Recap : Janmashtami celebration.. Sanky falls.. Swara faints..

Sanky was looking at swara with teary eyes.. Shemish saw this & signals each other.. Shekhar went near sanky & keep hand on his shoulder..

Shekhar : Don’t worry beta.. She’ll be fine.. She’s quite sensitive.. The thought of loosing her close frnd took place in her mind & she went blank.. & dats y she fainted.. so relax.. Stay with her.. ( pats his cheeks & signals mishti to cm with him.. both leaves )

Sanky went near swara & sit beside her.. Raglak was seeing all this having tears in their eyes.. He caresses her face lovingly.. & cries..

Sanky : ( cries ) M sorry swara.. bcoz of me u r in this condition.. m really sorry!!

Lucky : ( cm near sanky & consoles him ) no sanky.. its not ur fault.. infact its not anyones fault.. jo hona tha vo ho gaya.. lets forget it guys..

Sanky : ( to ragini ) rags, will u plz take care of her.. I’ll be back in smtym.. mom is calling me..

Rags : Sure sanky.. u go.. ( sanky left )

As soon as sanky left, swara started sweating badly.. she started to get flashes of morning incident.. She remebered hw sanky fell down.. She screamed loudly & wake up shocking raglak..

Swara : ( screams loudly ) SANSKAAAARRR!!

Ragu : ( shocked ) Swara.. swaraa.. what happened?? R u ok??

Swara : ( panics ) Ra.. ragu.. San.. sanky.. where is he?? He.. he is fine.. na??.. I want to meet him.. Nothing will happen to him.. Its all bcz of me ragu.. I.. I challeged him.. M very bad.. m very bad ragu.. ( cries miserably )

Lucky : Swara.. listen to me.. sanky ( cuts him )

Swara : No.. no.. I dont wanna listen anything.. M going to meet him.. m going.. ( she gets up frm her bed.. she was so weak to walk.. bt she was so stubburn )

Ragu : ( worried ) Shonaa!! Shonaa stop.. u r nt fine yet.. ( suddenly swara looses her balance as she felt dizzy ) Shonaa!! ( ragini shouts )

Bt before she could fall two strong arms catches her.. Swara slowly looked towards the person & gets shocked..

Swara : ( whispers with teary eyes ) Sanky..!!!

Sanky looked at her with teary eyes.. both had long passionate eyelock.. Suddenly swara hugs sanky tightly & burst out crying..

Swara : ( hugs him tightly ) Sanky!! U r fine!! Thank God!! ( cups his face ) Nothing.. nothing happened to u na.. u r absolutely fine na..?? ( cries )

Sanky : ( overwhelmed by her care ) Ssshh.. Shonaa.. Shonaa.. calm down.. plz.. See.. m fine.. m perfectly alryt.. nothing happened to me.. see..stop crying bachcha!! ( wipes her tears )

Swara : ( loos at him ) M sorry.. m really sorry sanky.. bcz of me all this happened.. I shouldnt hv challenged u.. its all my fault.. If smthing happened to u na, I would hv die( puts his finger on her lips )

Sanky : Ssshh! What rubbish!! Its not at all ur fault, shonaa! Stop blaming urself.. & Hw many tyms I hv to tell u that dont talk abt death & all.. should I show u my anger again?? ( raises his eyebrow )

Swara nods no vigorously.. ( like cute baby ) Sanky smiles seeing her facial expressions..

Sanky : Good girl.. Now take rest.. u knw na tmrw its our 2nd round! So u should look fresh, fit & fine.. hai na??

Swara : Omg!! I totally forgot it!! Shit! Sanky, I didnt practice.. nw what will happen?? M scared!! 🙁

Sanky : ( cups her face ) Arre! Bhaad mein jaaye ye darr! I knw MY SHONA is very strong! She cant loose.. I hv full faith on u.. & M always with u.. ( tries to cheer her ) Aur vaise, kisine to kuch din pehle bohot hi bada wala dialogue mara tha kavita ke samne.. M a born winner & bla bla bla.. toh kya voh sab natak tha?? Well good acting… M impressed.. bt reality is different na.. I mean..I think so.. 😉

Swara : Oye hello!! Angry bird!! It was nt acting ok?? I really mean it! Aur kya dialogue dialogue laga rakkha hain.. ha?? RK ki fan hoon.. Dialogue marna toh haq hai mera..

