Ishq Vishq (Ragsan SS) Shot 6; by Aliya

Let’s begin!

RP and Shekhar were talking abt something…
At the time…a constable comes:sir there’s a courier for you!

Shekar:for me!
He gives the courier and goes

He opens it and finds a CD
She: CD
He plays the CD in laptop!

Shekar was shocked….

Its the video of Ragini…
Where Ragini was pleading the goons to keave her..and goons tear her dress…

He has tears!

At the time he gets the call from Baadshah
Rp who was also shocked! Takes the mobile

Baadshah:i hv already told you don’t underestimate me!this is just a trailer!if you still didnt leave my brother than your daughter’s video will go viral!
Shek:you bast**d how dare you to touch my daughter!
Baadshah:ch ch ch…you should hv thought this before!before the full video goes viral!u hv to decide…your daughter’s respect or your the time starts now..tick tick

He disconnects the call

She bangs his hand on the table!he cries!:i m not a good father to my daughter!i m not!
Rp doesn’t know how to console Shekar

Here sanskar breaks the kiss sensing the goons hv gone

Both comes out and breaths heavily

San:thank god!
Rag looks at him…

Sanskar comes out…
Rag was shocked due to the recent happenings!
She composes and comes out!

She sees sanskar rubbing leaves on his mouth…
San looks at her
San:yuck!the nightmare hapnd few mins back…..chi!i had to kiss you never in my dreams i can to my fate it hpnd bcs of you!

Rag???:did i tell you to kiss me!huh..i hate you
San:kuch naya bolo

San:oh god i m hungry!

San starts to move:do u want to stay here…and don’t start your lectures i m already tired!


They moves!

San was moving in front and rag behind him both were having a blushy smile…

After moving for hours…
San sees an old car!
He goes to it
And it had a skeleton
San smirks
Rag:car! jungle mein!

San:hello excuse me sir!can you plz help us!…no…oh u need a gf..sir this is Ragini…she eould be your gf

Rag was confused..bcs she couldn’t see.. with whom sanskar is talking!

San:ragini…can you be his gf…for one day..atleast we vl move out of the jungle

Rag: sir…plzz..take us out of here
San:come here and request na

Rag goes:sir pl….
She sees the skeleton:ahhhhhhhh… mumma….

San burst into laughter


San:sir plzzz!????

San sees the car..he goes to dickey and opens it!
It had a bag

Rag:hey dont open…wat if it has something
San ignores and opens…
He takes a bottle

Rag:wat is it?
San:apple juice
Rag:mujhe bhi do na..bhook lagi hai
San:no ways!u cant drink this
San opens it and was abt to drink it…
Rag grabs it and drinks…
He widens his eyes!

He was abt to take bt she doesnt give him…
She runs…..

San:oh no wat vl i do now..
He runs…bt he couldnt see her
(Do listen the song and enjoy?)

San searches…he listen the song…
tang tang tang…. ho jogiya
tang tang tang…. ho jogiya

At the time he listens the bottle breaking voice!
He sees the bottle bt he couldn’t see the person

Jo na karna tha kargi
Main bhi kit jya ke margi
Jo na karna tha kargi

He searches..suddenly he stops and sees up..Rag was sitting in the tree…
Main bhi kit jya ke margi
Aachi khasi jattni changi
Ghani bawri hogi

She stands
Rag has become thalli…

Main ghani bawri ho gai…


Rag jumps overs sanskar
Both falls
San:ow…my back

Rag stands and sings and dances
Roz sabere.. neem andhere..
Ghar se bhaagi me bhagi ghar se thaare waaste(she points sanskar singing this line)

Bina baat ke ke..
Beech raat ke ke..
Neend se jaagi me jaagi neend se thare waaste
Duniya ke bole?.. tu jaan de!
Mhaare dil ki jaan le

Main ghani bawli ho gai…

Rag dances…
San held her..

