Hello everyone.. so sry for delay.. bt what to do.. I had written this epi 2 times & 2 times it got destroyed! πŸ™ Its my 3rd time guys.. So plz cmnt.. m taking so much efforts to cmplete it.. ok.. no more bakbak.. lets start-

Recap – Sanky couldnt say sry.. Angry Swara.. New plan.. Swara’s shocking entry.. πŸ˜‰


Sanky : ( shocked to see swara & books fall from his hands ) OHH MYY GODD!!!

Ragini : ( shocked bt happy ) Shonaa..! Omg!! Omg!! M I dreaming?? Shona in one piece?? I cant believe.. She never wore such dresses before.. bt I must say she’s looking breath takingly HOT! πŸ˜‰ I knw.. Shonaa is trying to impress sanky.. & looks like she is suceeding in it.. Good shona.. Good! Keep it up.. ( she looks at sanky & laughs ) hehe.. jst look at him shona.. He is totally flat seeing ur new look.. hahaha.. πŸ˜€ Offo Ragu!! Nw start ur wrk.. πŸ˜‰

Sanky & all boys are busy in staring swara.. While RagLak have evil smile on their faces.. Ragini signals lucky.. He understands it & start his nautanki.. πŸ˜‰

Lucky : ( looking at sanky from corner of his eyes ) God! This swara is looking stunning today.. Is she gonna kill someone.. ( winks at rags ) look na ragu.. every boy of this clg is staring at her only.. πŸ˜‰

Ragini : ( smiles ) ya lucky.. u r ryt.. She is looking just amazing.. Hain na sanskar?? πŸ˜‰

Sanky who was busy staring at swara comes to his senses by their talks..

Sanky : ( still lost ) ya ragini.. she’s looking stunning.. πŸ™‚

Meanwhile swara comes near them.. Sanky thought she’ll talk to them.. He smiles cutely looking at her.. bt to his shock, she turned her face & walks past to him.. Sanky gets sad.. RagLak sees this & supress their laugh..

Sanky : ( monologue ) Aahhaan.. This much of attitude!! Not bad miss Gadodia! I liked it.. πŸ™‚ bt Y I felt sad when she ignored me?? Y I felt my heart beating faster when she was near me?? Do I like her?? No.. its nothing like that sanky. U r overthinking.. leave that.. lets go to the class.. ( He leaves )

Ragini : ( thinks ) Kya baat hai shonaa! Nishana ek dam barabar laga hai.. Great! Bt I think I need to help her.. bt hw?? Yess.. Idea! I’ll take lucky’s help to make sanky understand his feelings.. yess.. ( she calls lucky ) Lucky..

Lucky : ( turns ) yes ragu..

Ragini : I want ur help.. will u help me??

Lucky : ( smiles ) of course ragu.. u r my frnd! I’ll surely help u.. nw tell me whats the matter..??

Ragini : ( smiles ) thank u so much lucky.. bt nt here. We’ll meet at cafe lemon in evening.. Is that ok??

Lucky : Okay.. πŸ™‚ ( both leaves to class )

In classroom-

Swara reaches class & waiting for sanky impatiently.. She smiles recalling his smile..

Swara : ( monologue ) Haay!! How cutely he smiled at me in campus.. I was dead ryt there.. My God! He is such a cutie pie.. My angry bird.. bt shona dont get so much excited.. U hv to do act as if u r angry.. Then only he’ll convince u.. so carefull..

Meanwhile RagSanLak entered in class.. Sanky looked at swara while she keeps on ignoring him.. sanky felt sad.. Ragini sits beside swara & Sanlak sits on their adjacent bench of another line.. Class starts.. Sanky was staring at swara continuously.. Swara felt his gaze & looks at him.. He smiles.. bt swara ignores again.. Suddenly an idea strikes in sanky’s mind.. He made a chit & threw it on swara.. swara was shocked.. she looks at sanky angrily.. sanky smirks.. She hesitantly opened it..

” Looking too much beautiful in college
Is not good for girls, Miss Gadodia “.. πŸ˜‰

Swara thinks & writes smthng on another chit & threw it on sanky.. Sanky opens it quickly..

