It is a place which is beautifully decorated by flowers, curtains, candles & different kinds of lightings.. The fragrance of different kind of flowers is making the place feel like heaven.. A pleasant air is blowing giving goosebumps & shivers.. The entrance of the place is fully decorated by rose petals.. Anyone will easily fall in love with this place..

A beautiful girl enters in the place with a bright smile on her face.. She is looking like an angel.. yes! Just like angel.. She is wearing a fairy gown with the combination of red & white colour.. She is slowly stepping inside the venue when someone closed her eyes with his hands.. & she smiles knowing the person is only her love.. She turns towards him & hugs him.. He is looking very handsome, hot & dashing.. His face is not clearly visible.. He smiles at her & takes her to the venue.. He takes her on dance floor and starts dacing with her romatically..

Baahon ke darmiyaan song plays in background..
Both are lost in each others eyes.. They are dancing passionately.. He pulls her close to him & touches her back making her shiver.. She gets shy & tries to go but he again pulls her from her waist she was about to fall but he catches her at the nick of time.. Both are very close to each other.. breathing heavily.. he leans towards her to kiss her she closes her eyes and suddenly…….

Thud… She collapsed on floor due to loud noise..

Girl : what the hell Rags.. Why r u shouting like a mad??? See, bcoz of u I fall down.. My God! U scared me to the hell..

Yes the girl is our Swara.. Who was sleeping on her bed peacefully & dreaming.. 😉

Ragini : Arre pagal ladki! Do u hv any idea what u were going to do with me in ur sleep..??? U were going to KISS me idiot.. Thank God m saved.. & u r asking me why d hell m shouting??? Seriously Swara..!

Swara : ooffo Rags! Chill.. relax! I was going to kiss u but didn’t na? So forget it now.. By d way, wat r u doing here in early morning..?? You know u spoilt my precious moment in my dream.. Kabab mein Haddi kahi ki! Huhh!

Rags : Hey dream girl.. Mein yaha haddi waddi banne nahi aayi.. tuze uthane aayi thi taki college ke liye late ho raha hai.. par tu toh.. OMG..! U r such a shameless shona.. U were going to kiss in ur dream.. What if in my place there will be Mishti aunty?? What she would have thought?? Seriously shona u r UNBELIEVABLE!

Swara : ( giggles ) hehe! It would be very nice na?? I will really like to see maa’s expression after kissing her..( winks)

Ragini : Shonaa.. again u started.. come on.. wake up, get ready fast.. c’mon go…

Swara : Ha ha jaa rahi huu.. Hayy re ye zalim duniya.. mere life mein kitne struggles hai.. Na koi muze chain se sone deta hai na koi muze chain se sapna dekhne deta hai.. Yaha tak ki mere chocolate khane se bhi logo ko problem hoti hai..( fakely cries) Hey Bhagwan jii, ab aap hi bataiye, ye bechari ladki jiye toh kaise jiye???

Ragini : (shouts) Mishti auntyyyyy…..

Swara immediately runs to washroom Ragini smiles at her antics…

Ragini : Nautankii..!! 🙂

Precap : Sanskaar’s entry or may be SwaSan’s first meeting… 😉

So guys, here is my first epi.. How’s it? I’m sry if it is not reached to ur expectations.. So all my readers & silent readers plz do comments guys.. & 1 more thing guys I can’t able to post next 2 days as my Singing written exams are there.. M classical music singer & its my final year.. Will post after 2 days..

Credit to: Swarmayi

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  1. haiiii
    its really a nice start

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Thanx dear..

  2. Nice ff…….continue soon.?

  3. awsm…………

  4. amazing part but please can i know the pairs?????
    And if u have not decided yet so please make it ragsan

  5. Nautanki swara !!! Sissy it was osm n omg u r classical singer… i wish i could hear u 😉

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Hehe.. Thanx.. & Ya sure.. anytime.. m always ready to sing.. Though m classical singer but I do sing all types of songs even item songs.. 😉 so tell me ur choice I’ll surely sing fr u.. 🙂 bt prblm is hw will u hear me??!! 🙁

      1. M ok with every typ of music.. bt the problm remains cinstant 😉 😛

    2. Shalmali Kamble

      Hehe true! 😉

  6. thnk u swarmayi.. nice

  7. Shalmali Kamble

    Sry dear.. but it’s SwaSan ff.. 🙂 & I mentioned it in introduction part of IWL..

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