Hellooo frnds.. swarmayi here.. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u all.. & m very sry bcz of festival preparations I couldnt able to give update yesterday.. ok.. nw no more bakbak.. lets start-


Recap : SwaSan moments & nok jhoks.. ?

Next day morning-

Swara was getting ready in her room.. Rags was also with her.. They were leaving for competition. .

Rags : shona!! Take this bottle.. Its boiled water.. dont take frm others,okay??

Swara : ok madam.. ?

Ragini : ☺ so, r u ready?? SanLak will be cmng here at any time..

Swara : wat?? They r cmng to pick up us?? Y??

Rags : y?? Do u hv any problem?? ?

Swara : Nooo..?

Rags : Then keep quiet & cm.. we r getting late..

Swara : ? ok..

Both leaves.. SanLak cms there in Sanky’s car.. all leaves fr competition venue.. They reached after smtym.. Sanky parks his car & all get down..

Sanky : Rags, shona.. me & lucky r going to see our practice room, ok?? Till then u guys wait here or sit in canteen nearby..

Swara : ok sanky.. dont wry.. will wait in canteen.. ☺

Sanky : ok.. ☺

SanLak leaves.. Swaragini waits in canteen.. Two pairs of eyes were watching them from corner.. After smtym, sanlak returns..

Sanky : shona, lets go.. we found it! Lets practice fr smtym..

Swara : ok..

RagLak : bye guys.. will meet u two after ur performance.. best of luck.. ???

SwaSan : bye.. Thank u.. ?

Swasan leaves.. They r going upstairs.. Meanwhile sm1 shouts frm behind.. swasan turns & saw 1 girl was fallen there & crying.. they rushes to her..

Swara : Hey, what happened to u?? R u ok??

Girl : no.. actually m here fr my frnd.. She is in this competition.. actually she’s having prblm in her throat so I brought medicine fr her.. bt my leg got sprained.. I frgt my mob at home in hurry.. She must be in Girls common room waiting fr me.. ( to swara ) will u plz go & give it to her??

Swasan looked at each other.. sanky nods in positive. . Swara nods..

Swara : ok..i’ll give it.. bt whats her name??

Girl : Sakshi Sharma..

Swara : ok.. will go & give it.. till then u both wait here..

Sanky : ok..

Swara leaves.. she goes in common room but no one was there.. she got confuse..

Swara : arre!! She told me to cm here.. bt here is no one.. ( suddenly the door of room gets locked .. swara gets shocked )

Swara : ( scared ) who’s there?? ( runs towards door ) open d door.. plzz… help. ( she banged the door.. ) ????

Here at downstairs-

Sanky was waiting fr swara.. he was feeling restless..

Sanky : where’s dis shona?? Y she dint cm yet?? M feeling very restless.. like she needs me.. God!! ? ( to the girl ) excuse me, u wait here, I’ll jst cm..

Girl : ok..

Sanky left frm there.. as soon as sanky left.. The girl who was sitting there gets up quickly & rushes to another girl..

Girl : work done boss..

2 girl : Good!! Here, take ur money.. & leave.. ( girl leaves ) nw u’ll get to knw swara.. what is Kavita!!! ( Yess.. its all planned by cavity ??)

Here in room, its all dark..swara was sweating badly.. she was continuously calling fr help..
& on other side sanky was searching her madly.. He thought to ask dat girl abt her frnd so he came where he left her bt she wasnt there.. sanky was shocked.. ?

Sanky : where’s dat girl?? Hw can she left when she’s injured.. ( suddenly he remembered Raj & his threat ) ohh! Shit!! It was all trap.. hw can I be so fool.. damn it!! What if dat Raj does anything to shona!! I swear I wont leave him..!! ???
( He leaves in search of swara.. )

At swara’s room.. suddenly sm1 open d door .. swara got happy thinking its sanky..

Swara : ( happy ) Sanky, u came?? I knw u’ll cm.. thank god! U knw hw much I was scared sm1 ( stops in middle seeing person’s face )

Swara : Who r u?? What.. what r u doing here?? & what do u want??