Ragu : uff!! Shuru ho gaya RK puran..

Lucky : means??

Ragu : see & listen by urself..

Sanky : RK?? Now who is this RK?? Dont tell me he’s ur boyfrnd.. kyu ki muze nahi lagta ki TUMHE koi pasand karega.. hehehe.. 😀 😉

Swara : ( angry ) Shut up u monkey! & RK is not my bf.. par kash hota.. hayy!! ( sanky stares her she gulps ) Aa. Haa.. to tumhe RK nai pata?? Tv- serials nai dekhte kya.. Kitne boring ho tum..

Sanky : Urrghh!! No.. ab aap batane ke kasht uthayengi?? ( rolls his eyes )

Swara : ( smiles ) Ok.. listen.. RK means Rishab Kundra! Hero of Serial Madhubala EIEJ.. My first crush!! His real name is Vivian Dsena.. before Madhubala he played lead role in serial Pyaar ki ye ek kahani as Abhay Raichand.. & nw currently he is playing lead role in Shakti- astitva ke ehsaas ki.. bt I love his role in madhubala.. his killer looks.. his dialogues.. his killer smile.. Hayyee!! ( she lost in his thoughts )

Sanky’s mouth left hunged open… Like this girl is really impossible.. Raglak laughs loudly.. sanky got angry & also shakes swara..

Sanky : Swaraa.. u r really ( cuts him ) Great na?? I knw.. I knw.. no need to tell.. Vaise sanky, u knw, I didnt knw dat after RK I’ll get impress by sm1.. bt it happened..

Ragsanlak: ( shocked ) Whattt???

Swara : ( smiles ) Haan.. I hv another secret crush.. hehe.. 😉

Sanky : & May I knw who is dat unlucky fellow??

Swara : ( blushing ) VK..

Lucky : Arre again short cut.. full name batao na yaar..

Swara : Offo! Ok.. Varun.. Varun Kapoor.. He is.. ( cuts her )

Sanky : Bas bas.. bahot hogaya.. Ye all india radio kabhi pause nahi lega.. kahi aage crushes batate batate hume crush na karde.. ( to swara ) Aaram karo abb.. RK aur VK ke sapne dekh rahi hai.. huhh!!

Swara : Haan toh! Mein dekhungi.. 1 baar nahi hazzar bar dekhungi.. y do u bother?? Ek min.. ek min.. ( smiles naughtily ) R u jealous??

Sanky : What?? Jealous?? & me?? Tum kya paagal vagal hogayi ho kya?? M nt jealous..

Swara : Yess!! You r.. hehe.. 😀 😀

Sanky : Swaraaa.. u.. ( lucky stops him )

Lucky : Arre.. stop it u both! Sanky, we should leave nw.. its late.. & tmrw we hv to cm early na.. its 2nd round..

Sanky : Yaa.. u r ryt.. ise to mein baad mein dekhoonga.. ( swara giggles )

Lucky : By swaragini..

Swaragini : bye..

Sanky : Bye guys.. ( to swara ) Take care.. 🙂

Swara smiles & nods..

Episode ends..

Precap : Realisation & much more..


Sry guys.. I donno whther its long epi or nt..
M nt well.. so I just ryt what I thought that tym.. It may be boring.. bt plz spare me this tym.. bye bye.. Give ur valuable cmnts.. rotten tomatoes, eggs are also accepted.. silent readers- plz cmnt!

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      Thanks Ishu.. Love u too..

  2. Sooooooooo lovely chappy dear..?. loved it..?.i think something is bothering Swara ,,, that’s why she is reacting this way….precap is nice bt realisation it’s too fast….. plzzz not now let him know it slowly… i want some possessiveness of sanskar towards swara..thnxx? next one soon dear…

    1. Swarmayi

      Didnt u read last chappy dear?? Read it.. u’ll get to knw d reason.. & Thank u.. & I write only realisation dear.. nt abt love.. It can be anything else.. or may be raglak?? 😉 keep guessing..

  3. Mica

    hahahhah, Swarmayii.. i bet it was you, yourself who adoring Rishab kundra

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    Nice episode . …. Love this story its quite different ?

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