Recap : Raglak funny conversation.. SwaSan confronting Cavity ( kavita ) :p

Episode started with swasan leaving music room.. Sanky was hell angry.. Swara can see his anger on his face.. Suddenly RagLak comes there..

Lucky : Hey sanky.. wait wait.. look at us too.. Where r u going in hurry?? Superfast express ka destination kya hai yeh to bata do.. ( laughs giving hi- fi to ragu.. Sanky looks at him angrily.. Raglak get confused.. swara tries to explain )

Swara : ( covers while signaling lucky to keep quite or else he’ll be finished ) Aahh! LUCKYYYYY! Leave it na.. dont irritate him.. we r going fr practice.. hai na sanky??

Sanky didnt reply.. he was quiet! Ragini sensed something happened..

Ragu : What happened shona?? Is everything ok?? U both look frustrated.. Sanky?? What happened?? Tell us na guys..

Swara : nothing Ragu.. just small argument with kavita.. not to worry..

Sanky who was quiet till nw loosed his temper..

Sanky : ( angrily ) Small argument?? Seriously swara?? She abused u even she threatened u infront of all & u r calling this small argument?? Wooww!! Great!!

Swara : Sanky, leave it na.. Dont come in her talks.. she can do nothing.. She was just angry thats y said all this.. lets stop this topic he( cuts her )

Sanky : Acchha?? How can u tell so confidently dat she wont do anything?? R ua future teller ?? Do u even knw her?? Hw can she abuse u?? Hw dare she threatened u?? Damn it!!

Swara : Sanky plz.. calm down.. Why r u making a big issue of it?? Its nt big thing.. leave it na.. & Angry bird, u r behaving like as if she’ll kill me tmrw.. & if she kill me na then also I’ll turn bhoot after my death to irritate u..

That was it for sanky he lost his temper listening the word ‘killing’ & raise his hand on swara to slap her bt stop in middle..

Sanky : ( furious ) SWARAAA ( going to slap her bt stops )

SwaRagLak gets shocked.. Swara’s eyes filled with tears.. She ran frm there while crying.. Ragini too runs behind her..

Ragini : Shonaa.. wait..

Sanky closed his eyes & made tight fist of his hand.. He felt bad for raising hand on her.. bt hw can she talk abt her death??

Lucky : ( came near him ) Sanky! What u did?? Y u got angry on her?? She just tried to calm u & u raised ur hand on her! She felt bad man!

Sanky : ( guilty ) I knw lucky.. bt I didnt did it intensionally.. I was already angry on that kavi & she was talking abt stupid things like death & all.. hw can she thought abt her death?? Did she thought abt me?

Lucky : bt She just joked.. ok. Relax nw.. & go.. convince her.. Say sry.. Goooo..

Sanky : Ok.. 🙁 ( leaves )

Lucky : ( smiles & thinks ) U cant imagine her death sanky bcoz u love her.. bt still not realising it.. bt I’ll make u realise.. 🙂

On clg terrace-

Swara went on terrace while crying.. Ragini also reached there.. Swara sat on bench crying.. Ragini too sat beside her & hugs her.. consoled her..

Ragini : Shhh.. shonaa.. Shh.. abb bas bhi karo.. kitna rogi aur?? Plz stop crying bacchha!

Swara : ( in between her sobs ) Ragini.. I.. just..wan.. wanted.. to.. to.. cheer.. his.. mood…. bt.. he.. more.. angry…and.. raise.. his.. ha.. hand .. on.. on.. me.. ( cries miserably )

Ragini : Ssshhh.. shonaa.. stop crying.. I knw u r trying to cheer him bt what u talked is wrong na! U talked abt ur death!! Is this a way of cheering?? So he got angry.. Now leave all that.. wipe ur tears & come will go..

Swara : Nooo.. I wont go.. I wont talk to that angry bird.. ( make angry face )

Ragini : Shonaa.. ( suddenly saw sanky standing there & signalling her to keep quiet.. she smiled ) Accha ok.. u sit here smtym.. I hv sm wrk.. will cm later.. ( left )

Sanky started to come near swara slowly slowly.. Swara was talking to herself..

Swara : ( angrily bt cutely ) That Sanky monkey hanky.. hw dare he.. huhh! What does he think of himself?? Idiot! Stupid! Donkey! I wont talk to him.. ( make pout face )

Sanky was listening to her talks silently & was smiling…

Swara : M angry nw.. bt I wanna eat Dairy milk silk.. When I gets angry, I ate silk.. Lets check in bag ( she check her bag bt finds nothing ) Hey bhagwan.. ek bhi chocolate nai.. Haayyee.. mere life mein kitne struggles hai.. plz bhagwan ji.. upar se ek special dairymilk silk mere liye phek do.. Mein catch kar loongi.. plz plz plz..

Suddenly One big dairy milk silk falls in her lap.. She looked at it & gets super excited & happy..

Swara : Wooowww!! I got it!! Thanks Bhagwan jii.. ( She opened it & started to eat it in her own style ) Vaise bhagwanji thank u.. Aap kitne acche hai.. Maine silk mangi aur apne de di.. sho shweet! Give some goodness to that Akhdu, khadoos sanky too.. He only knws to get angry.. Huhh! Vaise bhagwan jii.. chocolate uparse nahi peeche se giri.. aap mere piche khade hai kya?? ( she turns & gets shocked ) You?? 😮

Yesss.. It was our sanky who gave swara chocolate by playing role of bhagwaan ji.. 😉

Sanky : ( smiles cutely [ Haayyye mein toh mar gayi ] ) Haan! Main!! 😉

Swara : ( turns her face angrily ) Y r u here? To complete ur incomplete work?? To slap me ryt??

