Recap : Ragsanlak plan.. Raglak moments.. Guilty sanky.. sad swara.. Trio on Mission Swara Manao.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


@ evening

Sanlak are waiting for Ragini as she called them to come near a park..

Lucky : yaarrr.. where is this Ragu?? When will she come?? M dieing to see her.. ๐Ÿ™

Sanky : Sally.. behave urself.. dnt be monkey again.. or she’ll surely start calling u monkey instead of lucky.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lucky : ( imagines she calling him monkey ) Noooooo!! No.. I wont do anything stupid now on.. I promise..

Sanky : Thats better.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Meanwhile lucky sees Ragini coming towards them smiling.. He was lost in her beautiful smile..

BG song plays..

Tum paas aaye.. Yun muskuraye..
Tum ne na jane kya.. Sapne dikhaye..
Ab toh mera dil.. Jage na sota hai..
Kya karu haaye.. Kuch kuch hota hai..
Kya karu haaye.. Kuch kuch hota hai..

Lucky was busy in admiring his love.. Ragini comes & stands near him.. She waves her hands infront of him.. he comes to his senses..

Ragini : Hii guys..

Sanlak : Hii..

Ragini : sry fr calling u here urgently.. bt

Sanky : what happened Ragini.. ??

Ragini : wo.. actually.. shona is not at her home.. & she told aunty that she’s going to my place.. bt she didnt come..

Sanky : ( worried ) then where she went Ragini ??

Ragini : ( assuringly ) relax sanky.. I knw where is she.. wherever she get upset, she goes there.. To calm herself..

Sanlak : Bt where??

Ragini : ( smiles ) dance acadamy..!

Sanlak : Whatt??? ( shocked )

Lucky : Ragu, nw plz dnt tell me that she is-

Ragini : Great dancer..yess..! U heard correct! a perfect dancer.. She is well trained in all dance forms.. bt she loves classical more..

Sanky : ( impressed ) She is extraordinary, isn’t she?? ๐Ÿ™‚

Ragini : ( smiles ) well, yes! She is..! Ok common.. lets go there.. we got chance now.. we shouldnt let it go.. Whats say ??

Lucky : u r ryt ragu.. lets leave..

Trio leaves for Dance acadamy..

@ Dace acadamy,
Swara was dancing in her private room.. She booked it for her use only so that anyone cant disturb her when she goes there.. She was lost in her own world.. like she isnt exist in this world.. she was dancing continuously without taking any break.. Tears were flowing out of her eyes.. Ragsanlak reached in acadamy & see swara from window.. Sanky was mesmerised by seeing her dancing.. She was looking more beautiful.. bt he was guilty that bcoz of him she was crying..

Ragini : look guys.. here is my prankster..

Lucky : amazing yaar.. she’s such an awsm dancer.. I cant believe that this mad has somany shades..

RagSan gives him deathglares.. lucky gulps..

Lucky : ( scared ) sry yarr.. I was jst kidding..

Ragini : sanky.. nw its ur turn.. ( Ragini tells him something )

Sanky : ( smiles ) ok.. I hope everything will get fine..

RagLak : Dont wry sanky.. we r here only.. u jst do as per our plan.. ( winks )

Sanky goes inside the room.. swara was unaware that sanky was standing infront of her.. She was taking rounds while dancing & suddenly dashes with sanky & abt to fall bt sanky hold her on time.. Swara opens her eyes & looks at sanky.. Both share an intense cute & long eye lock.. suddenly reality hits swara & she shouts in shock..

Swara : you???

Sanky : ( comes to senses ) umm.. haa..aa.. woo.. mein.. tum.. sry..

Swara : Ye kya mein mein karr rahe ho?? Bakri ho kya?? ๐Ÿ˜›

Sanky : Swara.. actually I wanna give u something.. ( He takes out flowers ) this is for u..

Swara : ( takes it ) thanks.. bt may I knw d reason??

Sanky : wo.. I’m.. I’m..

Ragini : ( to lucky ) abe ise sry bolne mein itna time kyun lag raha hai??

Lucky : huhh.. use adat nahi hai..

Ragini : Whatt??

Lucky : yess.. u heard ryt.. he never said sry to anyone.. she is the first.. may be ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ragini : what do u mean by may be?? Sry kehne ke liye toh wo yaha aya hai..

Lucky : yess.. bt I dont think he can say it.. see urself.. whats going on..

Ragini : omg!! Both are master pieces..

Sanky : Wo.. m.. m.. so.. so happy today..

Swara : ( angry ) Achha.. u r happy.. then y r u giving it to me?? Keep this to urself.. ( she puts those flowers in his hands angrily & left )

RagLak was seeing all this hiding.. As soon as swara left.. they came out..

Ragini : uff!! This sanky made her more angry.. Can’t he evey say SORRY? is that really hard to say this word.. seriously..

Lucky : I knew it.. He cant do that..

Sanky comes to them in sad mood..

Ragini : whats this sanky?? Cant u say a simple sry to her.. usko manana to door ki baat ulta tumne use aur gussa dila diya..

Sanky : ( sad ) I was unable to say.. donno what happened.. now what will we do??

Ragini : nothing.. now we’ll go home.. tmrw when she’ll cm to clg.. then we’ll execute our old plan, ok??

Sanlak : ok..

Ragini : & ya.. this time no gadbad sanky.. or I’ll not help u, got me?

Sanky : no ragini.. this time.. I’ll do it.. promise..

Trio leaves..

@ GM.. Swara was pacing in her room & fuming in anger..

Swara : Here m hurt bcoz of him.. m upset bcoz of him & he is happy?? & moreover hecame to tell me that?? Gave me flowers?? Hw dare he?? Huhh! U sanky monky.. I’ll definitely wont forgive u..

Next day morning.. All came to college.. All means Ragsanlak.. trio were waiting for swara..

Sanky : Ragini, r u sure she will come..??

Ragini : yes sanky.. She’ll definitely come..

Lucky : ( whispers to sanky ) sun bhai, u told me na u’ll set my & ragu’s love story.. Then when u r going to start it??

Sanky : ( irritated) lucky yaar.. hv sm patience.. karunga help teri..

Lucky : Nahi hota na wait.. Jab bhi vo samne aa jati hai to kuch kuch hota hai.. dil ki dhadkanein tej ho jati hai.. saasein ruk jati hai aur..

Sanky : aur mein tere bums pe jorse laath marta hoon.. theek hain na?? Now just shut up..

Lucky : bt..

Sanky : not a single word lucky.. ( angry )

Lucky : ok..

Suddenly they saw swara coming.. trio gets shocked seeing her..

Ragini : ( shocked ) Shonaa!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Sanky : ( shocked & drops books from his hands ) OH Myy God!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Lucky : ( looks at sanky & smirks evilly ) Abb aayega maza.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Episode ends..

Precap : College mastii… Forgiveness.. & awaited ‘ Rain Dance ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‰


Finally guys.. completed 10th chap of IWL..
I knw it mst be boring bt very soon there will be an interesting track..
So till then bear me..
& thank u so much guys who all commented on my prev chap..
Keep reading.. keep commenting..
U mst be thinking why they trio shocked to see swara , ryt??
Then stay tunned & read IWL.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Credit to: Swarmayi

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