see u in finale..

SwaSan : Thank you so much guys.

Both leaves..

Ragini : Lucky..

Lucky : Haan Ragu..

Ragini : They both look so cute together na.. Bilkul MADE FOR EACH OTHER! ???

Lucky : ( smiles ) Yes Ragu.. They look perfect together. No doubt! ? Accha abb chalo madam varna hamari love birds ki performance miss ho jayegi.. come..

Ragini : Haa.. Let’s leave.

Both left..

Here swasan turns come.. Swara gets nervous. .

Swara : Sanky.. We’ll reach in finale na? ?

Sanky : ( Holds her hand & assurres her ) Of course. We’ll dear.. Just relax.. ☺

Soon both came on stage.. Sanky starts playing guitar.. He closed his eyes & starts Dekha Hazaro Dafa Aapko
Phir Bekarari Kaisi Hai
Sambhale Sambhalta Nahi Ye Dil
Kuch Aap Mein Baat Aisi Hai..

Sanskar looked at swara.. As if he's conveying his feelings through this lyrics to her.. Swara continues..

Lekar Ijazat Abb Aap Se
Saansein Ye Aati Jaati Hai
Dhoondhe Se Milte Nahi Hai Hum
Bas Aap Hi Aap Baaki Hai..

Sanskar was lost in her.. His hands were playing guitar.. His lips were singing song.. bt his heart & brain was occupied by only one thing… His Swara!!!

Sanky :

Pal Bhar Na Doorie Sahein Aap Se
Betaabeeyan Ye Kuch Aur Hai..

Swara :

Hum Door Hoke Bhi Paas Hai
Nazdeekiyaan Ye Kuch Aur Hai..

Sanky :

Dekha Hazaro Dafa Aapko
Phir Bekarari Kaisi Hai..

Swara :

Sambhale Sambhalta Nahi Ye Dil
Kuch Pyaar Mein Baat Aisi Hai..

RagLak were seeing them.. They were very happy to see SwaSan getting close.. In excitement, Ragini hugs lucky.. Lucky feels current passing through his body.. He smiles..

Swara :

Aagosh Main Hai Jo Aapki
Aisa Sukoon Aur Paaye Kaha..

Sanky :

Aankhein Humein Ye Raas Aa Gayi
Abb Hum Yaha Se Jaaye Kaha..

Dekha Hazaro Dafa Aapko
Phir Bekarari Kaisi Hai..

Swara :

Sambhale Sambhalta Nahi Ye Dil
Kuch Pyaar Mein Baat Aisi Hai..

Sanky :

Phir Bekarari Kaisi Hai…

Swara :


SwaSan had cute eyelock which was broken by huge applaud from audience & judges. They smile.. ???..

Finally result gets announced & our SwaSan got selected for finale.. Swara jumps like a kid & Hugs Sanky in excitement.. RagLak also jumps like mad & hugs each other. Suddenly Ragini kisses Lucky’s cheek.. Lucky gets shocked & touches his cheek.. Ragini saw this & bits her tongue. ??? She get highly embarrassed.

Ragini : vo.. vo.. m . Sorry. . I’ll cmafter meeting swasan. . ( runs )

Lucky : ( faints ) marr gaya…. ???

SwaSan –

Swara was beyond happy. Sanky was adoring her lovingly.. meanwhile Ragini cms there.

Ragini : Omg! Guys! U r just amazing.. Finally u r in finale. Woowww!! Congratulations. .

SwaSan : Thank You.. ☺

Suddenly Lucky came there with a serious face..

Lucky : ( serious ) Sanky, cm with me.. I need to talk with you. Its important. & u both ( swaragini ) stay here till we come..

Swaragini : Okay..

Sanky : Lucky, what’s the matter? U r looking tense..

Lucky : cm wid me.. ( both left )

Swara : isse kya hua??

Ragu : leave na.. These boys na.. boring creatures of God..

Swara : Absolutely crct! ( suddenly ) Omg! I forgot my mob in auditorium. Ragu.. u wait here. I’ll just cm.

