Recap : Kavi's evil plan.. Abeer's entry.. Abeer saves Swara.. Sanky jealous.. ?

Episode starts with SwaSan ending their performance.. Both looks at each other & smiles.. They getdown frm stage & goes frm there.. They came outside & when sanky was abt to hug swara Abeer came there & hugs her shocking both swasan..

Abeer : ( hugs her ) Omg! Omg! Omg! Swara.. what an outstanding singer u r! I just loved ur voice.. ( sanky made his fist tight & looks at Abeer angrily ) & sanky, dude! U r also not less than her ha.. great!!

Sanky : ( cold tone ) Thanks.. ( he looks at abeer who was standing there with swara & still holding her hand.. He glares at Swabeer.. Swara understands it & smiles in mind bt gulps seeing his anger.. All this was unnoticed by Abeer.. )

Swara : ( tries to escape frm situation so takes her hand out of his & smiles ) Thanks.. Thanks Abeer.. ? Wo.. We shd leave nw I think.. Its ressult time.. bye.. see u later..

Abeer : ( again stops her holding her hand ) Arre swara!! Chill! Whats so hurry?? There are still 2 performances are remaining..

Now that was it fr sanky!! He got furious.. Hw dare he touch his shona! & moreover he's forcing her to stay with him.. Hw can he bear it! ? swara looks at sanky who was burning in jealousy.. She was enjoying. Sanky goes near Swabeer & seperates Abeers hand frm swara's hand..

Sanky : ( angrily ) she told u na.. we need to go.. den y r u forcing her?? Don't u knw we shdnt force any stranger girl.. ?

Abeer : hey.. hey dude! Chill yaar! Relax.. I was  saying genuinely.  Dont be angry yaar.. & who said we r strangers?? We r frnds.. hai na swara?? ( swara nods ) ok nw swara, give me ur mobile number  na..

Sanky : ( angry ) y do u want her mob no.??

Abeer : Arree!! Y means? We r frnds nw.. Cant I get no. of my frnd? So dat we can talk, we can do chatting with each other..

Sanky : ( angry ) No need to do chatting & all.. we cant believe on strangers..

Abeer looked at swara with pleading eyes..

Swara : ( smiles ) Sanky.. Its k.. we can trust him.. Abeer my mob no. is **********. Happy now??

Abeer : yess! Very happy! Thanks swara.. bye.. Bye angry bird!! ???

Sanky : ( whispers ) iski to main..

Swara was controlling her laugh.. Sanky looks at her & gave death glare..

Sanky : stop making dat faces.. U can laugh loudly.. no need to supress it..

Swara burst out laughing..

Swara : sanky.. haha.. seriously! What was dat ha?? Omg!! Y u were behaving with him like that.. Hahaha.. u r so funny.. He was very sweet & genuine.

Sanky : ( angry ) Achcha!! He was sweet & genuine? He was a stranger swara! Hw can u believe him so easily that also in 1st meeting! & hw can u give him ur mob no.?? Look.. stay away frm him.. I don't like that creature..

Swara : ( teases ) Aah! Sanky! Kya tumhe smell aa rahi hai??

Sanky : Smell?? Kaisi smell?  Muze to nahi aa rahi..

Swara : par muze aa rahi hai.. Lagta hai kuch jal raha hai yahan pe.. ( laughs )

Sanky : ( understands ) Just shut up!  What do u mean?? M jealous?? No.. not at all.. m nt jealous ok?

Swara : ( teases ) Arre!! Hadd hoti hai! When did I say dat u r jealous.. u only speaking.. ??? R u really jealous?? ?

Sanky : No.. Y shd I get jealous?? Its ur life.. ur decisions.  Who m I to interfere??

Swara : Dont say like dat na sanky.. u knw na u r my.. ( stops & bits her tongue )

Sanky : ( looked at her ) I'm ur..???

Swara : ( stammers ) Best.. best frnd na.. U hv d ryt to interfere in my life. ?

Sanky : Hmm.. ok.. Lets leave.  Result time..

Swara : okay.. ?

Both goes inside.. Result get declared.. SwaSan get selected fr semifinale.. All are happy..

Lucky : congrats dude!

Sanky : thanks..

Ragini : guys where were u after ur performance..?? We were searching u..

Swara : Arrey wo.. we were with Abeer!

Ragini : Abeer?? Who's this?

Swara : wo ragu actually… ( tells her everything.. )

Sanky : ( irritated ) shall we leave nw?? Ya fir aur bhi Abeer puran baaki hai??

Swaraglak can clearly see jealousy & insecurity of sanky.. They laughed..

Swara : Yes.. Abeer puran khatam.. Let's leave..

All leaves..

Precap : Reamaining part of teaser.. ???

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  1. Rabia

    Nice ?

  2. Shreeyu

    Superb ….. Jealously part was amazing …. ????

    1. Swarmayi

      Thank you so much shreeyu

  3. Yahoooo!!! i can smell something is burning… ?… hahaha awesome episode…?… very nice Sanskar tum aur jallo… ?

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks Kakali

  4. Jealousy….
    Omg!!! I loved it so much!
    Abb semi finals jeetenge SwaSan
    Phir Swara ke sath kuch aisa hoga ki sav shocked ho jayenge
    If u do anything bad to her, I won’t spk to u
    Got that?
    That’s better
    Acha bye bye
    Love u?

  5. Mica

    Abeeerrrrr!!!!! ready to go to hell dear !!! 😀 😀
    luv it swarmayii..

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