Ishq vishq (Ragsan ss)shot 2

Let’s begin..

Shekhar was tensed abt janki’s health and her wish to see ragini getting married… He was not getting wat to do?

Rp sees him tensed..
Shekar was lost in his thoughts…
He again calls for he was lost…he pats him…
Shekar:ha..ram did u called me..
Rp:any prblm shekar..u look tensed
Shekar smiles weakly:no
Rp:are you thinking abt baadshah…
Shekar:no why vl i?he has lost the battle..
Rp:then tell me
Rp:yaar bhi kehte ho..aur apni pareshaani yaar ko nahi batayega..
Shekar: actually…
Rp held his shoulder
Shekar:u know abt janki’s health
Rp nods

Shekar:she wants to see Ragini is her last wish and now ragini too agreed…i m not getting wat to side janki’s health and one side Ragini her studies…and wr vl i find a good match for Ragini…tumhe pata hai na aaj kal ke ladke kaise kaise hote hai..
Rp smiles:i hv a solution…
Rp:how u find my son Sanskar
Shekar:he is good boy… Actually he is very nice in everyth…. He smiles
Rp nods:so will u give your daughter’s hand to my son..
Shekar’s happiness has no bounds
He folds his hand infront of rp
Rp held his hand:arey ab tu yeh sab bhi karega…today i was abt to ask the wife was so fond your daughter she wanted Ragini to be her daughter-in-law …see the destiny..

Shekar nods smilingly
Rp:ab yeh dosthi rishtedaari mein badlegi…

(Uncle’s u don’t know whom you r going to tie with eachother)

Here ragini was in her scooty..and sanskar is in his bike..both were glaring eachother bcs there was only one parking

San:eh..attitude ki dukhaan hat jaa mere raasthe se…
Rag smiles sarcastically:is it..tum bhi tho hat sakte ho annoying irritating monkey…
Rag smirks and parks her scooty
Rag gets down:mujhe pata tha..wn u vl see me u vl be busy while your word fight..buddhu..ek no. Ka buddhu..if you would hv parked…ch ch ch..better luck next time..she pats his shoulder
And goes smirking..
Sanskar was shocked…

After the college…

San goes to his home…
San:ji papa…
Suji:ji kahiye na
Rp:i m talking na
Rp:u met my friend shekar ryte
Rp:i hv fixed your marriage with shekar’s daughter..
San Shocked: wat??
He was having mann mein laddoo poota moment???

San acting serious:bt can i?
Rp:how can i means??

Suji:acchi ladki hai beta
San:bt studies…
Rp?:hmmm…bt wr i m saying to leave jst that u vl hv a partner with you…
San makes a very sad
Suji:if u dont want….
San acting: it’s ok ma..if papa wants something from me then i cant deny..i m happy with it..
Rp:r u sure..
San gives an assuring smile..
Rp hugs him
San:ok i hv to study..exams are near..

Rp nods:ok beta..thankyou
San:now don’t tell this..u know na i hate this…
Rp pats his shoulder
Suji hugs him:i m soo happy…

San then goes to his room and locks it amd dances like mad???

San:my marriage…yes yes yes…
He calls his frnds
San:bunty..i m going to get married…
San:sunny..i m going to get married
San:viru..i m getting married..ya dad’s frnd daughter..

Here shekar gives sanskar’s number..
Rag:whose number is this papa
Shekar: this is ram’s son…i hv fixed your marriage..without asking with u..i m helpless…
Rag:shhh…papa..i know u vl choose the best and i already said you my wish..and i m not sad…
Shekar caresses her hair:i can’t do i gave his numbr..u talk to him know him…meet him..
Rag smiles…
Shekhar goes…

Next day
Here san:my papa na….hmm he has fixed my marriage…bt didn’t give me any pic of her..or atleast her numbr…numbr tho dhoor ki baat tujhe tho naam bhi nahi future if i hv a son i wont do this mistake with him..

Here ragini:kya karoon…shall i call him or not…waise u hv to meet first i hv to call him…hmm i should call him..
She calls…it rings…

San sees an unknown numbr..
Rag cuts the call…
San:ajeeb hai..
She again
Rag:hello…are acp Ram Maheshwari’s son
San: yes..who’s this??
Rag:i m dcp shekar gadodia’s daughter…
San who was standing..
Falls on his bed being lost..
San straightens..
Rag smiles:hai.. Actually..wanted to meet you..
San excited:ya sure..even me too..bcs i hv to show someone…
San: Actually there’s a girl(rag)… Who is always jealous of me and always likes her nose in my matters…i want to show her that there some decent girls too.. know wat i hv to show one guy..he is mad.he acts like runaway animal from u told he is also jealous of me..
San:u should teach him a lesson
Rag: even you should teach her a lesson…
San:we should not waste our time on them.. let’s meet..
Rag;cafe 4:30
Rag: sorry… Bt wats your name?
San:even i too dont know your name..lets meet and then vl tell
Rag:ok bt how vl i identify you..
San: ranbir looks…style shahid .. salman body.. smile shahrukh personality hrithik
Rag smiles
San:and how vl i identify you
Rag:hmm..looks katrina.. style kareena smile aliya.. pretty shraddha and personality deepika..
San: looks like we are same type
Rag: me too..ok then bye
They sees the time its 3. ..
They gets ready
San gets ready in blue jean white tee and black jacket..
Rag gets ready in yellow skirt white top and acscarf around her neck…

He goes in his bike.. Thinking hire she would be??
Andekhi anjaana si, pagla si deewana si
Jaane woh kaisi hogi re
Andekhi anjaani si, pagli si deewani si
Jaane woh kaisi hogi re

San sees some old woman he goes to them and dances with them.. They too join with them

O chori se chupke chupke
Baithi hai dil mein chhupke
Jaane woh kaisi hogi re
All old woman bless him… They goes he puts thinking how she would be?

Here ragini too goes in scooty..
Andekha anjaana sa, pagla sa deewana sa
Jaane woh kaisa hoga re
Andekha anjaana sa, pagla sa deewana sa
Jaane woh kaisa hoga re

Here ragini dances with some kids….
And gives them chocolates..all hugs her
Ho chori se chupke chupke
Baitha hai dil mein chhupke
Jaane woh kaisa hoga re
Rag then leaves from there…now both ragsan were next to eachother bt they didn’t see eachother..then they changes

Hey andekhi anjaani si
Pagli si deewani si
Jaane woh kaisi hogi re
Andekha anjaana sa, pagla sa deewana sa
Jaane woh kaisa hoga re. ..

Both reach the cafe..

To be continued..

Frnds how’s this?

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