Hello everyone.. M back with this very special episode of IWL.. dedicated to my dearest sissy- Meher.. so enjoy.. & There is a good news guys as u all r my frnds I wanna share it with u.. I got distinction in my final exam of classical singing.. Today only my result came.. M very happy guys.. bt m sad as well coz I got very less response in prev epi.. so plz cmnt guys..


Recap : Swara ignores sanky.. Chit chatting.. Sir scolds swara.. Sanky determined to make swara smile.. 🙂

Sanky was sitting near his room window.. He was recalling past incidents.. His meeting with swara.. her naughtiness, their nok-jhoks.. He was smiling remembering swaras pranks..

Sanky : ( monologue ) I dont knw y bt m feeling as if I knw swara from long back.. Her big beautiful eyes.. some strange spark in it.. I feels like I had met her before.. bt hw could this possible.. We even didnt knw each other.. ( suddenly he remembers smthng & his eyes welled up ) Seeing her big beautiful eyes.. I miss my Barbie Doll.. Yess!! My cute barbie doll.. I miss u so much.. Y u left ur chocolate boy alone?? I knw I left u alone & went out of kolkata.. bt u went out leaving this world forever.. Didnt u once care abt me?? ( cries silently )

Suddenly his phone started to ring.. He wiped his tears & sees mobile.. It was laksh’s call..

Sanky : Ha bol lucky..

Lucky : Sanky, where r u??

Sanky : At home.. Y??

Lucky : Then get ready in 1/2 hr we r I mean u n swara r going out..

Sanky : ( shocked ) Whatt???

Lucky : ( smiles ) yesss.. nw dnt be shock & get ready.. I’ll msg u everything.. ok bye..

Sanky : ( tries to speak ) arre lucky.. sun toh lucky ( he cuts the call ) huhh!! This lucky na.. donno wats going on in his mind.. ( sighs )

At GM-

Swara is setting her things in her room.. Suddenly her phone rings.. It was ragini..

Swara : Ha ragu..bol..

Ragini : Swara u knw na Meher.. Our classmate ( sry meher using ur name only plz bear me )

Swara : Ya.. I knw her.. bt what happened??

Ragini : umm.. actually today its her bday.. so all our classmates arranged surprise party for her.. So we hv to go there.. & party theme for girls is Saree.. so get ready fast.. I’ll pick up u..

Swara : bt Ragini.. u all go na.. m nt in mood..

Ragini : plz shona.. come na.. or else I wont go also..

Swara : Ok.. Ok baba.. cmng.. dnt get angry..

Ragini : k.. get ready soon.. & yes.. Wear a beautiful saree.. u should look gorgeous.. 😉

Swara : ( confused ) y should I look gorgeous?? Its nt my bday.. Its Meher’s bday..

Ragini : ( hits her head ) arre.. bt its party na.. dats y I said.. ok.. nw bye.. go n get ready fast..

Swara : Ok.. bye..

Raglak gives hi-fi to each other..

Ragini : Lucky.. U take care of Sanky’s car.. & I’ll take care of their mobiles.. ok?

Lucky : Yess boss.. ( laughs )

Soon Sanky reaches near Ragini’s house.. Raglak come out..

Sanky : Hii guys..

RagLak : hii..

Sanky : ( looks at both of them ) U guys r nt cmng to party??

Raglak looked at each other tensedly..

Ragini : no.. we r coming.. bt there is a lil prblm

Sanky : whats dat??

Ragini : woh actually I told shona dat I’ll pick up her while living but m nt ready yet.. will u plz pick up her??

Sanky : me???

Ragini : Haa.. Just pick up her & cm to the venue directly.. me & lucky will join u both there.. ok??

Sanky : Ok.. ( Sanky leaves to pick up swara )

Raglak smiles..

Here at GM..
Swara was wearing black & red coloured net worked saree.. She was looking very beautiful.. She left her hairs open.. & wore black – red stoned earrings matching to her saree.. Suddenly she heard car’s sound.. She thought Ragini came & left home biding bye to Shemish.. Bt to her surprise.. Sanky was standing there waiting for her.. Her heart skips beat seeing her handsome hunk.. Sanky turns hearing anklets sound & was awestruck seeing swara in saree.. He was all lost in her.. Swara blushes slightly.. Suddenly she realises smthng & calls sanky..

Swara : Sanky..

Sanky : ( coming to senses ) yes swara..

Swara : where is ragini & lucky??

Sanky : Haa.. wo… actually she wasnt ready yet so she sent me to pick up u.. She told me to go directly at venue & they will join us there..

Swara : ohh!! Ok..

Sanky : So.. Shall we leave??

Swara : Sure..

Both sits in car.. There were silence for few minutes.. sanky breaks it..

Sanky : By the way.. U r looking beautiful in saree..

Swara : ( blushes slightly ) Thank you..

Sanky smiles.. The venue was quite long from main city.. They were passing through one village.. Suddenly swara shouts..

Swara : ( shouts ) sankyy.. stop..stop.. stop..

Sanky : ( stops car with jerk ) what happened swara?? R u ok??

Swara : ya.. m fine.. Look there.. ( shows him little kids who were playing ) I wanna play with those sweet little cute kids..

Sanky : What??? Bt swara we r getting late..

Swara : only for sometime.. plz na sanky.. plz.. plz.. plz.. ( gives puppy dog eyes look )

Sanky : ( agrees ) Ok fine.. bt only fr some time..

Swara : ( extremely happy ) Shooo shweet of u.. Thank u sooooo much..