Person : Hello miss.. Relax.. M here to help u.. I was passing frm here & i heard ur voice so I opened lock.. Aisa vaisa kuch mat socho..?????

Swara : uff!! Thank God!! & sorry..

Person : Are no.. Its k.. btw.. m Abeer! Abeer Shekhawat!

Swara : ( shakes hand ) Swara Gadodia! ☺

Abeer : Nice to meet u swara..

Swara : Same here.. oh no! M late! Sanky must be waiting.. I shd leave..

Abeer : Ok wait… m too coming..

Both leaves.. Swabeer were descending stairs in hurry.. & sanky was ascending same stairs.. Swara lost her balance & was abt to fall bt Abeer catches her on time.. Sanky see this & gets jealous!!

Abeer : oops! R u fine??

Swara : yeah! Thanks.. ( suddenly she saw sanky who was burning in jealousy ?????) Sankyyyy!! ( she runs & hugs him )

Sanky : Swaraa!! Where were u??

Swara : Sanky, sm1 locked me in common room.. I was so scared.. bt Abeer saved me.. arre! I forget to introduce u.. Abeer meet my frnd Sanky.. Sanskar Maheshwari! & sanky, he’s Abeer Shekhawat!

Abeer : ( frwrds hand ) hii sanky.. nice to meet u!

Sanky : ( unwilingly ) Hii.. Same here.. & Thanks fr saving swara..

Abeer : Oh common dude! My pleasure!!

Sanky fumes..

Sanky : Swara we r getting late.. Its our no. nw.. shall we leave??

Swara : oh yes! Bye Abeer..

Abeer : Bye..

SwaSan leaves.. Sanky was still mad at Abeer.. hw dare he touch my shona! Wait.. what?? Did I just call her my shona?? No.. urrghh!! I hv gone mad.. ( sanky thinks )

Finally their names are announced.. Both came on stage.. Sanky closes his eyes & starts-

Tu hi ye muzko bata de
Chahoon main ya na
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahoon main ya na..

Swara :

Tu hi ye muzko bata de
Chahoon main ya na
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahoon main ya na..

Sanky :

Itna batadoon tuzko
Chahat pe apni muzko
Yun to nahi ikhtiyaar..
Phir bhi ye socha dil ne
Abb jo laga hoon milne
Poochoon tuze ekk baar o..
Tuhi ye muzko…

He looks at swara.. He thinks hw he always wants to be with swara.. hw he always tries to be with swara.. hw he cant see swara with any other boy..

Aisi kabhi pehle
Hui na thi khwahishen..o..
Kisise bhi milne
Ki na ki thi koshishe..
Uljhan meri suljha de
Chahoon main ya na
Aakhon aakhon main jata de
Chahoon main ya na..

Swara looks at him & smiled brightly.. She closed her eyes remembering her dreams fr sanky & starts singing..

Mere chhote chhote khwaab hai
Khwaabon main geet hain
Geeton main zindagi hain
Chaahat hain preet hain
Abhi main na dekhu khwaab wo
Jinme na tu mile
Le khole honth maine
Abb tak the jo sile

Muzko na jitna muzpe
Utna iss fil ko tuzpe
Hone laga aitbaar..
Tanha lamhon main apne
Boonti hoon tere sapne
Tuzse hua muzko pyaar o..
Poochungi tuzko kabhi na..
Chahoon main ya na..
Tere khaabon main abb jeena..
Chahoon main kyun naa..

Both looks at each other.. Sanky sings further-

Tu hi ye muzko bata de
Chahoon main ya na..
Apme tu dil ka pata de..
Chahoon main ya naa..

Song ends.. All audience claps fr dem.. SwaSan looks at each other & smiles..

Episode ends..

Precap : Jealosy.. Jealousy.. Jealousy ???

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    Abb aayegi mazaa
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    I loved it soooooo much!!!!
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