Ragu : should I cm wid u shona?

Swara : Are no no.. its here only.. I’ll jst cm.. ( leaves )

10 mins later..

SanLak came there with a tensed face.. They saw Ragini sitting there bt swara is nowhere..

Sanky : Ragini, where’s shona?

Ragu : vo.. she went to auditorium to bring her mob.. bt y..

Lucky : ( cuts her ) R u nuts Ragini? I told u both not to go anywhere till we come den hw could u let her go? ( angry ) ?

Ragini : Lucky.. She told me she’ll jst cm.. so.. bt what happened? Y r u both looking so tense? Tell me damn it! ?

Sanky : Lucky.. dont get angry on her.. Its nt her fault. & Ragu 1st we need to reach her then will tell u.. cm guys fast..

Trio left frm there hurriedly…

Trio were searching her whole clg.. bt she was nowhere to be found.. with every passing second sanky was getting more worried.. They came near parking lot. Sanky angrily bangs his fist on car..

Sanky : God damn it! Where’s she? M getting mad nw.. I jst hope dat bastard did nothing with her.. or else.. I’ll bury him alive.. ( Fumes in anger )

Suddenly something caught their attention… Trio gets shocked & shouts..

SanRagLak : ( Shouts ) SWARAAAAAA…!!!

A car was standing there and 4/5 goons were dragging swara towards the car.. They were slapping her.. she was screaming, crying & tring to escape bt no use.. Finally they took her in car & starts the car.. SanRagLak started to run behind them..

Sanky : Heyyy.. Stopp.. SWARAA.. SWARAAAA…

bt they increased the speed..

Sanky rushedto his car & starts it.. He started chasing them with full speed..

Raglak also gets in lucky’s car & leaves..

Sanky : ( while chasing ) Nothing will happen to you Swara.. I promise.. M coming.. ur Sanky is cmng to save u.. I wont leave anyone.. ANYONE!! ( furious )

Screen freezes on Sanky’s angry cm tensed face & swara’s crying face..

Precap : Umm.. Dhishum dhishum &.. &..&.. ( nahi bataungi khud hi padh lo ????? )

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  1. Waaaahoooo!!!! awesome chappy…loved it… Heyyy you alll gones u all r giving pain to Swara,,, Sanskar’s Swara???? now wait n watch… if u all dont see moons n stars in day ,, my name is not Kakali… mark my words… Swarmayi 4 no no 10 punches from my side also…plzzzz…

    1. Mica

      it’s rain on their side kakali 😛 😀

  2. Mica

    uh noo.. save Swara Sanskar!!

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  4. Mera fav song???
    Mazaaa aaa gayi…
    Aur Sanky?
    Haye…bechara jealousy ka maara
    Aur pakka agle epi mein love confession hoga…I can bet on it
    Now u be happy….dnt be sad…and keep writing more…and post soon…
    Love u?

  5. Maar gaya ????good laksh. Waiting for swara and sanskar confession.

  6. Nice and update soon please

  7. Nice..Good epi

  8. Yaaa Mica..

  9. Awesome

  10. ahh loved this chappy but /….. don’t harm swara and its high time sanky should realize his love andd ….. one more request plzzzz post dailllyyyyy naaaaa its seriously sooo cute ff i just loved it it always changes my mood when i am angry or worried

    1. Swarmayi

      Aww.. Thak u so much ishu.. & I guess u r silent reader of my ff, ryt? Thank God u guys started commenting.. & M very happy to know dat u like my ff so much.. bt dear, try to undertand.. M also a clg student.. I hv study, classes, clg.. so I cant post daily.. bt fr u I’ll try..? bt on 1 condition! U shouldn’t be silent reader here after.. ok?? ☺

  11. Swarmayi

    Anu, Kakali, Mica, SHAN, Ishu, s, soujanya Ashnoor, Anniya, divya, shiksha,dharani, Anjali.. Thank u sooooo much guys.. Love u all.. & dont worry Kakali.. I’ll fulfill ur wish.. Pakka promise! ?

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