” Flirting with girls is bad habit,
Mr. Maheshwari “.. πŸ™‚

Sanky looks at her while she smirks.. sanky write again & threw it on swara.. she opens it..

” Aa aa aa.. U misunderstood me,
Miss Gadodia.. M nt flirting..
Just look at ur surroundings,
Then u’ll get to knw what I mean “.. πŸ™‚

Swara looks around & gets shocked.. All boys of her class are looking at her only.. She looks at sanky angrily.. while sanky gave her I- told- u look.. Swara again writes chit & passes to sanky.. he opens it..

” JEALOUSY is not good for health,
Mr. Maheshwari..
U may suffer from acidity..” πŸ˜‰

Sanky looks at her in shock.. She smirks.. He thought- whatt! Jealous!! Me?? No ways.. y I will get jealous?? Seriously.. He was going to write smthng when he heard shout of sir..

Sir : ( angrily shouts ) Miss Gadodia..

SwaSan looks at each other tensely.. Swara gets up frm her sit..

Swara : ( scared & sweating ) Yes… yes sirr..

Sir : ( angrily ) explain me the topic xyz which I explained jst now..

Swara : ( scared ) Sirr..

Sir : ( angry ) Cant u hear me?? I said explain me the topic ryt now.. & if u cant, then just get out of my class..

Swara was hell scared.. Her eyes welled up.. sanky was fuming in anger bcoz sir was scolding swara..

Swara : ( teary eyes ) I’m.. I’m sry sir.. M really.. ( cuts her )

Sir : ( hell angry ) I said get out! Ryt now..

Tears start flowing frm swar’s eyes.. She takes her bag & started leaving before leaving she looked at sanky.. Sanky was feeling extremely bad for her.. She left class while crying.. Here sanky was boiling in anger.. Class got over.. RagSanLak came out.. Sanky burst out.

Sanky : ( hell angry ) How dare he Lucky! Hw dare he to scold MY SHONA like this.. I’ll break his bones.. U knw hw much she was scared.. She was crying.. I’ll not leave that sir..

Lucky : ( tries to calm him ) Relax bro.. calm down.. we’ll see him.. ( suddenly he realises smthng & looks at ragini ) ( monologue ) omg! Was he said MY SHONA!! M I dreaming?? No no no.. m nt dreaming.. yes he only told my shona!! Yes.. yes. Yes! Finally.. He’s falling fr her orI should say almost fell in love.. woww!! Great.. woohhooo!! ( He then again looks at rags asking her through eyes that if she heard what he said she nods in yes happily ) both smiles brightly looking at each other..

Ragini : Swara must be very sad.. πŸ™ That sir always scolds her & make her cry.. πŸ˜‰

Sanky : ( angry ) bt this is last time Ragini.. nw onwards he wont dare to scold sho.. I mean swara or any other girl.. Will take care of it.. whats say lucky?? ( smiles evilly )

Lucky : ( smirks ) Anytime ready dude.. πŸ˜‰

Ragini smiles..

Sanky : ok guys.. see u later.. I need to go to music room.. I forgot my mobi there.. bye..

RagLak : bye..

Sanky reaches music room.. He starts finding his mobile.. suddenly he heard guitar sound.. He started going towards the room.. the room was dark.. He can only see that sm girl was playing hansi song tune on guitar.. He turns on lights..

Sanky : Excuse me.. Did u see my mobile here..??

The girl turns her face.. Its non other than swara..

Sanky : Swaraa.. You here??

Swara quickly wiped her tears & smiles fakely..

Swara : wo.. M sry.. I was just.. umm.. I think I should leave now..

Sanky : Swaraa.. listen..

Swara : Its ok sanky.. M not angry on u.. u carry on.. bye.. ( she leaves )

Sanky feels guilty.. She get hurted bcoz of him.. two times..

Sanky : I know swara.. bcoz of me u r hurted.. m sry.. bt I promise.. I’ll bring ur old smile back on ur face.. I’ll bring old swara back.. I promise.. ( determined )

Episode ends..

Precap : Rain dance.. & Junglomance ( hehehe.. its Jungle romance guys.. nice na..? πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ )


Hw was d epi guys..
Plz cmnt..
N meher.. m so sry..
I couldnt post on ur bday..
Bt next epi is specially fr u.. do read..

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