Sanky goes infront of her hold his ears & sat down on his knees..

Sanky : ( guilty ) M soo sorry Swara! Plz maaf kardo.. I didnt mean that.. I was so angry on kavita & u also started talking rubbish so I got angry &..

Swara : Raised ur hand, ryt?? ( sanky looked down ) swara smiles.. Ok.. I’ll forgive u bt u’ll get punishment too.. ready for it?? ( raises her eyebrows .. sanky looks at her & nods yes ) Good.. Bring that glass bottle..

Sanky gets confused bt brought it.. Swara took it & breaks it.. Sanky gets shocked..

Sanky : Swara.. wat r u doing??

Swara : u want punishment ryt??

Sanky nods..

Swara : so look at that glass pieces.. ( sanky was scared.. swara was enjoying his condition ) Count them..

Sanky : Whattt?? R u ok?? Hw can I count this much tiny particles?? Its infinite..

Swara : ( while eating silk ) Ohh! Quite intelligent u r! As that glass pieces are infinite.. U have to give me Dairy milk silk everyday.. till infinite days .. that means in our whole life.. agree?? ( smiles )

Sanky : ( smiles & murmurs ) As if I hv any other choice..

Swara : Did u say smthng??

Sanky : noo.. nothing.. I agree.. nw happy..??

Swara : ( smiles ) very happy!! 😀

Sanky : Vaise swara, hw scared I was when u broke that bottle.. Hehe.. I thought u’ll ask me to walk on it?? 😉

Swara : ( serious ) Really?? Did u think like that?? ( smiles sadly ) Never Sanky! Not even in my dreams.. I’ll never hurt u.. I cant even imagine hurting u.. ( makes sad face ) 🙁

Sanky : Arre swara.. U got serious.. I was kidding.. ok m sry.. btw I wanna ask u something.. ( hesitatingly )

Swara : u r taking my permission?? 🙂 no need sanky.. u can ask.. go ahead.. 🙂

Sanky : Can I.. umm.. Can I call u.. SHONA??

Swara is shocked.. Sanky looked at her expression.. he thought she misunderstood him..

Sanky : Swa.. swaraa.. its.. its ok.. I can understand.. if u r not ok with it I wont call u ( suddenly he saw swara was abt to fall.. he got worried & hold her ) swaraa.. swaraa.. what happened?? R u ok??

Swara : sm1 pinch me.. Sanky.. the sanskar maheshwari wants to call me SHONA?? I’ll faint here only..

Sanky : Swaraa.. shut up.. Dhongi babaonki maharani ho tum.. dara hi diya muze.. huhh.. so.. I can call u, ryt??

Swara : off course.. 🙂

Sanky : ( happy ) ok SHONA.. thanks.. I think we should leave nw.. we r getting latefr practice..

Swara : yeah.. sure..

Both leaves..

Episode ends..

Precap : same as previous..

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  1. More raglak pls

    1. Swarmayi

      Will try.. bt I cant give same importance to raglak like swasan coz its swasan ff dear..

  2. Dear episode ws lovelyyyy…swasan scenes r reallly cutee hahahahah loved it 😉 …but no raglak scenes yaar…plz give atleast some ragini or raglak scenes plzzz!!! Waitng for nxt part .keep rockng 😉

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks fairy.. I’ll surely try to give raglak scenes.. 🙂

  3. Mica

    luv it soo much Swarmayi… the are both really impossible.. hahhaha
    precap same ? hmmmm… you are like swaragini’s cvs who give us same precap again and again, 😀

    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks Mica.. & Swaragini’s cvs!! Dont compared them with me plz. M far better than them.. & dear I didnt do it again and again.. its first tym.. 😀

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  5. Anniya

    Awsm part…
    So cute scene of swasan..

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    Shalu diiiiiiiii
    Main hans hans ke lot pot hui jaa rhi hu
    Kitta cute epi tha
    Aur aapke dialogues….haye mar jaungi main hans hans ke
    Sahi pakde hai…aap sahi mei cv’s better ho…10000000 tyms better….aur haan….heheh…mai…heheh….keh rhi thi….heheh….hanste hanste….hehehege….love uh…heheh?

    1. Swarmayi

      Aww.. so my kiddo laughed whole heartedly, Ryt?? 🙂 Then M very happy bcoz I made u laugh.. I could be the reason of ur laughing.. not only u.. bt those who read my episodes & laughed bcoz of me, m feeling like I achieved everything.. Smile is most precious thing in our life.. & bcoz of us anyone.. anyone laugh na, then it gives a different happiness, satisfraction to our mind.. & Today I think I got it!! 🙂 Thanks kiddooo.. Ur cmnt made my day like always.. Thank u soooooooooo much..

      & btw.. Stop laughing nw.. I hope u stoped.. Good girl.. vaise to hasna sehat ke liye acchha hota hai par hans hans ke jo aakho mein aasoo aate hai.. vo nahi.. I hate them.. & I wont like to see them in ur eyes ever.. 🙂 Keep smiling dear… & I love u tooooo… 🙂

      1. Swarmayi

        Sry agr kuch jyada hi emotional talks kiye ho to.. M quite emotional dear.. My family always teases me.. pr kya karu.. ab hoon to hoon.. 😉

  7. Abirsha

    Aww very nice loved it a lot….. ?

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