Jo na karna tha kargi
Main bhi kit jya ke margi
Aachi khasi jattni
Changi ghani bawri hogi re
ghani bawri hogi..


Rag pushes him..and dances…
Tu kaise chup chup reheve hai
Na kahana na hi kahewe hai
Chal koi na ib tu rehn de
Sabse se lungi inne kehn de
Main ghani bawli bawri.. bawali hogi re
Main ghani bawli bawri.. bawali hogi re

She held sanskar and makes him dance
Yahaan wahaan se..
Saare jahaan se…
Laut ke aa gi
main aa gai laut ke thaare pyaar mein
Pehle jag se..
Ib to Rab se
Ban gai bhaagi

Rag smiles and kisses sanskar’s cheeks
Sanskar was like?????????
main bhaagi ban gai thaare pyaar mein
Mere jaadke phir tu rove kahin aisa na hove
Main ghani bavli ho gai.

Rag again dances singing

Jo na karna tha kargi
Main bhi kit jya ke margi
Jo na karna tha kargi
Main bhi kit jya ke margi
Aachi khasi jattni
Changi ghani bawri hogi
Main ghani bawri ho gai…


Tu ghaani bawri ho gai se…
Ho gai, ho gai, ho gai, ho gai
Ho gai, ho gai, ho gai, ho gai
Ho gai, ho gai.. bawli ho gai


Rag falls: ow…mein ghir gayi
San:ho gaya!ab chale

Rag:ghar aaya mera pardesi
San: Ragini!get up…!
Rag: i m not coming…u always scold me!i m so innocent can’t you see that!


San:oh no!
Rag imitates: oh no!

San held her
Rag: don’t touch me!
San:plz..lets go!
Rag smiles dreamily:you r so cute….!no no you r so handsome
Sanskar couldn’t stop himself to smile.

Rag:wn you smile na…then….
San: then!

Rag:u vl be more Handsome
San smiles widely

San: let’s go now!
Rag: no..i want to talk to you!
San:no let’s go..goons are searching for us
Rag:no first you hv to listen

San:i said na no!
Rag:go..i dont want to talk to you!

Rag:no no no..
She starts to scream!

Here goons who were searching for them listend the scream

San covers her lips:wat r u doing

She bites his palm
Rag: i told you na..i don’t want to talk to you…
She again starts to scream and laugh…
San didn’t know wat to do

San drags her..he sees the goons

She screams

This gets out of control to him

He slaps her…

Rag looks at him!
San:now you will listen me! Come with me silently

He drags her!

After sometime
San could listen the sob..
He turns to Rag..who was crying silently
Rag:i m sorry!she cries

San:look!i m really very sorry! I shouldn’t hv slapped you….
Rag:no mistake was mine….
San:leave that!
Rag:i troubled you ryte!i m sorry
San:do u want one more slap?
Rag nods in no..being scared
San smiles seeing her expression
San:then stop crying and dont fill my ears with sorry!nahi tho i would get heart attack ..that attitude ki dukhan is saying sorry to me
Rag: now you r not angry on me!
San smiles:no….!
She hugs him …
Which sanskar didnt expected
He too hugs back!


Here Rp calls baadshah and tells they r ready to free his brother and he should free their kids

Baadshah was happy as his brother is going to be free!
Goon:bt they hv escaped..
Baadshah smirks


Here ragsan composes..and starts to move…both were blushing!

Sanskar listens vehicle sound
He sees up and sees road!
He smiles: ragini woh dekho
Rag sees and smiles

They goes to road

And waits for the vehicle

A car comes..
Sanskar and for the lift

The man and his wife nods

San:ragini you go
Rag:bt you,…no i m not going without you
San:Ragini… don’t be kiddish! I can’t leave these goons..i want help our dad
Rag:then i vl be with you
San:u r tired..u go!i promise i vl soon be with you!
San:no buts and ifs

Rag sits in the car!

He smiles waves his hand…
She smiles weakly…


Precap:last shot!

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