Hellooo frndzz.. Today 2 parts of IWL frm my side.. Actually this part is Janmashtami Special.. so enjoy it..


Recap : Kavi’s plan spoiled.. SwaSan to win 1st round..

Episode starts with RagLak & SwaSan sitting in Cafe Lemon..

Lucky : So guys.. finally u won 1st round.. celebration toh banta hai boss! Kyu swara??

Swara : off course lucky.. tmrw is there will be double celebration.. aisa jordar celebration hoga ki kanha ji bhi shock ho jayenge.. hehe.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

Ragini : Kyu nahi? Kanha ji toh vaise hi shocked honge tum dono ko ek saath dekh kar..( bites her tongue ) I mean u both won na.. πŸ˜‰ ( swara gave her death glare ) πŸ˜€

Swara : Sanky, tmrw u hv to break matki in our area..

Sanky : me?? Bt y??

Swara : bcoz its ur first year here na.. u were nt with us in last years..

Sanky : bt shona..

Swara : y?? R u scared?? ( smiles naughtily )

Sanky : Scared?? N me?? Impossible!! Sanskaar Maheshwari is not scared of anything..

Swara : ( smiled as she provoked him ) Accha?? Then prove it tmrw.. Accept my challenge..

Sanky : Done..!! πŸ˜‰

Swara : Ok guys.. so will meet tmrw morning.. All d best Mr. Angry bird.. ( smirks )

Sanky : Aah! Well, u need it most.. πŸ˜‰ bt still.. Thank u sooo much!

Swara : Will see..

Sanky : Sure..

All leaves…

Next day morning..

All were ready.. Sanlak also came there.. Both were searching swaragini.. Ragini came there running.. Lucky was mesmerised to see her.. she was wearing peach coloured lehenga with the combination of royal blue coloured dupatta..

Ragini : Hiii..

SanLak : Hii..

Ragini : woh actually I was searching u both.. cm..

Sanky : bt where is swara??

Voice : Here I am.. πŸ˜‰

Sanky turned & were spellbound to see swara.. She was looking stunning.. She was wearing white coloured lehenga with the combination of red coloured dupatta & Golden coloured blouse.. Sanky forgot to breath.. Swara came near him.. she smiles & waves hand infront of him.. he comes to his senses..

Swara : where u lost mr.???

Sanky : no.. nowhere.. vaise.. u r looking beautiful.. πŸ™‚

Swara : ( blushes ) thank u.. πŸ™‚

Lucky : Guys.. ho gaya kya tum logon ka?? Ya aur bhi kuch baki hain?? Haa??

Swasan got embarressed..

Ragini : ( smiles & changes topic ) chalo nw.. lets start function.. cm.. we r getting late..

All move towards venue.. Matki were tied to height.. swara looked at sanky & teases him showing matki.. Sanky only smirked & gave look will show u.. Function starts.. Swasanraglak started dancing.. all joins them..

Go go go govinda..
Go go go govinda..

Sanlak cm & started dancing around swaragini..

Atke matke zatke maare hai
Tu aaj shola to hum bhi phuware hai
Tu aasmaan pe to chand taare hai hum
Chahe dum nikle ye dum
Hai kasam teri kasam
Tuze aaj chodenge na hum…

Go go go govinda..
Go go go govinda..

Swaragini too started dancing along with them..

Gyaarah baarah teraah badh raha paara
Body ka humara yaara
Gyaarah baarah teraah..
Oye! Oye.. oye..
Gyaarah baarah teraah badh raha paara
Body ka hamara yaara
Dekho na humare naino se karaare
Nikle haaye sharara..


Tera ye nazara lage hume kitna satrangi
Tera bada charcha tera kissa atrangi
Chahe dum nikle ye dum
Hai kasam teri kasam
Tuze aaj chodenge na hum..

Go go go govinda..
Go go go govinda..

Aye matki tod re!!

All boys started taking rounds around matki.. sanlak started to climb.. Sanky reached at top & looked at swara.. He broke matki.. bt while looking at swara he looses his balance.. All gets shocked & shouts..

Ragini : ( shocked ) Sankyyy..

Lucky : ( shocked ) Sankyyyy..

Swara : ( shocked ) SANSKAAARRRRR!!!

She was terrified.. sanky was nowhere to be seen.. Her vision got blurred.. & she faints..

Ragini : SWARAAA..!!!

She came running to her & tries to wake her up.. meanwhile sanky came there.. all got shocked..

Ragini : sanky?? U?? U alryt??

Sanky : yes ragini.. woh actually.. for our safety the arraged some cotton & cloths over there.. so I got saved.. bt y r u all crying?? & ( looked @ swara ) shonaa!! What happened to her?? ( pats her cheeks) hey, open ur eyes.. shonaa!! ( he got panic )

Lucky : Sanky , I think she got shock thats y she fainted.. lets take her to home..

Sanky : haa.. ok.. ( he picks her & leaves )

At swara’s home..

Shemish were tensed.. sanky too.. Raglak were consoling him.. Doctor checked swara..

Sanky : doctor, what happened to her?? She’s fyn na??

Doctor : Dont wry.. she’s absolutely fine.. Bt she got shock.. due to sudden unexpected stress & shock she fainted.. I’ve given her injection.. she’ll gain her conscious in sm tym..

Shekhar : thanks doctor..

Doctor left..

Sanky looked at swara with teary eyes..

Episode ends..

Precap : 2nd round of competition.. πŸ™‚

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