Recap : Sanskar to raise hand on swara.. Apology..

Days were passing.. with each passing day SwaSan & RagLak were cmng close to each other.. SwaLak knew that Sanrag were falling for them bt they wanted to give them time.. to accept it.. to realise it on their own.. Sanky was always seen with swara.. like her shadow.. Haha.. funny na?? Once which sanky didnt even bother to look at her nw only sees her?? Kuch toh locha hai na?? 😉

Their competetion’s practice is on full swing.. Both were trying their best.. one day, sanky was late fr practice.. swara was waiting fr him.. finally she called him..

Swara : Helllooo.. ( angrily )

Sanky : ( understand ) Hellooo.. Who’s this?? 😉

Swara : Teri Dadi! ( angrily )

Sanky : ( supress his laugh ) Whatt?? Meri Dadi?? Hw?? She died when I was in my mummy’s tummy !! R u her aatma?? Or her twin sis?? Hehe.. 😀

Swara : Just shut up u monkey! Where d hell r u?? M waiting fr u frm last 30 mins.. & dont u dare to tell me again that u dont knw me!!

Sanky : ( laughs ) Shonaa!! Yaar.. u r too much! Ok.. sry.. sry.. m cmng.. on d way hoon.. 10 mins mein aa jaunga..

Swara : Hmm.. thats better..

Sanky : Vaise shona where r u?

Swara : Standing near parking lot.. Y??

Sanky : What? What r u doing there??

Swara : Mein?? Zyada kuch nahi.. bas safai kar rahi hoon yaha.. ( said angrily )

Sanky : Apne dimaag ki?? ( laughs ) 😀 😀

Swara : Hahaha..!! Very funny.. Obviously tumhara wait kar rahi hoon.. so nw plz stop ur bakwaas jokes & cm soon..

Sanky : Ok madam.. 🙂

Suddenly sm1 taps on her shoulder.. she forget to cut call.. sanky was on call.. She turned & get shocked..

Swara : ( shocked ) Raj! You!!

Raj : ( smirking ) Yes babes! Its me! Remember me??

Swara : ( scared bt composed herself ) Nooo.. Just get out of here.. Dont dare to cm near me.. ( sweating )

Sanky : ( on phone ) Swaraa.. Swaraa.. Who’s there?? R u ok?? Speak up damn it!! ( He increases the speed of car )

Raj : Arre!! Arre!! Aise kaise?? Itne dino baad jo tumse mila hoon.. ( he pulls her towards him holding her waist )

Swara : ( jerks him angrily & slaps him hard ) RAJ!! HOW DARE U?? HOW DARE U TO TOUCH ME??!!

Raj : ( angrily holds her frm her hairs ) You.. You b****y b***h… How dare u slapped me??

Swara : ( cries in pain ) Aaaaaaaah!! Maaa! Leave me.. Leave me u ba****d!! Aaah!

Suddenly Raj felt a tight punch on his face.. Yes.. It was our hero.. Sanky! Who came to rescue his swara.. Swara got relieved seeing sanky..

Sanky : ( holds Raj’s collar ) STAY AWAY FROM HER!! IF I SEE U AGAIN NEAR HER, U CANT ABLE TO WALK ON UR OWN FEET.. U’LL BE FINISHED!! GET LOSTTT!!!! ( pushes him angrily )

Raj : ( to swara ) U’ll pay for it swara.. I’ll be back.. ( leaves )

Swara was crying bitterly.. sanky rushed to her & tries to console her..

Sanky : ( concerned ) shonaa r u fine?? Haa??

Swara nods..

Sanky : Hey.. shhhh.. stop crying baccha! See.. nothing happened.. u r absolutely fine.. see.. m here wid u..

Swara : ( while sobbing hugs him ) Thanks.. sanky… if.. u… were.. nt .. there… then… ( couldnt cmplt )

Sanky : sshhhh.. stop crying shonaa! Nothing happened.. ok?? Chalo.. lets go frm here..

Both leaves..

After swasan left sm1 cms there.. yes it was cavity aka kavi who had seen all scene
.. She was smirking evilly.. ( kuch toh jarur pak raha hai iske gande dimaag mein.. Mera bas chale toh mein iska sir phod doon.. Rakshasi kahiki.. )

Here RagLak were sitting outside library..

Ragini : Lucky, hv u cmpleted ur psycho assignments & project??

Lucky : Ragu?? Project?? & me?? R u kidding??

Ragini : Lucky! Then hw will u get marks?? Nitin sir will kill u!

Lucky : ( smiles ) no.. he wont! He himself will give me full marks..

Ragini : bt hw??

Lucky : Thats a big secret! Actually I was going to meet shraddha mam in teacher’s room.. bt when I was abt to enter.. I saw nitin sir clicking pics of shraddha mam.. & I did vdo of dat.. hehe.. nice na?? 😉

Ragini : Lucky! U r IMPOSSIBLE!! Seriously!!

Lucky : Thank u.. Thank u.. 😀

Ragini : By d way, where is our love birds?? Didnt they cm today??

Lucky : Arre no.. Swara is in clg only.. Sanky told me that he’ll be late..

Ragini : ohh!! Ok! Bt where is swara? Even she didnt cm to PS lecture..

Lucky : Arre Ragu! She must be in music room.. tmrw is the 1st round of competition.. hv u forget??

Ragini : Arre haan.. mein toh bhul hi gayi..

Lucky : Hota hai.. hota hai.. iss umar main aksar aisa hi hota hai.. 😉

Ragini : What do you mean by iss umar main??

Lucky : I mean budhape mein ragu.. aksar logon ko budhape mein hi to bhulne ki bimari hoti hai na.. 😀 😀 😀 😉

Ragini : Haww!! U lucky monkey!! U called me buddhi?? Hw dare u!! ( started hitting him )

Lucky : Arre.. are ragu.. stop it.. its paining.. I was kidding yaar.. aaww..

Ragini : First say sorry..

Lucky : ok meri maa SORRY!! Khush??

Ragini : Hmm.. theek hai.. theek haii.. lets go to swasan..

Lucky : okay…

Episode ends..

Precap : 1st round..

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