Swara gets out of car.. Sanky too.. Swara goes near that kids & started playing with them.. She smiles.. laughs with them.. Sanky was staring at her lovingly.. Soon he also joined her & plays with kids.. Suddenly it starts raining.. Swara runs & stands under a tree while sanky & kids enjoys rain & started to dance & sing.. Swara looks at them & laughs whole heartedly.. Seeing her laugh sanky gets mesmerised.. He started singing & dancing along with kids..

Chakdhoom dhum chakdhoom dhum
Chakdhoom dhum chakdhoom dhum

Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hain..

( sanky looks at swara.. swara smiles.. )

Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hain
Baarish hoti hain..
Chanar chanar chum chum..

Chakdhoom dhum chakdhoom dhum
Chakdhoom dhum chakdhoom dhum

Kids went near swara & drags her into rain for dance.. Swasan looks at each other.. while swara sings..

Koi ladka hain jab vo gaata hain..
Saawan laata hai..
Ghumar ghumar ghum ghum..

Chakdhoom dhum chakdhoom dhum
Chakdhoom dhum chakdhoom dhum

Both enjoys with kids & danced in rain..

Baadal jhuke jhuke se hain..
Raste ruke ruke se hain..
Kya teri marzi hain megha
Par humko jane na dega..
Aage hai barsaat peeche hain toofan..
Mausam beimaan kaha chale hum tum..

Chakdhoom dhum chakdhoom dhum
Chakdhoom dhum chakdhoom dhum

After some time they bids bye to kids and again starts their journey.. both were drenched in rain..

Swara : ( shivering ) sanky.. will .. u.. plz… switch on the heater.. M.. feeling.. c.. cold..

Sanky : ( sees her state & gets worried ) ha.. wait.. He switches on the heater.. Whats the need of playing in rain.. look at ur state.. what if u fall ill??

Swara : ( still shivering badly ) M.. fine.. San.. sanky..

Sanky : Yes.. I can see that.. ( suddenly car stops with a jerk.. )

Sanky : What the hell?? What happened to the car suddenly!! ( He gets out of car & check it ) damn!! Car is break down!!

Swara : Whatt?? Nw hw will we reach there..??

Sanky : Dont knw..

Swara : Its evening nw sanky.. before its get too late we hv to leave this place.. look na.. there is only jungle is around.. not a single house or light..

Sanky : Hmm.. u r ryt.. We’ll take lift from someone.. dnt wry..

They wait fr sometime.. bt not a single vehicle passed frm there.. nw swara looses her temper..

Swara : what the hell is going on?? We were waiting frm long time & nt a single vehilcle is passing.. Damn!!

Sanky : ( assuring her ) relax swara.. will wait fr sometime..

Swara : ( frustrated ) no.. m nt gng to wait nw.. we r leaving.. by walk..

Sanky : Whatt?? R u mad?? We’ll go by walking?? Do u even knw how much long it is.. m nt cmng..

Swara : ok.. fine.. sit here.. m leaving..

Sanky : Swara.. dont be fool.. listen to me..

Swara : No.. M going.. if u want then u can cm otherwise sit here..

Swara start leaving.. sanky had no ather option.. He also went behind her.. He cant leave swara alone.. They walk nearly fr 1 hr.. swara gets tired.. She hits a stone & about to fall bt sanky hold her on ryt time..

Sanky : ( worried ) r u fine ??

Swara : Hmm.. thanks..

Sanky : ( angry ) thanks my foot! U always do this.. not listen to anyone.. everyone is mad here na except u.. God has given all brain to u only.. Always do whatever u want.. ever u thought about anyone else.. u r so selfish swara.. everyone cares fr u.. bt u dont care.. u knws to hurt only..

Swara’s eyes welled up listening his words.. Tears start to flow from her eyes.. Sanky looks at her & realises what he did.. He curses himself..

Sanky : ( monologue ) ohh shit man!! Shit! Shit! Shit! I again hurted her.. what u did sanky.. look she’s crying bcoz of u.. u idiot.. nw say sry damn it!!

He goes near swara but before he could say something swara start walking again..

Sanky : Swaraa.. swara wait.. listen to me swara..

Swara didnt stop.. sanky holds her hand & turns her around.. She jerks his hand & shouted..

Swara : ( shouts ) Enough!! Enough is enough Mr. Sanskar maheshwari..!! What do u think of urself ha?? Who r u to hurt me always?? Who r u to scold me?? Y do u care fr me?? Ha?? Y??

Sanky : Swaraa.. ( cuts him )

Swara : not a single word sanskar! M listening u quitely that doesnt mean I cant speak got me?? & yes leave me alone I dont need anyones company or help.. I can go myself..

Sanky : Swara.. plz listen..

Swara : I said no.. just leave my way..

Swara starts going.. that was it for sanky.. He couldn’t take it anymore.. He pulls her holding her waist & smashed his lips on her.. Swara widened her eyes in shock.. she was numb.. she was nt responding to kiss.. Sanskar was kissing her passionately.. He smiles while kissing her seeing her reaction.. He bites her lower lip & swara moaned in pain.. She comes in her senses & responds to the kiss with equal passion.. Her leg was falling weak so sanky hold her tightly in his embrace & both kisses each other passionately.. Soon they break the kiss due to lack of oxygen.. their heads were touching to each other..

Sanky : ( in husky tone ) I’m sry Shonaa..

Swara is too shy to look at him.. She hugs him tightly & hides her face in his chest.. Sanky smiles..

Episode ends..

Precap – Not decided yet..

Credit to: Swarmayi

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